5 of the Best Ways to Add Video to Your Website

5 of the Best Ways to Add Video to Your Website

Video is an excellent communication tool to help spread your message. You can say a lot more via a video marketing strategy than with words alone. Although there are many ways you can use video in your promotional efforts, adding it to your website reaches every user who lands on your page.

Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2022 report indicates around 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. People can view a video in seconds and gather enough information to make an informed decision. The medium enhances what you already have on your site.

People are hungry for videos. The average person watches a number of them a day. Your small business can benefit from adding them to your site by engaging users and keeping them on the website longer.

What Is the Impact of Inserting a Video in a Webpage?

Adding video to your site increases the odds your website will rank higher in search results. You’ll also have content you can share on social media to drive targeted traffic to your pages. You may find the right videos can even increase conversions.

Now that you know why you should include video on your website, what are some of the best video marketing strategies to implement on your pages? How can you add video to your website and ensure it has an impact?

1. Embed a Video at the Top

Embedded videos work well for smaller brands with limited space and bandwidth. You can upload the video to a third-party website such as YouTube or Vimeo and then embed it into the code of your page, so it appears where you’d like it to.

Because those sites have powerful servers, you won’t see lag times between when a user clicks on the embedded video and when it starts to play.

Source: https://e-money.com

eMoney features a background video on their landing page. Above the fold is a smaller box with a play button and the words “View Our Presentation.” When the user clicks on the play icon, they see a full-width video that introduces the user to the company and how it works.

2. Use a Call to Action (CTA)

Although a video starts playing on the above example, you also can simply add a button that people click as they near the bottom of the fold. The play icon is universal and people will recognize what to do with it.

Since some people browse the internet while at work, they may not want a video and sound to play automatically for fear they’ll get in trouble. Instead, you can offer an option to start the video with a click and let the user play it at their leisure.

You also have to realize that some users will have more information on your brand than others. They may not need to view the video to make a decision to buy.

3. Explain With Videos

Another option is to add an explainer video to inform people of how your process works or the details about the quality of your product. Explainer videos enhance your website and keep users engaged.

You can tap into a lot of different topics to answer user questions before they have them. For example, you might explain the production process and why it results in a superior product.

Source: https://www.truecommerce.com/solutions/order-fulfillment/pack-and-ship

True Commerce uses a “Pack & Ship” video to show how they simplify the process for e-commerce businesses. They answer a lot of basic questions in the video so users can see how the service benefits them.

4. Seek Testimonials

Around 97% of shoppers read online reviews before making a decision to purchase from a brand. Ask your regular customers if they’d be willing to share video testimonials about why they love your company.

Add testimonials in their own section or plug them right onto the front page so people see them first thing. Think about the buyer’s journey and at what point they most likely need that extra push of a positive review to make the decision to move from lead to purchaser.

5. Share Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Every business has a unique value they bring to their customer base. Knowing what yours is and how it impacts your users can mean the difference between converting a lead into a customer and losing them.

You want to stand out from the competition and share how your UVP ties into your mission. However, you also need to think about what users care most about. You might have the best company culture around, but customers don’t particularly care unless you point out how that impacts their service.

Source: https://www.miamichildrensmuseum.org

Miami Children’s Museum adds a unique video about the advantages of coming to their location with your family. They share the steps they’re taking to protect everyone by adding insight from various workers.

Businesses can do something similar, such as having employees in various positions talk about a customer-first approach and ways they were able to problem-solve for other clients, for example.

Add Video to Your Website Today

Now is the perfect time to add video to your website. There are many different ways you can implement it and a variety of video types. Try different tactics until you find the ones that resonate best with your audience. With a little effort, split testing, and trial and error, you’ll have one of the best websites in your industry.