5 Ways Your Digital Marketing Agency Can Learn More About Web3

5 Ways Your Digital Marketing Agency Can Learn More About Web3

Although it’s still in its very early stages, the current era of the internet, also referred to as Web3, has a lot of potential for digital marketing agencies. Are you looking to learn more about Web3 so that you can carry your products or services over into this new space? Read more to discover these top tips for learning more about Web3 as a digital marketing agency.

Make The Most Out Of Open Source Tools

Part of the beauty of Web3 lies in the fact that most of it are built by the community, for the community. Digital marketing agencies can benefit greatly from this arrangement, as there are several open-source tools to help you learn more about this new terrain. 

For example, looking at code on GitHub gives you a transparent view of a project’s architecture. Similar to installing hardware like a 5g standalone core, open-source tools can give your agency a true under the hood view of any single Web3 project.

From Twitter to Discord: Leverage Community

Web3 is all about community. Most of the online chatter here seeks to provide value for new and interested users alike. You can leverage this community-centric approach by building your own forums and feedback loops between your team and your customer base.

Typical social media outlets such as Twitter and Reddit thrive in the Web3 atmosphere, but you can also expand these efforts by branching out into more popular chat apps such as Discord and Telegram. By building up a direct community outlet you give yourself a chance to learn about Web3 through the eyes of your peers.

Get Involved in Seminars, Summits, and Webinars

There is no shortage of online and in-person programs for Web3 subjects. You can find summits on everything from cryptocurrency to digital art. With so many exciting public figures in the Web3 space, a digital agency can benefit from hearing what the leaders of the field have to say.

You can take your involvement in events one step further by offering unique promotions and incentives to your community for participation. You may even want to look into sponsoring an event with an up-and-coming star in the Web3 domain.

Consider Hiring Web3 Experts

Having experts in your corner is certainly an advantage when approaching emergent technologies. With Web3 in particular, things can move at a rapid speed, making it nearly impossible to keep up on your own, especially if you are bogged down with more pressing obligations in your agency.

A Web3 professional can keep an eye on recent developments and serve as your representative for all things decentralized. Need information on a new market that you see potential in? Searching for the right tool to help you decrease your dependence on an antiquated system? Your Web3 expert can consult on these issues and more.

Create Content and Integrate Feedback

As with any marketing effort in today’s world, content can help you stand out in the world of Web3. There are plenty of projects out there that make big promises without delivering on them. Furthermore, several Web3 entities prefer anonymity, sometimes making it even harder to create genuine content around a brand.

If you work in digital marketing, the odds are you already have an advantage in Web3. Take to the digital streets by creating Web3 content on your blog, YouTube platform, or internal messaging systems. Even email is a strong medium for conveying your message.

Your content helps grow your brand, but it also helps you learn about Web3 through feedback. The more content you put out, the more feedback you will receive from your user base, thus further informing your digital marketing strategy for the years ahead.

Web3 can be intimidating for digital marketing agencies, but it doesn’t have to be. When you follow these steps and remain curious, there are few limits to how far your agency can go in the growing online ecosystem that is Web3.