5 Must-Use Digital Marketing Technologies in 2021

5 Must-Use Digital Marketing Technologies in 2021

Technology changes rapidly these days, and because of this so does online marketing. This can be both a blessing and a curse, since businesses that keep up with the latest tech trends will have a distinct advantage, while those that don’t will find their methods becoming outdated, and will be left behind. This being the case, let’s take a look at five must use digital marketing technologies for 2021. You’re sure to find some inspiration here that will help you reach new levels of profitability for your business both this year, and beyond.

1. Ad Blocker Blockers

If you’ve kept up with the latest tech news, then you probably know that ad blockers are super popular these days. You might even use one yourself. The problem here is that this can cripple businesses that rely on ads as a large chunk of their revenue. Fortunately there is a solution.

Ad blocker blockers are programs that detect if a website visitor is using an ad blocker, and then make it so that they can’t access the page unless they disable it. Some can be programmed to give ad block users a special message, such as telling them that they can browse the site ad free if they get a subscription. In either case, this is an excellent way to fight back against ad blockers that can eat into your revenue streams.

2. Geolocation SEO

If you run a business that only serves a very specific geographical location, then you absolutely need to use geolocation SEO. Sometimes referred to as “local SEO” in tech news, this concept makes use of the geolocation technology used by Google and other search engines to help businesses better target people in their areas.

The big thing to remember these days is that since Google and the other search engines will automatically detect a person’s location, they’ll give them search results that cater to that location. For example, a person using a general search term like “bread bakery” in Denver will automatically get results from that area. This means that if you want to take advantage of this technology, you need to make sure you do the proper local SEO to let Google know where your business is located.

3. AI Powered Automation

Artificial intelligence is becoming more advanced every year, and at this point it’s beginning to fill many roles within businesses such as analyzing data, and making extremely accurate predictions about current and future trends. This has allowed AI to greatly optimize businesses, helping them to reduce costs, increase ROI, all while allowing the human workers to save time since they’ll be doing less redundant tasks.

Another way AI has helped automation, is in the form of highly advanced chat bots. Businesses use these bots to communicate with customers, figure out what they want, and point them in the right direction. These AI programs can also promote upsells, process payment information, and record the transaction in its database so that it can get an even more accurate perspective on customer behavior.

4. Video Marketing

While video marketing is not new technology, it has become easier than ever to create and produce high-quality videos that will connect with a business’ demographic. The reason that video marketing is so powerful is that it drives engagement much better than text or images. This makes it the perfect medium for both branding, and presenting your sales message.

Here is a quick list of some of the ways video marketing technology has improved:

  • Imbed video in websites with the press of a button
  • Video editing software is now so simple that children can use it
  • Video assets and graphics are available premade
  • Audio editing software is more accessible than ever
  • 360 degree video content is easy to produce
  • Ultra high-quality videos can now be recorded with easily accessible devices like your phone

5. Visual Search

Just because video is amazing for marketing doesn’t mean that images are obsolete. In fact, thanks to new visual search technology, having the right images on your website is more important than ever.

Visual search is when a person uses an image to perform a search rather than a keyword phrase. This isn’t new, but it is much easier than ever before with many popular social media sites fully integrating this technology into their platform. This makes it more important than ever to make sure that your products and services have proper visual representation with images.

Keeping Up with Marketing Technology Trends

With all the technology news these days it may seem overwhelming to try and integrate all these great ideas into your business. The best way to go about this is to keep up with the trends, see with one’s would benefit your business the most, and figure out how to fit them into your marketing strategies. Marketing is an investment, so investing in today’s technology will pay off in the months and decades to come.