5 Modern Techniques For Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing can be really effective for getting your website and business traffic online if you do it well. Sometimes the problem is understanding which tactics work and which practices have been replaced with better ideas by now. Creating content online isn’t new anymore so there are always newer and better ideas out there.

Having a solid content marketing strategy is key to making sure your content marketing doesn’t fall flat. Creating content takes a lot of time and you don’t want to waste that effort on content that isn’t going to deliver the results you’re hoping for. Putting some advanced effort into developing a plan that will work is important.

If you aren’t sure how to go about your content marketing strategy you aren’t alone. This is something a lot of business owners wondering about. SEO agencies and other digital marketing experts all have advice online for you to read. With that in mind, here are five wondering techniques for successful content marketing.

1. Think About Who Your Content Is For

Your business can have more than one target demographic and so can your web content. When you’re thinking about the content you’re creating it’s important to think about what that piece of content is being created to accomplish. Not every type of content you create is going to appeal to every audience type out there.

If you’re creating something for a younger demographic the ways you use to create content for them are going to be different than a demographic of adults over 40 years old. There should be allowances in your content marketing strategy for creating content types that match your desired audience. 

You can use a variety of content types to reach a variety of audiences. Just keep in mind that something on YouTube may not reach the same type of audience as something you publish on a blog. That’s okay, it’s good to use more than one option to reach people, just make sure you’re putting the right content in the right places. Think about who you’re targeting each time you create content for your company.

2. Think About Where Your Content Is Viewed

Your content is going to be available to people with all kinds of devices. Although some of them will undoubtedly view your blog or videos on a regular desktop computer, a huge percentage of them will be consuming your content from a mobile device. This hasn’t always been the case which is what makes mobile optimization a more modern content marketing strategy. 

You should be creating content with a mobile user in mind. 77% of Americans own a smartphone now and that’s up a dramatic 42% from just six years ago. This big difference shows you just how quickly the mobile area is growing. You can’t afford to have content that isn’t optimized for mobile users any longer.

If you’re thinking about your content strategy and what your next moves are, you need to make sure you’re making mobile optimization a priority. Mobile users will not stay on a site that isn’t easy for them to use. Losing out on that traffic for your web content is going to negatively impact all of your content marketing plans. Be smart and plan for mobile users in advance.

3. Think About What Problem Your Content Solves

Just like you solve a problem with your product or service, your content should solve similar problems for your online audience. If you’re trying to draw attention to your product that solves a common fashion problem, your content needs to be similar in tone. You can create content around common fashion mishaps, for example, to continue your brand’s overall message.

This means your content should be valuable to your audience and not just a blatant advertisement they’ll regret clicking on. Remember that your content is part of your product when you’re talking about what value it adds to your customer’s life. It’s more than just putting an ad together. Think about the problem you’re aiming to solve and make relevant content before you hit the “post” button.

4. Think About How Your Content Is Being Created

There are specialists for all forms of digital content creation by now. It’s no longer something you have to do yourself and rely on skills you may not have. Your content should be polished and well created, or you risk losing your audience (and potential sales) to a competitor who is creating better content.

If you don’t have the skills it takes to create a great video for YouTube, hire someone who does. If you can’t create a great blog post that engages your readers, find a writer who has that ability. Whatever content you create for your company needs to be created with an expert touch. Without high-quality, polished content you’re just not going to outshine other similar posts, videos, or images online anymore.

5. Think About The Results Of Your Efforts

Your current content marketing efforts can tell you what moves to make next. If you use multiple platforms you can compare results to see what’s bringing in the most traffic. If you notice that your videos aren’t getting a lot of views after consistent attempts to create good content, that might be something you don’t need to focus as much attention on.

In the same vein, if you notice that your blog posts are bringing in thousands of unique visitors, it’s time to start focusing more effort on your written content. Use the results you’re currently getting to tell you what moves to make next. Making sure you’re paying attention to your numbers regularly is a key part of making this tip work for you.


Content marketing is a great way to bring traffic to your website and increase brand awareness. You just need to make sure you’re making the right moves. What worked five years ago isn’t guaranteed to work now. Use the tips you’ve read about here to update your strategies and make any needed changes. It might take a little extra work to get your plan up to date but with better content comes better numbers and that’s always worth the effort.

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