5 Great Ways to Learn About Digital Marketing

5 Great Ways to Learn About Digital Marketing

Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of digital marketing, but weren’t sure where to start? Maybe you know how to get involved, but don’t have the funds to pursue your education? If you want to learn more about digital marketing for free online, here are seven great places to get started!

Social Media 101 Course

Created by Constant Contact, the Social Media 101 course gives you all the tools you need to professionally market, advertise and connect over a variety of social media platforms. You can learn to build your clientele over Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more! It’s a great place for people who want to get hands-on practice by following how-to guides and applying the steps with real social media accounts. It also offers example lessons for students who need more guidance, and glossaries are provided for studying and revisiting information!


Skillshare is great because it directly connects you to industry professionals that want to teach in their field. You can learn how to market anything from pet care and nutrition to makeup and red light therapy for face and skin health; no matter what kind of business you’re in, you can find someone on Skillshare to help you broaden your marketing audience. Skillshare offers thousands of free online classes on all manner of subjects, and you can unlock access to even more with a paid Skillshare Premium account! If you’re not sure about keeping your account, you can enjoy a free 7-day trial when you sign up.

SEMrush Academy

SEMrush offers amazing insight into the world of content marketing, and it delves deep into the web traffic, how to reach your target demographic, new ways to present old information and so much more! There are both advanced and basic learning tools available, so students of all background can jump right in wherever they feel comfortable. The SEMrush blog also features articles on link building, quality queue research, search engine optimization (SEO) and a massive assortment of other industry-related topics.

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

This amazing challenge gives students of all skill levels a chance to learn and practice marketing in a real-world setting with a real budget. Students who join the challenge start with a daily allowance of $329 per day, which they use to show their marketing abilities and compete with other challenge competitors! This challenge also offers courses and seminars from a panel of world-class academic professionals, so you can gain deep insight on the industry from seasoned experts.

Facebook Blueprint

Another social-media centric course, Facebook Blueprint is the site’s official training program and helps students learn how to market specifically on Facebook and Instagram. You can learn about building and maintaining a quality business account on both platforms, how and where to use advertisements, communicating with audiences and anything else you should know about reaching your target demographic online. Upon completing the program, you’ll receive an official certification that can be used in your professional portfolio!

Google Skillshop

Unlike the Marketing Challenge, Google Skillshop is an actual training platform that teaches students how to market through Google’s countless apps and programs. You can gain access to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google My Business and plenty of other valuable tools to help you get a handle on managing your marketing campaigns. One of the platform’s most defining features is the opportunity to market on Gmail, which is widely untapped in terms of marketing potential. Like Facebook Blueprint, students will receive a certificate after finishing the program, which looks great in portfolios and on resumes.

No matter where you are in life, you can build or revitalize your career in marketing with one of these fantastic online marketing platforms. This list is only the tip of the iceberg — there are thousands of resources available to help you develop your skills and rank up in the industry, so get started today!