5 Ways to Improve Your Companies Communication

5 Ways to Improve Your Companies Communication

Communication is a critical aspect in every company and can determine its level of success. According to a report published by Holmes Report, companies that have implemented skillful communication have about 47 percent higher returns than those that didn’t. A company can lose billions of cash due to errors caused by lack of communication or miscommunication. Others may experience high employees turnover due to the same communication problem. The benefits garnered from effective internal communication are pretty high. That said, here are five ways in which your company can improve communication throughout the organization.

1. Reduce Hierarchal Protocols When It Comes to Communication

Hierarchies are good in the structural development of a company, but they can also cause jamming of communication. Instead of dismantling the whole thing, you can reduce the bottlenecks for quicker decision-making and easy access to leadership by every employee. Some people may feel disoriented to pass certain important information, especially if they have a conflict with their immediate boss. What if this employee was allowed to communicate directly to a senior leader without being termed subordination? It would make communication flow freely, and the company will enjoy quicker results with an added adaptability. The conflict can be resolved later without hindering growth for the company. This strategy might be complicated at first, but eventually, with positive evidential results, everyone would adapt.

2. Implement Effective Communication Tools

You might have great strategies for communication improvement, but they will only work if necessary resources are available. Fortunately, technology has made it easy for employees and employers to stay in constant communication wherever they are. Implement digital tools such as reliable CRM software, online collaboration software such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Basecamps, and intranet software for social interaction. Chat groups, for instance, can be essential for both professional and social interaction. Any chat tool that you may consider will increase productivity and save time since everyone is connected for a timely response. It also acts as an excellent way to document and retain ideas shared by everyone involved, as you can always scroll back when the need arises. To ensure that you are using the right technology for communication, go for services such as telecom audit by Select Communications. You do not want to lose money or waste time, yet there is no improvement.

3. Encourage Feedback from Employees

A company that has empowered its employees to submit their feedback has a great chance to grow and succeed. It’s one of the ways to bring in new ideas and creativity born by these employees. You can start by providing reliable channels to share this feedback. For instance, you can periodically conduct stay interviews to understand why any employee would wish to stay or leave your company. An employee engagement survey can also help, and with this information, you will learn few things that need improvement in the company. Some employees may not feel comfortable sharing negative feedback. However, you can still collect this information by providing an anonymous feedback channel. This involvement improves motivation for employees, retention rate, and overall company productivity.

4. Be A Good Role Model

A good employer leads by example. Even a new entrepreneur can do this through simple things such as being the first one to share feedback and respond to queries promptly. It will encourage your team members to follow your steps. Also, communicate your company’s vision and mission openly. This way, your employees will stay focused same company goals and objectives without confusion. A good role model should be able to offer precise feedback to everyone in a straightforward manner. You would be surprised how much people appreciate constructive criticism and applaud for any completed task. Also, with every feedback, you must provide a course of action towards improvement. All leaders in the company must learn how to communicate effectively, and the rest will emulate and apply the same strategies.

5. Understand Cultural Diversities

With increased globalization in the business world comes diversity in almost all workplaces. These differences must be recognized and respected by all means. For instance, there are terms, phrases, or even gestures that could be okay with some people but be offensive to others. Suppose you want to uphold inclusivity in your company, which is a great way to achieve creativity. In that case, you must encourage everyone to respect each other’s differences. Both the employees and the management must practice cultural sensitivity to avoid misinterpretation when communicating. You can hire a sensitivity couch to educate different teams on this matter. It will significantly improve communication for all.

While effective or skillful communication can be challenging to achieve, always remember that it is crucial for your company’s growth. Apply these five simple but effective ways to bring positive change to communication in your business. It doesn’t matter whether the company has two or a thousand employees — good communication remains a primary key to success.