5 Secrets to Marketing and Blogging For Your Business

How is your business blog doing? Do you update it consistently? If not, you’re missing out on one of the most important marketing tools your website has.

Creating fresh content on a consistent basis helps you build relationships with website visitors, but it also helps your website’s standing with search engines. This one-two punch means that blogging and marketing are inseparable.

How do you use your blog for maximum marketing impact? Discover the five secrets to marketing and blogging below!

Make Blogging a Marketing Priority

You might think that blogging is less important than finding ways to bring new traffic to your website. What you might not realize is that blogging is one of the biggest reasons that new traffic comes to you!

55% of marketers say that blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Even more importantly, companies that post at least 11 times a month got four times more leads than those that blogged 4-5 times a month.

New content gives people who visit your website a reason to stick around. Both new content and longer time-on-page are huge indicators to search engines that they should rank your site highly. You can also use your blog posts on social media to give people a reason to visit your website.

The number one secret to marketing in 2019 is to make blogging a top priority!

Create a Team in Charge of Content Strategy

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Writing a blog is more than putting words out on the internet. You want to have a strategy regarding what topics are covered, how content is created, and what keywords are a primary focus. It’s best to not only have this strategy written down but to have a team in charge of that area.

This team can work with editorial, design, content, keyword discovery, search engine optimization (SEO) and much more. This team is vital to making sure that your blog isn’t something that “gets done when someone has time,” but is instead a consistent marketing effort.

Strapped for time or don’t have a team available? It might be best to work with a professional digital marketing services company to keep your content organized.

Write Content Your Customers Want

Too many businesses focus all of their marketing on proving how amazing they are as a product or service provider. What they forget is that customers are interested in their own concerns, not in how great a business is.

When you write content, think about your customer’s pain points and how you can address them. For instance, if you are a veterinarian in Toronto, write about the questions people commonly ask about their pets. These can be great keywords as well!

Topics like, “What is a good dog for kids,” or “How to choose a first pet,” may not be about how great of a doctor you are. However, they address questions your customers already have and give you an opportunity to invite people to contact you for veterinary appointments.

Show Your Personality

One thing that doesn’t wow anyone is content that is dull and lifeless. You want to be sure you include personality that matches your business’ voice. Use humour! Write using words like “we,” “you,” and “us.”

If your business is focused on being professional, you want to use appropriate flair that doesn’t violate your image. However, you can still have a lot of fun while being very professional. Consider showing the behind-the-scenes of your business by interviewing your employees. Let them share why their work matters to them – and to your customers.

If you have a more playful or irreverent business voice, you can use that in your blog as well. Play it up and have a good time. People definitely enjoy a blog more if it’s fun to read than if it sounds like a term paper.

Write Consistently

Blogging is like any other marketing strategy – you need to stick with it if you want to see results. You can’t post once a month and wonder why you don’t have more leads. Instead, focus on posting as often as you can.

This doesn’t mean you should put out poor-quality content just to have a post. It won’t drive leads and revenue if it’s not great content, and it won’t boost your search ranking either. That’s why it’s so important to have a team in charge of your efforts.

Use Blogging to Boost Your Marketing Today

A blog isn’t a nice extra in business. It’s a vital part of your digital marketing strategy. If you want to grow your business this year, you need to be creating excellent content and promoting it around the web.

When you do, you’ll be drawing new visitors to your website, and you’ll be engaging them in a way that turns them into leads. You’ll also be improving your search engine ranking. It’s a win-win you can’t afford to miss!

Author Bio:
Katrina is a hardworking individual who always gives her best. As a degree holder, she aspires to establish herself within the media industry. Her passion for everything fashion and adventure made her a go-getter. Expert in building online partnerships, she’s been working in the digital marketplace for several years.

Katrina S. Fernandez

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