5 Digital Marketing Techniques for Different Industries

5 Digital Marketing Techniques for Different Industries

Digital marketing is really the wave of the future. Finding ways to increase your online reach can make a huge difference in your sales. That success can come in a variety of ways: social media, ads, affiliate links, etc. It depends on who your audience is, how they prefer to communicate, and what type of product or service you are selling. In case you need some additional guidance, check out these suggestions for five different industries to help improve your digital marketing sales techniques.

1) Textile Industry

For those working in the clothing industry, most successful marketing often is direct-to-client. You have your clothing items, such as a line of henley shirts, and you want people to buy them and to buy them online. The best place to reach a lot of customers at once may just be through targeted ads on social media. You’ll need to do some market research first to know how to set your parameters. Once you know who your typical customer base is (or who you want them to be, if you’re launching a new brand), then you just have to build and deploy your ads and wait for the new sales to start coming in.

2) Service Industry

If your business is as a service provider, such as a lawn care company, babysitting service, or plumber, your goal market is going to look different. You might be looking for customers who are homeowners, parents, live in your sales territory or any other of a range of traits. In the service industry, quite a bit rides on your professional reputation. Building a presence on professional referral websites such as Angie’s List or Yelp can help potential customers find out about you and have trust in your ability to do the job. 

3) Entertainment Industry

Your business goal may be to reach a new audience for a video, TV show, or movie. You make money based on the number of views, so you need to reach as many pairs of eyes as possible. Advertising new content online can successfully be done by creating a compelling trailer and then finding the best place to run it. Previews or ads on streaming services will let you tie your content to similar existing content, and target those who may already be interested in your genre. It will also let you reach the binge-watching crowd, who may be likely to go ahead and click to view your content, giving you more views even faster.

4) Publishing Industry

Whether you are trying to market printed books or ebooks, there are ways to successfully reach an online world of readers. Your goal may be to direct readers to a digital storefront where they can make their purchases. An innovative way to do that is to work with authors to offer exclusive pre-order bonuses. Then, utilize both your own and the author’s social media presence to inform readers. It will drive new fans to your website, and may further help boost your sales if they decide to pick up a few other books while they’re there.

5) Vacation Industry

Those who specialize in ways to get away are always on the lookout for new customers. You can reach more customers through affiliate links on curated lists and other articles. Getting your website included as a link on a blog of a topic such as the top places to visit or the best hidden gem resorts can drive new guests your way. You could also leverage the power of social media by encouraging guests to leave reviews online and inviting major influencers to visit.

No matter what your industry is, finding new and innovative ways to market digitally can help you reach an entirely new customer base. Look into tactics such as targeted ads, social media posts, previews, exclusive content, and positive customer reviews to build your business’s awareness and reputation. Make sure you meet the expectations of those new customers, and you just may find that their comments and posts give you a further boost.