5 Tips to Unite Your Digital Marketing Team

5 Tips to Unite Your Digital Marketing Team

Whether you are building a website for a company, advertising for an app or communicating information about a new product, digital marketing matters. Without it, consumers often have a difficult time learning more about whatever it is you want to promote.

With that said, effectively communicating this type of information is rarely a one-person job, especially for bigger projects. For this reason, creating a united digital marketing team needs to be a top priority when you are working on a larger project. The thing is, effective marketing team management does not always happen easily. 

For some guidance on uniting your digital marketing team, consider these tips.

1. Understand Team Roles

Before you can unite any team, it is critical to understand each person’s roles on the team. For example, whether you are working with an on-site SEO analyst or a web developer matters. In general, most digital marketing teams consist of leadership, content marketing, social media specialists, SEO specialists, copywriters and editors. By understanding each other and helping the team member also understand his or her role, you can help get everyone the same page in a way that allows collaboration to happen more easily.

2. Outline KPIs To Track Performance

Another way to increase marketing team unison is by tracking performance. When it comes to online work, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of key performance indicators or KPIs. For example, if you want to increase traffic to your website, you should consider measuring KPIs such as time on pages, unique page visits and engagement rates. In addition, you should figure out who is going to be responsible for tracking, and it should ideally be more than a one-person job. 

3. Use Clear Communication

Whether you are working on a website, a blog or an app that uses low code or no code technologies, communication is the most important factor in successful teamwork. As such, you should always be clear and careful when clarifying directives. You can help facilitate communication by setting an example by remaining open to feedback, asking thoughtful questions and making an effort to avoid confusion with your own communication.

4.  Establish Team Values and Goals

Even with clear communication in place, it can be difficult for teams to have a clear direction without established values and goals. Establishing them is not enough though. After you identify values and goals, you need to also follow up on them. Talk with team members about the progress that they are making toward goals and values. Define success, note actions that you are taking or that you need to take to live up to stated values, and identify unmet challenges that lie ahead.

5. Encourage Listening and Brainstorming

Leaders have a responsibility to build consensus among team members. Not only does doing this encourage debate and brainstorming, but it can ultimately bring the team closer together when everyone can come to an agreement on a decision. With that said, it can be easier said than done. To help with the process, you should strive to inspire creativity and encourage others to speak out to help reduce the common fear of disagreeing with others. By doing these things, you can take an effective approach to team building for your team.

Having a united digital marketing team is every manager’s dream, but it is not always easy. With that said, it is more than possible. If you are not sure where to start, these tips can help you. Working with your team to develop other methods for team building will also help you establish a more united work group.