5 Self Storage Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2022

5 Self Storage Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2022

The self-storage industry is an extremely fragmented one, meaning there are thousands of small businesses competing for the same customers. Due to this level of competition, many companies find it challenging to stand out from the crowd. In order to rise above your competitors and increase your visibility in the marketplace, 

Here are some self storage marketing tips and tricks that you can use in 2022:

Change up your Marketing Strategies

One of the best ways to differentiate your business is to change your marketing strategies. For example, if you’ve been focusing primarily on digital marketing, you should try to get your product in front of more people. 

At the same time, if you’ve been focusing on getting your product in front of people, you should try to focus more on digital marketing. By shifting your marketing focus and adjusting your spending, you can create a more diversified marketing strategy. This can help you to reach different types of customers, which can lead to more sales.

Increase your Digital Presence

One of the best ways to increase your digital presence is to invest in paid advertising. With paid advertising, you can buy your way onto search engine results pages and social media feeds. You can also purchase ad space on online influencer feeds, like Youtube video ads. 

Another great way to increase your digital presence is to build an online community. Communities, like forums, are great places for customers to come together and discuss topics related to your product.

In order to build a strong online community, you’ll first want to create an online presence that people trust and want to engage with. This can include setting up a blog, investing in digital marketing, and creating an online presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Partner with Influencers

Another way to raise your company’s profile is to partner with influencers. Influencers are individuals who have a large following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. 

They can help you to market your product to their large audiences by including your services in their social media posts and videos. Not only will partnering with influencers help you to market your product on social media, but it can also increase the trust your customers have in your company. 

This is because people are more likely to buy from brands that are endorsed by their favourite social media celebrities.

Leverage Email Marketing and Newsletter

A great way to increase your customer base is to set up an email newsletter. A newsletter is a publication that is sent to your customers on a periodic basis, such as monthly or quarterly.

 The best newsletters include helpful articles and tips that address the issues your customers are experiencing. You can also buy email lists from third-party providers and send out promotional newsletters to increase your company’s visibility in the marketplace. 

Another way to leverage email marketing is to set up a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free gift or service that you give to your customers in exchange for their contact information. For example, you can offer a free eBook or a free consultation in exchange for your customers’ contact information. The lead magnet will help your business by providing you with a list of potential customers, and it will also increase your brand awareness by making your company’s services more visible in the marketplace.

Write Effective Copy

If you want your customers to click on your ads, you’ll have to write excellent copy. The copy is the content that appears above your ads, and it should contain a short description of your product and what it does.

In order to write effective copy, you’ll first analyze your target audience. You’ll want to know what problems they’re facing, what their goals are, and what their pain points are. 

You should also know where they’re located and what they do for work. Once analyze your target audience, you can begin brainstorming ways to make your product stand out in your ads.

Experiment with YouTube Video ads

Another way to expand your company’s reach is to experiment with Youtube video ads. Youtube video ads are similar to Facebook ads, except they appear on Youtube. If you’re not advertising on Youtube, you’re missing out on an incredibly large platform that reaches millions of customers each month. 

Even if your product is not related to video, you can still use Youtube video ads. Just make sure your ads are engaging and that they feature a clear call to action. If you’re not advertising on Youtube, you can still take advantage of the platform by uploading product videos. 

Product videos are great for increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, and helping you to rank higher in search engines. Product videos are also a great way to respond to negative reviews.


Self-storage is a competitive industry that can be challenging to break into. To rise above your competitors and increase your visibility in the marketplace, you can use these self-storage marketing tips and tricks.

This can help you to reach new customers and improve your brand presence. By changing up your marketing strategies, increasing your digital presence, partnering with influencers, leveraging email marketing, writing effective copy, and experimenting with Youtube video ads, you can increase your business’s visibility and sales.