5 Ways Small Businesses Can Try to Design a Website on their Own

Small businesses don’t have much to shell out on marketing and other expenses. Most of them simply try to enter the market with a unique product and anticipate that it can become a hit with their target market. Sometimes it happens, but most of the time, businesses disappear without a trace. About 80% of the small businesses don’t last more than three years in the US, and the scenario is worse in cities like Dubai and Riyadh.

One of the best ways in which businesses can make sure that they can make a difference with their presence is true sublime web design. This is one aspect that can garner much attention to their product on the base of a great looking website. But not all businesses can hire an experienced web design company Dubai that can help them out. For all such businesses, this blog will offer some help as to how they can start their business.

Through this blog, businesses can think of making a serious effort in coming up with basic web design. They can always fine-tune it with the help of web design companies later on.

  1. Start Practicing

This is how companies need to go about website design. Practice makes a man perfect, and that’s why they need to start with the design that they think can work for them. Experimenting with different designs will make a huge difference. There are many ways in which companies need to think out of the box for a design that looks unique. But not all of them will work in their favour. 

Don’t think that you can design a state-of-the-art website through just hit and miss practice. This is why top designers and design agencies are there. But if you can’t manage their services, you can give a try.  There are several software and tools which you can use to start designing a website on your own. Some of this software is very easy to use even for beginners, and some of them require expert-level knowledge of designing.

  1. Learn Online

There are several free and paid courses offered by different websites and Universities. After completing such courses, you are sure to start designing websites on your own. But it all depends upon how dearly you want to learn and what courses you have studied. Don’t think that you can start producing full-fledged e-commerce portals on your own after just a month of taking a course. It will take time, but eventually, you will succeed. 

Start by taking courses that are relevant to web design. You need to think about what’s more important to you and start learning that aspect of web design. For example, if you think that landing pages are crucial for your success when you need to learn and Excel this aspect more than anything else. Or if you want to design a useful product page, you can go for it. Always remember that it takes much time and effort to perfect web designing that looks professional. 

  1. Smartly Plan your Website

Everyone knows about the basic planning of how an e-commerce website looks. After the landing on the home page, the subsequent product pages and the ones related to the information about the company are available. You need to think about how you will start designing your website. You can start on any page, but it is logical to start with the landing page and then the homepage. 

The landing page is where you can get the interest of your potential customers, and the homepage will make them stay on your website. Surely, the design here must be impeccable. Don’t take your visitors for granted as all of us go through hundreds of websites daily and experience exceptional web design. That’s why nothing short of brilliant design will work for you. So, plan your website accordingly for the best results.

  1. Master the Jargons

When we talk about web design, there are many things that a designer talks about in his language. Even the courses you will take online, there will be enough technical language or jargon that you need to understand. If you are not able to do this, chances are you will not be able to learn the design aspects completely. 

Aspects like Focal Point, call to action buttons and offering technical information like terms and conditions about the sale and return of the product, can be difficult to understand. Learning is the best way forward as you need to put your heart and soul in learning more about all the aspects that I have mentioned. It will take a little while before you understand all the technical terms even while taking the courses so that you can apply them in your design.

  1. Give Equal Importance to Every Page

It is a common mistake that most people do when they start designing their website. They try to give more emphasis on the landing page or the homepage and just try to complete the website by hurrying through the other pages. This is simply not the right approach, and it is easy to emphasize on every page. Of course, the landing page and homepage are the two most important ones but don’t make the mistake of quickly going through the design of other pages by not giving them much importance.

Think about the design of the landing page. We spend several days or weeks in perfecting the design of this page so that it can attract your potential customers. Even for the homepage, much research is needed so that it can hit the bullseye. Similarly, dedicate enough time for the design of these pages so that they don’t look out of shape and media query in design.

Final Word

I think by now, most of my readers understand that coming up with the web design for an E-Commerce portal is not an easy feat by any means. You need to be on song in several aspects, and that’s why it is better to hire an experienced designer or design agency in this concern. Why you may have to spend some money on this aspect, but the result will be professional, and you will be better off.

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask about any aspect that you haven’t understood, please feel free to ask. For any kind of feedback, too, you can use the comments section below. 

Author Bio:

Muneeb Qadar is a digital marketer & SEO expert at Branex Web Design Company. He has been with Branex for 8 years and during his experience, he has built a credible portfolio by creating remarkable strategies to build the visibility of the online businesses. He loves to help brands in acquiring their digital presence and creating opportunities that can grow the business.