5 Subtle Marketing Techniques To Try in 2021

5 Subtle Marketing Techniques To Try in 2021

In 2021, you have to do more marketing strategies if you want your business to flourish. The days are gone when you can just put a website up and cause people to flock to it. You have to continually try new strategies but try not to be overbearing with them. These five subtle tactics can help you boost your consumer base and profits

Referral Bonuses and Affiliate Programs

Referral bonuses and affiliate programs might seem like grand gestures, but they’re not. At least, not if you offer them instead of pushing them. Let your customers know that they can earn money by mentioning your company to their friends and family members, but don’t overwhelm them with pleas to do such. For affiliate program offers, you can add it in as a link on your website. People who want to know how to be affiliates will click on the link to find out more. That is all.

Link Trading

Link trading is another subtle tactic you can use to boost your productivity and profits. You can reach out to other businesses that are in the same field but not competing against your business. Ask them if they would be interested in trading links. You’ll add a link to their business on a page of your website, and they’ll do the same. That way, you will each get each other’s clients to at least stop by your website. Link trading can be a fruitful venture if you choose the right company to do it with.

Personalized On-Hold Messages

Customers always have to call the customer service staff for one thing or another. You can use their phone calls and an additional opportunity to promote certain products and services. What you can do is sign up for a special service that allows you to create custom messages for your clients while they’re waiting to speak to someone about their issues. You can mold this on-hold message script any way you desire. It can talk about an upcoming promotion you have, or it can explain their need for a product you’re selling. It can be much more effective for your business than overly boring elevator music.

Insert Quick Vids

Videos are powerful marketing tools, and they always have been. You should start using videos on your website if you haven’t been doing it. The newest generation of consumers prefers to see videos and pictures to reading content. That’s not to say that many people don’t still enjoy reading. However, you’ll need to be diverse in your marketing efforts if you want to succeed. Try some of the most innovative tactics that can increase the number of visitors who come to your site. The implementation of short videos is one of those tactics.

Email Signatures

The use of email signatures is an old-school but highly effective way to do subtle marketing. You can use this at times when you have to contact your customers. Write the message and then enter the special marketing message in the space that allows you to set an email signature. Everyone who opens the email you sent will most likely read the email signature, too. They won’t be able to avoid it because it will be right there in front of them. Email signatures can still work like a charm as long as the recipient opens the email to read it.

Try These Subtle Tactics ASAP

Try the tactics mentioned above if you want to improve your website’s productivity. They are very subtle and are not likely to cause any problems with your current or prospective clients.