6 Simple Tips on Finding the Right Sales Funnel Builder Software for Your Business

6 Simple Tips on Finding the Right Sales Funnel Builder Software for Your Business

Are you looking for sales funnel software? Then, well done. You might be one step ahead of your competitors. 

Any marketer knows that if you want to make it in our current climate, you need to have a solid digital marketing strategy, and a sales funnel will help you exactly with that. 

But first, let’s start with the basics:

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is the number of steps an individual takes to become a customer. It consists of three parts:

  • The top of the funnel is your marketing strategy that attracts prospects to your business. (Your physical storefront’s advertising or your website’s landing page.)
  • The middle of the funnel includes the part of your sales process before the sale. (People trying on clothing in your store or site visitors reading benefits of your products.)
  • The bottom of the funnel is the final purchase. (Customers pay items at checkout, or users place their credit card info to complete a purchase.)

What is funnel-building software?

A funnel-building software is a tool that allows creating various steps in your customers’ buying journey through lead capture forms, checkout forms, emails, etc. 

Using this all-in-one tool, you’ll be able to connect these parts and automate them the way they interact with each other. Ideally, you provide customers with the seamless transition to become paying customers. 

When should you opt for a sales funnel builder?

We recommend opting for sales funnel software if you’re new to building sales funnels. By doing so, you can keep upfront costs at a minimum by eliminating paid tools that require subscriptions. 

But for you to know the best sales funnel software, you need to know what they offer. Checking for reviews online from real users who have experienced the software is the way to go. Sales funnel software may have different features based on the goal of the business. Looking at the software’s capability beforehand can save you a lot of money.

How to find the right sales funnel builder software

1. Compatibility with other business apps

All tools that a business owner needs for a more effective sales and marketing strategy can be overwhelming. The best option is to use an all-in-one tool that does everything for you. 

But if you go with a tool that isn’t all-inclusive, see that you incorporate it in your existing website and landing page. Also, make sure that the funnel builder you choose can work with helpful tools such as Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) and other online apps. 

Social media apps like Instagram can be handy tools to help you reach the right audience. 

2. Page creation and templates

Building a landing page can be difficult, especially if you’re not a developer or a designer. So make sure that the sales funnel you choose allows you to build landing pages without really going into technicalities easily. 

A high-quality sales funnel software also allows you to customize pages depending on where traffic is coming from. 

3. All-in-one nature

It’s also vital that your chosen web builder has all the marketing tools you need in a single dashboard. 

Features may include a payment page, email marketing, webinars, lead capture forms, and so on. Having this feature will prevent you from jumping from one app to another for you to be able to achieve a single task. 

4. Easy interface and automation

Accessibility and a good web design allow you to reach your sales funnel’s full potential. Ideally, it helps you with a user-friendly tool that isn’t complicated and easy to implement. 

Automation can also significantly help you decrease delays and boost productivity. To achieve the best results with your sales funnel, you can opt for a tool that allows you to do repetitive tasks. 

5. Pricing plans

Pricing is one of the most important things that you need to consider. While the sales funnel builder of your choice might seem perfect at first glance, if you can’t afford it, then there’s very little use to your business. 

Also, check if there are different versions available to go with an option within your price point. Whether or not there’s such a plan available, it’s still important to stick with your budget. 

6. Post-purchase support

When it comes to choosing the right sales funnel for your business, support is something that you should never leave out. Building your sales funnel isn’t something that you can achieve overnight. 

Many things need to be done behind the scenes, from integration to modification. 

Although it’s helpful that you have out-of-the-box thinking or readiness when running your sales funnel software, you couldn’t optimize most tools to fit your business perfectly, especially if it’s the first time. 

When choosing a software product, opt for companies that offer live chat or phone support. 

Wrapping It Up

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or run an e-commerce store, you need to build a sales funnel to attract and convert visitors into customers. 

One of the main goals of a sales funnel is to move your customers through the different stages of sales until they’re ready to purchase your products and services. 

Understanding your sales funnel influences how your prospects move through it and turn them into paying customers. It also gives you insight into what customers think and do in the sales funnel. 

That way, you can invest in marketing activities to help you attract more prospects and make your messaging relevant to the sales process.