5 Lead Generation Ideas

5 Lead Generation Ideas

Part of running a successful business is finding people to buy your products. Most people think of outbound tactics, such as advertising and cold calling, but there are plenty of inbound marketing tactics that can be just as (if not more) powerful.

With inbound marketing, you use lead generators to encourage people to interact with your brand. Customers enter their information to get access to exclusive content, thus giving you another contact to add to your database. Plus, with this format, you already know what topics they’re interested in and can market directly to their needs.

Let’s look at 5 lead generation strategies you can use in your business.

1. Videos

Never underestimate the power of videos in your sales operations process. Videos make information more personal, clearer and more engaging for your audience. So whether you use them within your content or within your sales process, they’re likely to boost your conversion rates.

As a lead generator, video series can go a long way. You can craft a quick 3-5 video series about a complex topic in your industry that people can opt into via a form on your website. Videos have a high perceived value and are pretty easy to make, so they won’t cost you much in time or resources.

2. Guides

Another great way to capture leads is to create comprehensive guides about a popular topic in your industry. Maybe people want to how to do something, why something is important or the benefits of choosing your company.

A guide can highlight key points and dive into more details for your audience. It’s highly valuable content that helps your customers make informed decisions. Plus, if you’re sending nurture emails to support it, you can move them further in your sales funnel with this tactic.

3. Social Media

Because of social media’s soaring popularity, it’s a great place to connect with potential customers and help them engage in your brand. This lead generation tactic is a bit different because you don’t typically get people’s emails on social media, but you can direct them to your website.

The idea of social media lead generation is to pique people’s interest. You want them to click over to your website to learn more about your brand and products. That’s where you can try to collect their information and start marketing to their unique needs.

4. Blog

With so many other tactics out there, some business owners forget about the power of content marketing. Keeping an updated blog on your website is a great way to bring people to your brand and help them learn about the problems you solve.

Create blogs on topics relevant to your brand that also answer questions your customers are asking. Keep in mind you’ll need to create content for every stage of the buyer’s journey. Have blog posts that are broad and high level, some that are specific and detailed and some in between to cater to every level of understanding.

5. Use Data

There’s nothing people love more than data. Seeing the numbers about your business helps people feel like they’re making a wise, informed decision. It can give leads the confidence to convert into customers.

You can use data in every lead generation strategy we’ve mentioned so far. Sneak it into your gated content, put slides with it in videos, post a graph on social media or review your data in a blog. Going by the numbers every now and then will appeal to your more analytical buyers and provide some evidence of your value.

If you’re ready to level up your business, add these inbound marketing tactics to your strategy.