6 Ways In Which To Grow Your Social Media Audiences

6 Ways In Which To Grow Your Social Media Audience

Nowadays, you may hardly find any brand or business not using social media for growth. 90% of the highest brands in the world are on social media. And there are reasons why.

As per the most recent statistics, there are 3.96 million social media users across the planet spending a mean of two.5 hours daily on different platforms. 84% of those users are between 18 and 29 years old.

What does this mean? this suggests that startups now have the scope of reaching billions of engaged and active individuals who love pin money online.

But simply getting onto the social media platforms and posting content for it’ll not be enough. If you wish your startup to grow organically, convert the audience and stay previous to the competitors, you need to work on a rock-solid social media marketing plan.

Regardless of the stage, your startup is in, starting and continuing to grow the social media audience of your startup will get easier with the subsequent tips:

1. Create An Extremely Powerful Social Media Profile

This initial step is incredibly important. you want to create a solid profile not just on one social networking site but on all of them. you’ll be able to do so easily by adding branded images on your profile and canopy while rounding out pertinent details about your startup and its useful but short description too. And yes, don’t forget to produce links to your site.

Also, confirm that the users discover your business’s address and get in touch with the number instantly. The key here is filling up as many fields as you’ll be able to. Once you’ve got founded your account successfully, share two to a few updates.

You must start performing on creating a solid social media profile even before beginning to grow your audiences and customer base.

2. Choose Right Social Media Marketing Platforms

You can approach marketing and growing your audience on the various social media channels without pondering which are the correct social media marketing platforms as per your startup niche.

That’s because the majority the social media networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are great at marketing businesses and helping them grow their audience base.

But remember, together with the above-mentioned social media channels for businesses, there are other niche-specific channels. These platforms are specific to your startup or the industry you’re serving.

Good samples of such platforms are Ravelry and Dribble. And yes, before pursuing nearly any social networking site, determine where your target audiences are and market your startup on those platforms more specifically.

Try shortlisting a minimum of four to 5 such platforms where you’re sure of finding your target market or those that could be inquisitive about your products and services. Next, do marketing campaigns on each of the platforms to spot those that may work best for your startup.

3. Be Consistent While Staying Active

Social media is all about visibility. With social media, when something is out of sight, it’s out of the users’ minds. Therefore, your startup must move on the various social media platforms while posting content consistently.

You might start strong initially, posting content regularly, and so going less and less each day until you reach a degree where you post one time in a very while. Success won’t come to you on the primary try or maybe the second and third.

Posting content oftentimes can help facilitate increasing the visibility of your startups. But confirm you recognize when to post because flooding your social media profiles with posts will just annoy the audience. discover the correct time to post and the way, again and again, you’ll be able to post during the day.

With a whopping 18.7 million followers, PlayStation is one brand you’ll be able to learn from when maintaining frequency in your posts. Sony’s PlayStation is the most-followed business on Twitter and has witnessed a growth of 376% in its followers within the past five years, adding 12 million followers from 2014 to 2019.

This huge success of the brand is thanks to how active it remains not only on Twitter but even on the opposite social media platforms. PlayStation constantly posts a mix of content for engaging its fans, including gaming footage, streaming events, and new game trailers.

4. Use Live Video Streams

As per reports by visual content marketing statistics, Live Facebook videos have a 4.3% engagement rate, just 2.2% for non-live videos. In fact, In social media startups must include live videos in their social media marketing plans for audience growth.

Live video streams have garnered huge popularity recently, and they help startups interact with their audiences directly with no obstacles in between. This way, startups can gather live comments and reviews from their audiences, which conjointly helps build the people’s trust in offered services and products.

So, live streaming should be right on top of your mind once you try out the novel task of growing your social media audience base.

5. Choose Video Marketing

Video marketing is another wonderful method of growing a social media audience. you’ll be able to use a video maker to create and edit top-quality video content to post on your social media handles. this manner of video marketing looks genuine and positively influences the followers on your social media profiles.

Using video advertisements, especially on Instagram and Facebook, pays success because they need a better click-through rate than pictures. Perfectly produced videos on social media have higher engagement levels than text and pictures, making video marketing a converting and powerful tactic for growing your startup.

6. Share fine-quality Content

Even before your new business gets stepping into its full form, start growing your audience on the bulk of the social networking sites by sharing top-quality content that your target audiences will thoroughly enjoy.

For instance, if you’re running a startup for a Facebook marketing tool, share content about Facebook. This content is anything, from podcasts and blogs to presentations, videos, and infographics.

Recess, the water brand, is one of the foremost sparkling accounts on Instagram that has its concentrate on creating content that not only engages and entertains the audience but distracts them from their regular life.

While it’s been seen that beverage brands spend plenty of advertising, Recess chose to require an organic approach to the market. the corporate uses its organic Instagram to drive audiences towards subscribing to its weekly, content-driven newsletter, which currently boasts a 25% open rate.

The Bottom Line

Using the following tips to grow a social media audience for your startup will bring you success. But remember to market your startup only by keeping your target audiences focused all the time. With the employment of the newest trends; right tools, techniques, and applications, you’ll be able to accelerate the success of your social media marketing efforts.