5 Digital Marketing Brand Awareness Strategies For Lending Companies

5 Digital Marketing Brand Awareness Strategies For Lending Companies

So, you’ve created the best possible title loan, small business loan, personal loan, and other loan products for your clients. You’ve also ensured that the customer service and experience you’ll give them will be impeccable. What’s next? 

Well, there wouldn’t be clients lining up for your business in the first place if they weren’t aware of you! Brand awareness is crucial to every kind of business, including lending companies like yours. It’s when consumers recognize products or services by their name.

Brand awareness is challenging to build from the ground up, especially with how competitive the industry is right now. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. After all, you have technology and digital marketing tools and platforms on your side! 

Drive brand awareness of your lending products and services with these tips: 

  1. Create Content That Helps Your Customers 

Even customers with an established idea about lending will have occasional questions about how it works. So imagine how challenging it may be for someone to apply for a personal loan for the first time. 

Your potential customers probably have a lot of inquiries concerning the loan application process. The internet is the most practical resource people have access to for guidance. As a loan provider, it’s your job to provide them with insightful information about your services. 

This is where content marketing comes in. If you’re trying to increase awareness and maintain consistent branding, there’s no better way to do that than by establishing yourself as an expert in your field. 

With content marketing, you can offer answers to your prospect’s financial questions like: 

  • How do I apply for a loan? 
  • What type of loan should I get? 
  • What can I do to save money on an auto loan? 
  • How do I manage my loans better? 

Make sure you’re helping your reader rather than simply selling to them. Giving value is your priority here. Remember to add relevant keywords and links to your products and other blog posts for high search engine ranking. 

  1. Amp Up Your Social Media Game 

Every generation, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, uses social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to interact with brands and keep up with news and current events. So one way to develop brand trust, open up marketing opportunities, and expand your clientele is by maintaining a consistent presence on one or more platforms. 

Some of the ways you can approach social media marketing are the following: 

  • Coordinate your social media marketing with your website or blog content. For instance, you can quote any statistics or reveal information that piques your audience’s interest in a social media post. You can then link the post back to your original article. This increases your website traffic and positions your business as an industry leader! 
  • Experiment with video marketing and infographics.
  • Beat the algorithm using advertisements. Invest a little more money in your loan campaign ideas and advertise on platforms like Facebook. 

Remember also to consider the way you’ll interact with your customers. One way to build brand loyalty is to respond to their questions and comments. 

  1. Try Digital Storytelling 

At the end of the day, you’re dealing with humans, and they can tell when you’re sincere and when you’re just trying to sell them a product. 

Consumers will do their research before making a purchase. They’ll look into customer feedback, ask their friends and family about you, and read everything they can find online and beyond.

So whatever content you create—social media posts, blogs, videos, or ads—should tell a compelling story that will provide guidance and reassurance. 

Incorporate digital storytelling into your marketing strategies. For example, show real customers and their stories while working with you. Alternatively, you can let your employees talk about your brand in a consistent and authentic way across all your channels.

  1. Send Strategic Emails 

It might seem like one of the more dated marketing techniques out there, but it’s a tried and true strategy. Email marketing can help you achieve your goals if you do it correctly.

Instead of using email marketing only, it’s best to incorporate it into your overall marketing plan. The strategic placement of email marketing in your company’s marketing plan will determine how effective it is.

Try a drip campaign. With it, you can send a series of emails to both your current customers and new prospects. You can categorize your customers based on factors such as loaning or banking habits, income, employment status, marital status, and others, and send emails to separate groups.

  1. Automate! 

As a financial organization, you probably have more data than you know what to do with! But it’s a good thing that’s quickly changing with the power of automation. Utilizing and applying data as part of your financial services marketing plan is now easier than ever, thanks to customer experience platforms and automation solutions. 

Big data can help you with the following:

  • Identify and offer services before or after they are needed
  • Target specific customers for additional customer service or digital financial education
  • Aid you in cutting down on needed customer service
  • Tell you who is saving up for a big purchase and is most likely to need pre-approval for a loan

There’s also email marketing automation, so you can skip drafting and sending emails one by one. Instead, all you have to do is create a visually appealing email template and customize it using your CRM system. You can even program your system to deliver emails to a particular target market. 

If it’s social media you’re worried about, you can automate that, too! Of course, you’d still need to create your content, but advanced software solutions can publish it at the time and platform you designate. It is a clever trick to increase website traffic in a more convenient way.

Build Brand Awareness With An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy 

Building brand awareness for lending companies through digital marketing can be pretty complex. However, it’s not impossible, and when done right, it can drive a lot of organic traffic.

Now, not all of the tactics mentioned above can ensure an increase in your brand awareness. So it’s crucial that you’re aware of the strategies that would work best, given your objectives and vision.

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