5 Tips To Get Better Presence Online With The Help Of SEO

5 Tips To Get Better Presence Online With The Help Of SEO

Updating search engine algorithms requires a regular review of a project’s development strategy in 2022. The SEO specialist needs to ensure that the site’s quality meets search engine requirements.

Some basics and principles have stood the test of time. You should keep them at the center of attention. This should remain the excellent foundation on which the SEO strategy is built. So, how to improve your online presence in 2022? Below are tips on how to boost Google presence.

Focus on the user

Create websites and write text for others. You should focus all attention on the importance of meeting the needs of your target audience. That’s a better strategy than trying to adjust to current algorithms. Or worse, trying to cheat the system.

There are many examples where experts have found successful ways to beat the system. But if there is no reliable basis for this, eventually, the following algorithm update will “catch” you by the hand.

Articles should be as informative as HubSpot. The design and usability issues (technical bugs) are fixed at a certain level. The site should be fast and be easy to use from any device. Remember-the places users like, eventually like, and search engines.

Rejection of “gray” methods

Search engine algorithm updates can be boiled down to two things:

  • To improve the quality of search results and respond to changes in how people use the Internet, such as the mobile-first index;
  • Respond to attempts to manipulate search results by adherents of the “dark side” who use prohibited methods in SEO.

“Black” refers to practices that are explicitly prohibited by search engines. For example, spam, cloaking, etc. The “white” methods are those practices included in the list of recommendations from ‌ search engines. For instance, they create high-quality and unique content, eliminate technical errors, etc.

In the long term, black and gray methods are losing strategies. They can give excellent results for some time, but not for long.

The technical basis is essential

Attracting visitors to a website that’s running out of time is the same as bringing customers to a store that’s under repair.

Technical problems can lead to the operability of basic functionality, page loading errors, indexing problems, and other side effects. All this affects behavioral factors. Search engines may view it as a signal that the site’s quality is poor. To prevent this from happening, switch to local SEO services, check here.

Striving for perfect landing pages

To climb higher in search results, you need to be better than your competitors. Even a slight advantage in one of the parameters gives good bonuses in this struggle. But to get a solid lead, you have to strive to become better at everything.

Improving landing technology

Site owners already understand this. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Improve your title and description meta descriptions, primarily if you haven’t worked on them in a while. This will increase web presence, your visibility and clickability in search by improving the CTR of the snippets;
  • Refine your texts; on some pages, you can increase the volume. On the other hand, the formatting, adding content, improving the informativeness and relevance, adding images, etc.;
  • If the budget allows, add interactive elements to the page. For example, a calculator to calculate the cost of services. This promotes engagement and enables you to stand out from your competitors;
  • Experiment with information blocks, such as benefits, reviews, and stages of work. This allows you to optimize conversions and work with objections when viewing the page.

Concentrate on goals

Concentrate on goals instead of trying to write everything about everything. It’s better to prioritize and focus on a few essential topics. This way, you can build a loyal audience and better dive into the issues at hand. And most importantly, create quality content that can generate conversions from searches for months, if not years.

Search engine preferences match user interests. Specific pages reveal a particular topic, providing answers to targeted queries. In the end, all parties win.

This also applies to other aspects of SEO work, such as link building. It is better to “pump” pages in stages, attracting quality backlinks, than to try to get numerous links of dubious quality, dispersing their weight on a set of landing pages.


It’s hard to say what the future holds for SEO, but one thing is sure: the focus on user satisfaction will only increase. You need to pay attention to this to build a great SEO strategy and grow your online business. In the end, it all comes down to the fact that providing quality and relevant answers to user queries is becoming an equally important task for site owners and search engines at the same time.