6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help You Recruit New Talent

6 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help You Recruit New Talent

Are you struggling to fill positions in your organization? Well, recruiting remains one of the major struggles for most organizations. With the prevalent war for candidates and job seekers being more particular on who they want to work for, recruiting has never been harder. Surprisingly, your solution could be lying in your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing has become an integral part of promoting brands to clients. The best news is that you can apply the same tactics and principles to promote your open positions to potential candidates. Done right, you not only get potential candidates to see your ads, but also entice them to take action and apply. Here are six digital marketing ways that you can use in your recruitment strategy.

1.  Social media organic posts

Social media is one of the cost-effective ways to reach a wider audience. This is where most peoples’ lives are, especially the Gen Z and Millennials who make the majority of the workforce. Moreover, they are on social media not all for social lives, but they are looking for new job opportunities. Create compelling posts about your job openings. You can use hashtags to target the candidates that you are looking for. Additionally, focus on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. You can also encourage your employees and followers to share the posts to reach more people.

However, before you post about your job positions, it is important to first establish your social media presence. You can do so by sharing valuable content on your social media pages. In addition, build your employer brand through engaging videos, photos and posts, showcasing your company culture and employee experience.

2.  Facebook paid ads

Besides organic posts, spending a little money on social media ads is another great way to reach more candidates on social media. Facebook paid ads are hard to miss as they are embedded in the timelines of target users, and those using Facebook on a computer see them at the right-hand column of their newsfeeds. This makes Facebook ads a good way to reach passive candidates who aren’t looking for a job, but might jump in if they spotted a good opportunity.

Another advantage of using Facebook ads is that you can leverage Facebook’s advanced demographic gathering to create targeted ads. You can use users’ information to refine your ad based on the characteristics that you are looking for including age, location, qualification, schools attended and more. For instance, if you are looking to hire software developers, working in a specific location and with a computer science degree from a certain university, Facebook ads allow you to target just the people you want.

3.  Retargeting ads

Marketers use retargeting ads to reach out to people who once visited their site and didn’t take an action. These ads are also delivered to people based on their browsing history. Likewise, you can use retargeting ads to reach out to individuals who have searched for similar positions in the past, those who visited your job site previously, or those who had partially filled your job application. The good thing about using retargeted ads is that you are reaching out to people who have already showed interest in your organization or in similar positions. This makes it easy and quicker to convert.

4.  Pay-per-Click advertising

PPC ads appear at the top of search engine results, pushing organic search results down. Marketers use this form of advertising to get this spot for their brands, something that is hard to get even with an organic SEO strategy. Using PPC in recruitment puts your job ad at the top, which helps you reach more people. Moreover, using in-depth targeting options with PPC helps reach the most relevant candidates especially for your hard-to-fill positions.

However, when using PPC, ensure that you have worked on your recruitment website. You want your potential candidates to spend enough time there if you are to have them take action. In addition, use the most relevant keywords in your ads. 

5.  Email marketing

Email marketing allows brands to reach their target audiences right in their inboxes. The same way, you can use email to reach potential candidates about your open positions. If you have an emailing list of people who have signed up for your updates or individuals who might be interested in similar roles, sending them emails about your brand and open positions is a great way to get them to apply.

You can use email to target specific candidates individually such as those that have applied unsuccessfully in the past. In this case, remember to personalize your emails, make it to the point and encourage them to reach out at their convenience. You can also approach the emails in a way that you are offering valuable information such as tips on how to get a job in your industry. Sharing news about your brand is also a good way to get your emailing list warm up to working for you.

6.  Influencer marketing

Influencers have become a significant part of promoting brands. Using them to reach your potential candidates can be as successful. It is a good way to leverage their large followings and reach more people, even those who haven’t encountered your brand before.

However, the success of influencer marketing in recruitment depends on the influencers that you choose. Ensure that you go for individuals who are credible in the demographic that you are targeting.


Filling positions isn’t the easiest job for recruiters. However, it might be a little easier using digital marketing techniques to attract job seekers. Anything from social media posts, Facebook paid ads, PPC ads, influencer marketing, email marketing and retargeting ads can help you find new talents. However, consider working with a digital marketing expert to raise your odds for success.