5 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Hire Programmers in 2022

5 Reasons Marketing Agencies Should Hire Programmers in 2022

Programming and related careers are increasingly popular and those who go into these fields are increasingly sought after. This is no different in the field of marketing. Here are five reasons marketing agencies should hire programmers in 2022.

1. Increased Need for New Computer Infrastructure

A programmer with an appropriate level of education and amount of experience will be able to help you with integrating new computer infrastructure into your workplace or with migrating your existing infrastructure over to a new platform. Your programmer should be capable of implementing tools such as a parallel neural network and network microsegmentation. He or she should also be able to help you migrate your computing infrastructure from on-premise into the cloud or ensure any new infrastructure you’re investing in is correctly and smoothly integrated with your existing infrastructure.

2. Utilizing Existing Software in Creative Ways

Even if you don’t need to implement new tools or software solutions, you should still hire a programmer to keep your existing solutions fresh and determine where you may not be using existing computing programs to their fullest potential. An appropriately prepared programmer or software developer will recognize various common programs and tools and already have an idea of how to improve and innovate upon them. If you want to implement a new tool or system, you’ll be able to talk with your programmer about whether you can leverage your existing computing infrastructure before you make a decision about whether to invest in brand new tools and software solutions.

3. The Varied Skillsets of Most Programmers

There are many different degrees and career paths people can choose when they want to go into some kind of programming or computer science area. These include information technology, software engineering, computer engineering, software development, computer science and information systems security, among others. Many programmers will have taken at least one course or bootcamp in each of these fields, so you can rest assured your new hire will have the necessary background to take care of a wide variety of tasks, projects and problems. Your programmer will also have a good grasp of when he or she is out of his or her depth and requires outside assistance.

4. The Soft Skills Programmers Can Provide

Not only do programmers have many technical skills, they also gain and are taught various soft skills that you can put to good use at your marketing agency. These skills include patience, out-of-the-box thinking, critical thinking, creativity, determination and the ability to comb their work carefully for mistakes and potential bugs. Your programmer can utilize these soft skills in his or her programming or development work, as well as in other aspects of your marketing agency. For example, skills such as editing, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are useful in the development of marketing campaigns. Therefore, you could ask your developer what he or she thinks of your current campaigns and projects while he or she works on the code related to those campaigns and projects.

5. Expansions of the Digital Economy

Not only is the need for new and expanded computing infrastructure increasing, but so is the need for all aspects of the digital economy. The digital economy encompasses nearly all aspects of society in the modern world, including everything from internet-based sectors such as social media and typically traditional sectors such as marketing. You will need to hire programmers and developers to help your agency handle the incorporation of digital marketing into your output or the transition from traditional to digital marketing. As the digital economy increases, you’ll benefit from having someone on your team who is likely to be keeping up with technological and digital trends.

Marketing can benefit from the hard and soft skills programmers and those in related fields have at their disposal. While a programmer may not necessarily be able to effectively come up with marketing campaign ideas, he or she will be a vital support player in your organization.