6 Ways to Scale Your Digital Marketing as Your Business Grows

6 Ways to Scale Your Digital Marketing as Your Business Grows

We live in a world where everyone is on the internet, and your business should not be left behind. The digital marketing scale is proving to be one of the most important aspects to grow your business in the recent past.

Digital marketing is a crucial aspect to help you scale your growing business. However, the online space is constantly changing, and new trends are coming up every other day, and it may be quite hard to adapt to these constant changes.

So what is scalability?

Scalability is a business’s capability to take on more workload without negatively impacting the company’s revenue and performance.

This article will talk about how to use a digital marketing scale to grow your business.  

Lead Generation

Lead generation involves identifying, attracting, and transforming online users into prospective customers in a business. This digital marketing scale utilizes online channels and strategies like email marketing, paid social media ads, and downloadable content to get customers for a business.  

Now, a lead is a person who has shown interest in the business. You give prospective customers the chance to reach out to your company via email or social media channels to open up communication with your business.You can get more leads from social media by using account based marketing. You can design your leads strategy as per each channel.

The objectives of lead generation in improving the digital marketing scale are;

  • Generating traffic to the business’s website
  • Converting those website visitors into leads
  • Converting the leads into customers.

In case you are asking yourself how to go about lead generation, there is software that is made to help you generate leads for your business. There are many lead generation tools, depending on the functionality and areas of use. Ensure you choose the software that serves the needs of your business. 

Social media marketing

One of the most effective ways to get your brand name out is through social media. Almost everyone today has a social media account on one site or more. Could you take a second to think about it? Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a social media account?

Most people spend a lot of time on social media. On average, users spend at least two hours a day going through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; this is why social media is a vital element in growing your brand awareness.

The best way of digital marketing scale in social media is posting valuable content. You can create content using various writing apps available in the market. When creating content for your social media platforms, ensure you incorporate the business’s value and your clients’ interests.

To improve your digital marketing scale, you should also be diverse. Do not concentrate on one platform; make posts in all the platforms your target clients may be in. TikTok has gained popularity as a social media platform in the recent past, and you should take advantage of this and use it to make your brand known. 

Influencer marketing on right social channels boosts your marketing growth if you design right influencer marketing in collaboration with relevant social media influencers.

You should make sure that you stay active online on all your social media platforms and have relevant content that attracts and keeps your target audience’s interests.

Grow your email list

Growing your email list is one of the best ways you can use to increase your business’s digital marketing scale. Many people who visit your business’s website are not ready to buy, and many may never return to the website because they forget.

 You can get a list of these people. Keep in touch with them through newsletters to ensure they do not forget about you. Newsletters will keep you in their minds, and when they need you, they know you can help.

To achieve this, you will need a tech to collect emails. As much as writing the best content and having a perfect email template is vital, you need the right tools to manage the contact list. To make the most out of email lists as a tool to increase your digital marketing scale, you will need to have a good email list management system in place.

A well-segmented list is an important part of email marking as it allows you to target the right audience, personalize your message and create leads for your business.

Start an affiliate program.

One of the digital marketing scales gaining popularity in the recent past is affiliate marketing. In this strategy, you recruit partners- affiliates- who place links to your business on their websites, social media pages, or blogs. You pay the affiliates a commission anytime someone purchases through their affiliate link.

Starting and running an affiliate program may prove a challenge because you have to get the right affiliates and train them. As if that is not enough, you have to choose the right commission and plan how best to track their success.

The good news is, there are many guides on how to start and run an affiliate program that is easy to follow. These guides will help you take your digital marketing scale to the next level.

Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing is where a business sends out informational and product-focused content through email to their subscriber list, a list of customers, and potential customers.

A newsletter is a great digital marketing scale as it keeps your brand in people’s minds. Notifying your customers and potential customers of your new and existing products helps gain authority.

In case you might be asking yourself how to gauge the success of your newsletter, here is how. The thing you need to do is set measurable goals, which include:

  1. Increase in recipients: this is measured by the number of subscribers.
  2. Read the newsletter: this is measured by the opening rate of the newsletter sent.
  3. Fulfilled the desired action: the desired action is normally a visit to the website. The click rate measures the desired actions.
  4. Purchases made: this is measured by the attributed revenue.

Your business can achieve these goals by having sales campaigns in the newsletter. For instance, in the winter, an online clothing store can promote cold weather clothes with a link to the products.

To get the best out of newsletters as a digital marketing scale, you need to create an engaging newsletter for your target audience. Building a newsletter can be quite challenging without the knowledge of HTML or CSS. But the good news is, there are various newsletter builders in the market you can use. 


Search Engine Optimization is one of the long-term digital marketing scales. By now, you know to scale your business, you need the traffic to your website. SEO is one of the most efficient and cheap tools to increase your business’s digital marketing scale.

When you create optimized content for your website, you will get constant and growing traffic to the website. These visitors may convert to customers, thus scaling your business.

Make sure that your company is easy to get in touch with and that you have plenty of information for people to engage with.

Bottom line

The internet is the way to go, and most businesses have moved online. To improve the digital marketing scale of your business, you need tools. The above are just a few ways you can improve your digital marketing scale. Any business can apply these digital marketing scales to enhance its visibility online. Please make use of them to help your business scale new heights.