5 Ways You Can Grow Your Business With Video

5 Ways You Can Grow Your Business With Video

On average, we spend 16 hours a week watching videos online. Whether it’s for educational or entertainment purposes, we love consuming video. Since videos have become the most popular form of media, video marketing can be an excellent way to promote your business. 

Videos have made it far easier to get your message across and connect to your target demographic. The right video with the right approach could bring results beyond expectations. So, don’t keep out videos from your marketing plans. 

Here are five ways you can make your business grow using videos: 

  1. Build Your Brand Identity 

Why do more people tend to buy Apple products when they buy phones and computers? There are lots of alternatives around. Also, in most cases, you will get cheaper options with similar specs and good user reviews. So, why go for Apple?  

The answer is simple; Apple has established itself as a premium brand. Of course, Apple products have some unique offerings. But do you really believe all iPhone users care about A15 Bionic chips and Hexa-core CPUs? 

What Apple did successfully to become a household name around the world is it has developed an outstanding brand identity. When we buy an Apple product, we already have this mindset that it’s a good product. 

Now, we are not saying that Apple did this solely using video marketing (Apple ads are excellent, though!). But, videos allow you to tell the story of your brand and reach a higher number of people. It’s a pretty good branding strategy. 

Promotional videos can help you spread the word about your brand and get more people interested by making exciting and fun content without being too pushy. It’s your chance to tell compelling stories and get your clients hooked. 

You may have less than one second in a video advertisement to make a favorable first impression. To keep people interested, you need to remember that your video should feel more like a story than an ad. For successful branding, you have to think outside the box. 

  1. Videos Can Help Your SEO 

Including videos on your website can yield a 10%-250% surge in organic traffic. Want to make your site more noticeable? Adding videos is one of the first things you need to do to boost the number of visitors to your site. 

What factors are crucial in driving your Google rank to the top? You primarily need to worry about two things. Number one, you have to convince visitors to spend more time on the site. Number two, you need to maximize the number of backlinks to your domain.

SEO experts say videos can improve both of these metrics. It’s pretty simple to figure out how. Visitors will stay longer at the site if your videos are engaging enough. With better traffic retention and content quality, you can expect to get backlinks more easily. 

Therefore, professionally crafted videos can help you get featured on Google’s first page of search results. Video-rich content is way likelier to rank high on Google rather than text-only sources. 

  1. Video Marketing Can Help With Both Repeated And New Sales 

A booming business needs its old clients to come back. Repeated sales create an almost-guaranteed stream of revenue. On the other hand, you want new customers or clients as well so that your business can grow. 

Video marketing helps you achieve both of those objectives. First of all, how can videos convince old customers or clients to come back? Aren’t they already secured since they are satisfied with your service? 

Complacency is a mistake all entrepreneurs should avoid. It would be naive to think that your customers would definitely return just because they liked what you had to offer. More and more competition is popping up, and you need to make sure you stay above them. 

Through video marketing, you can send out the message that you are continuously striving to make your products and services better. You are committed to presenting the best deals to your customers. Customer satisfaction is your number one priority. 

There is nothing more effective than a video testimonial, case study, or success story to increase sales. This is the best way to highlight the specific benefits of using your product or service and put the final worries of your potential buyers to rest. 

Data from Optinmonster shows that 72% of people prefer video to learn about a new product. And, 84% of people said video advertisements successfully persuaded them to buy a product for the first time. So, video marketing is crucial to landing new sales. 

  1. Attract The Right Talent 

Passionate and skilled employees lay the foundation of all successful businesses. And video content can help you find and keep the right employees to keep your business booming now and in the future.

When people consider applying for a position in your company, they will do their research. They will check out your LinkedIn page, the ‘’About Us’’ section on your website and your social media feeds. 

People with rich skillsets are always in high demand. They will not just accept any job. You need to convince them that your business is a good fit for their skills and personality. What better way to do that other than a video presentation?

Prepare a video showing off the workplace culture of your business. Post it in your careers section so that anybody willing to apply can get a clear idea of the work environment and company values. 

  1. Addressing FAQs 

You can quickly clear up all confusion through video tutorials if your clients have frequent questions about your services or products. Analyze the common questions and put together one or multiple videos answering them. 

Videos can make your product and services more accessible. Many of us don’t like the hassle of text instructions. Visual media is always a much better help in such scenarios. Also, it gives your business a superior sense of credibility, which always helps.

Final Thoughts 

It’s impossible to ignore the role of videos in modern-day marketing. Videos lead to greater audience reach, engagement, and ultimately, better sales. So, invest in professional-grade video content and unlock the true growth potential of your business.