Tips to Double Your Online Dental Reviews

6 Tips to Double Your Online Dental Reviews

As a dentist, you’ve spent a lot of time and money to make sure your website is searchable, functional, and distinguishes you from your competitors. 

Consumers have grown increasingly reliant on search engines and the Internet. Google analytics reveal a significant increase in the number of monthly searches on dentist-related terms all over the Internet.

Reviews are more crucial than ever when finding a new dentist. You’re probably looking for tips on how to increase the number of positive reviews for your dental business because you’ve heard they’re significant.

Positive online reviews are one of the most effective methods to set yourself apart from the competition. Hence, it is essential to get positive reviews for your dental practice.

There are various ways to double your online dental reviews. Here, we will cover some tricks that best dental websites worldwide follow to get more reviews from their patients.

So, let’s start.

1 Use of a Software for Dental Reviews

Dentists who use an online dental review software for their practice are more likely to receive positive feedback.

The software enables your team to establish a positive reputation and increase online reviews without wasting time.

Asking for reviews is simple with dental reviews software, allowing you to send automated texts and emails with links by sending automatic texts or emails to Google, Facebook, and HealthGrades.

By following this tip, you have an excellent opportunity to get more reviews from the patients.

2 Make it Simple to Locate the Review Page

Dentists don’t want to miss out on getting a positive recommendation from a dental patient. 

However, patients struggle to give a review because they don’t know where to write the review. 

Hence, while creating a dental website design, you should have a review page on your website that has links to the top review sites, such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Also, ensure that your account on these sites is active.

Add a profile image to your review pages for easy recognition. We recommend you to include your dental practice logo. Include your address, hours of operation, and any other relevant information that will enable a potential patient to discover more about you and contact you.

It also gives your present patients assurance that they post a review on the correct website by providing extensive information on your page. 

In short, you should make it easy for your existing & new patients to locate your review page for posting reviews.

3 Incentivize Patients for Writing a Review

It is one of the most effective ways to get reviews from patients. Please note that you are not bribing the patients for giving a review. Here, you should clearly mention this thing. 

The ultimate purpose is to incentivize patients whether they post a positive or negative review.

Here are some incentives you can offer to the users: 

Coupons – You can provide coupons for fast-food restaurants. Patients can apply them to get discounts.

Charity – You can collaborate with an excellent non-profit organization. Further, anytime a patient leaves a review on your website, you donate some amount to the organization.

4 Address Positive & Negative Reviews in an Elegant Way

After getting dental service from your practice, patients will provide a review.  

You would be receiving mixed reviews from different patients. Always acknowledge the patients for giving a positive review for your service. However, ensure that you don’t disclose any kind of personal information.

No matter how much great service you provide, there would be patients that would give negative reviews. Here are some of the effective ways to deal with negative reviews. 

  • Never thank patients for leaving a negative review, as they think you are disappointing them again. 
  • If there is an irrational review, ask the person to meet in person. Discuss with them and resolve their issue as soon as possible.
  • If a patient has a genuine issue that needs your attention, you should offer needed support. For example, if the patient faced an issue with payment, you should give them a proper reason. Also, assure them that it will get resolved in a few days. 
  • Do not engage with any trolls that just live to argue online.

5 Text Requests for Reviews

Clients routinely rush out the door after appointments, and front office employees are usually swamped with other chores. By sending review requests through text after appointments, dentists can save time for their patients. These texts don’t have to be tough.

Instead of spending an extra minute in your office to get a review following an appointment, text review requests allow patients to give their comments whenever they get a chance. They also enable receptionists and administrations to send a request swiftly and then return to their other duties. 

6 Utilize Email as an Alternative

Emailing is a viable option for reaching out to your whole consumer base at the same time. You cannot get all the benefits of emailing in a text message.

Longer emails can provide a more extensive explanation of why your practice wishes to collect online feedback from patients. It also allows you to include a visual element that draws readers’ attention, such as a photograph or simply your practice’s emblem.

You can include a CTA button in your email if you use email marketing software. These buttons are links that allow patients to take action based on their provided information, such as scheduling an appointment or paying a bill.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you liked the tips for getting 2x online dental reviews. By implementing these tips, you would start generating more reviews for your dental practice. It is your time to improve dental services as per the feedback.

After getting reviews, your purpose is to attract more patients to the practice. For the same, you should implement some of the best dental marketing tips.

By doing this, you have the opportunity to reach out to a broader audience and generate more revenue for your dental practice.

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