6 Benefits of Using Text Marketing for Your Business

6 Benefits of Using Text Marketing for Your Business

Do you know that text messaging is used as a primary mode of communication by 4.2 billion individuals worldwide? So it’s no wonder that SMS has evolved into a strong and extremely successful tool for enterprises to reinforce their brand and keep in touch with existing clients. If you aren’t already using this service for your business, you are definitely missing out. 

Here are six convincing reasons you need to begin utilizing SMS for business right away.

High Open Rate

Do you know that almost 100 percent of text messages are open and read? Furthermore, these texts are frequently opened within just seconds after being sent. These statistics prove that text advertising is a no-brainer. When your consumers feel their phones vibrating or hear a “ping!” notification indicating a text message, they’re likely to take a look. It is actually lightning-fast communication that nearly always gets noticed.

Fast Delivery

The simplicity of SMS marketing appeals to both the marketer and the customer. Unlike lengthy email campaigns, SMS messages are usually only a few sentences long, with a link to a website with further information about the deal. Because messages are so brief, consumers are more likely to read them all. SMS messages may also be viewed at the consumer’s leisure, making them less obtrusive than online pop-ups or phone calls.

The briefness of SMS messages is especially advantageous to the small entrepreneur who is limited on time. Text marketing planning and deployment are rapid and uncomplicated, needing far less advanced work than traditional advertising.


Consider various types of marketing: newspaper ads, television commercials, and any sort of outdoor advertising, the expenses involved are huge. In fact, for many small and medium-sized firms, these prices represent a barrier to using these methods. A well-timed text marketing strategy launched through a mass text service, on the other hand, may be carried out for a fraction of the expense of more conventional marketing tactics. Furthermore, the monetary investment will be worth it, given the immediate impact of text messaging.

Promotes Customer Engagement

An engaging text marketing is an effective way to make your message more entertaining and engaging, and there are several ways of achieving this. Including your message with a survey or poll encourages your intended customers to read more carefully and be active participants. Providing a toll-free text reply option provides an additional incentive for people to interact with your business.

Meanwhile, giving a link to an interesting video or photographs with additional information about your campaign motivates viewers to go further. Although not every mobile phone has Internet accessibility, smartphones are becoming more common, so you should aim to include graphic and interactive aspects in your text marketing efforts.

Greater Audience Reach

Because so many individuals now own cell phones as well as other mobile devices, the advantages of text advertising can broaden your client demography. Instead of relying on a single marketing tactic that may only reach a subset of your target audience, SMS advertising reaches everyone.

Your consumers can read the messages you give them, provided they have a cellphone that can receive SMS. Furthermore, the more you interact with your consumers, the more you get to be a part of their lives. With this type of grip, more people will buy your goods or service.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Customers may be accustomed to having their email inboxes clogged with marketing communications. The novelty of sending tailored information and offers via text message might assist you in developing an exceptionally strong relationship with your clients.

Email inboxes are frequently separated into three tabs: primary, social, and promotional, with advertising emails getting buried in the promotion tab. There are no such splits for incoming messages on phones. This implies that if you send a text message to a client that begins with an advertisement for a loyalty award, they are almost certain to read it. If the promotion is something they need, you are well on your way to establishing their confidence since they will understand that you’re only contacting them with stuff they value. As a result, they may become loyal repeat consumers.

The Bottom Line

You’ve seen for yourself how beneficial texting may be to your business. Text marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and it produces results. There’s no excuse not to at least try SMS marketing because it has many advantages and comes at such a low cost.