5 Ways to Manage Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Workspace

5 Ways to Manage Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Google Workspace

Have You Tried Google Workspace Yet?

Digital marketing has come a long way. What used to be an untapped potential is now among the most sought-after avenues for startups to increase brand awareness and be on par with more established companies. 

Google is among the most prominent names in the world of digital marketing. The multinational tech behemoth is also home to one of the most widely used search engines in the world. Presently, Google offers multiple software solutions designed to promote effective teamwork and improve business workflow processes. Among this useful software include Google Workspace.

Formerly called G Suite, Google Workspace combines different apps for communication and collaboration among big and small firms. It includes Gmail, and it also allows you to create and edit documents, sheets, presentations, forms, and slides. 

It’s quite a convenient addition to your operations and existing internal processes. If you are quite new to using Google Workspace, then this blog will give you some tips on how to boost and help you keep track of your digital marketing strategy more seamlessly and more efficiently.

1 Google Forms for Surveys

Market research is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s quite helpful to ask your customers directly about their expectations and needs. Surveys are an excellent way to ‘unmask’ your target demographic.

With Google Forms, you can create more targeted surveys by opting to use screening questions to ensure you limit responses from a generalized pool of respondents. These screening questions may be answerable by “Yes” or “No”. When respondents tick the box for “Yes” or “I agree” or “I would like to proceed”, then that’s when the next set of questions will appear.

Google notifies you via email once the survey has been disseminated and you can also track the results and the accumulated data based on the respondents’ answers.

2 Google Calendars for Campaigns & Important Meetings

A huge factor in effective marketing campaigns is timing. Even social media posts also need to be planned according to the frequency and time of the day when customers typically browse their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds. 

In the same manner, you also need to keep a well-coordinated schedule among your digital marketing team. Whether it involves creating and preparing posts on Hootsuite, launching new campaigns and sponsored ads, or even live streaming and start promotions, Google Calendar ensures you never miss an important appointment for your branding objectives.

Need to brainstorm or discuss new strategies with your team? Check dates and times when everyone is available and schedule meetings accordingly. Share your calendar with the team, reserve conference rooms in advance, migrate calendars from legacy systems such as Outlook or Exchange, and edit your team calendar via your laptop, computer, or smartphone.

3 Well-optimized Business Websites

Google’s set of digital marketing tools allows you to build and optimize your website so that you appear on search engines based on relevant search terms and keywords. It is a sustainable management strategy that, when maximized, enables you to unlock a long-term opportunity for continuous growth along with higher sales and revenue. These tools also include a testing feature, wherein you can check the loading speed of your website on mobile devices. Find My Audience and Market Finder help you find prospects within your desired demographic and discover opportunities to promote your business on a global scale.

Google Trends helps you find timely trends and news related to your line of business and customers, while the Grow My Store feature is perfect for E-commerce website owners who wish to figure out how they can boost customer experience and conversions on their website.

4 Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email is just as essential and effective as social media and mobile-based brand advertising. It helps you keep in touch with existing customers while also encouraging and reaching out to more potential leads.

By integrating Mailchimp and other email platforms in your Gmail, you can distribute more email campaigns and exclusive content to your preferred recipients. For instance, if the plan involves advertising for restaurant business, then the establishment may send limited-time offer deals to their patrons or host mini-games and raffles where the winners will get freebies or discounts on their next order.

Email in bulk in a more systematic manner, and then generate analytical reports to help you assess the performance of your email marketing approach.

5 Customized Ads

Sometimes, all your advertisements need to have that X-factor for them to be noticed and clicked on by your intended audience. 

As such, it’s a good thing that it is almost effortless to use, intermix, organize, and integrate all different forms of content you create via Google Workspace. You can customize your ads using text-based and visual content that you built using Google’s Ad Customization features. Create promotional videos for your products or build a call to action button that you can embed within your ad.

Publish animated and striking promotional banners and images using the Image carousel option.

Google Workspace’s capability to kickstart marketing automation is a clear sign of a future-oriented solution. What makes it even more impressive is it is fairly easy to use and it combines all the essential tools that startups, SMEs, and established businesses should have to prevent potential losses and expand the breadth of their audience reach and success.
It’s not yet too late to incorporate Google Workspace into your digital branding game plan! Check out our website for more informative and helpful online marketing resources.