6 Effective Ways You Can Absolutely Make Money Online

Being able to make money online presents you with a number of benefits. For starters, it allows you flexibility, which improves your work-life balance. In addition, you are able to save on commuting, office/store overheads. You also don’t have to deal with managers looking down your neck every now and then. Better still, if you have another job or business, working online in some instances provides you a stream of passive income.

Thankfully, the world is slowly becoming an on-demand economy, which increases the opportunities available to make money online.

If you are thinking in this line, here are some effective ways you can work and make money online.


Ideally, a podcast refers to a digital audio file of a specific topic that is downloadable to a mobile phone or computer. Podcasts are easy to make. You only need a computer, internet, and recording equipment. You then think of a topic that you are knowledgeable about and start recording. You see, talking about something in your expertise will position you as an authority in your niche. That is how businesses will spot you and start advertising on your podcast.

However, you need to provide your audience with educative, entertaining, and engaging content for them to keep coming back for more. 

Online courses

There has been a massive shift to mobile learning in the recent past, more so since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The need to learn from home shifted most of the face-to-face learning to virtual classes. This trend is most likely to continue growing, which makes the eLearning sector a lucrative place to cast your net.

Just like in podcasting, you can turn your knowledge and expertise into an online course that you can offer for a fee to your audience. The good thing is that you create the course once and keep making money off it infinitely.

Start by deciding on a topic to teach, identify your audience, and choose a platform for your course. Check out this article with some platforms where you can upload it. It will offer you guidelines on how to choose a good platform.


There are freelance opportunities for almost every skill nowadays. Businesses with opportunities that don’t require a fulltime employee turn to the internet to find freelancers. You just need to position yourself in the places where freelancing jobs are found. Ensure that you create a profile on a platform in your niche, with your preferred business model and salary. For instance, if you want to be a freelance writer or transcriber, Upwork is a good place to start. If you are into graphic designing, 99designs or Dribbble is your to-go place.


With drop shipping, you sell products online without handling them physically. This means that when a customer makes a purchase, you purchase the same from your suppliers, and the suppliers ship the product directly to the customer.

The advantage of this is that you don’t handle inventory and you are also not compelled to buy in bulk. If you have strong online marketing skills, this can work well for you.


YouTube is the largest to-go search engine when it comes to searching for educative, entertaining, how-to content, and literally any form of information on the video. The way you make money on this platform is that Google places ads on your videos, and you get paid according to the clicks or views on the ads.

If you have quality content that you can share with your audience, create a YouTube channel, and start uploading. However, remember to be engaging and entertaining if you want your audience to be loyal followers. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to businesses marketing their products or services on websites or blogs owned by other people. This is to say that you will need to own a website or a blog, create content in your niche, and then work towards maximizing traffic to them. The businesses give you a link/code that you place in your blog. You are then paid a commission depending on the purchases that are made through this code. 


The list of ways you can make money online is endless. The above listing gives you a starting point. As said earlier, you can always find a way to make money online depending on your skills. However, the amount of money you can make depends on the amount of effort you are willing to put in.