5 Best US Business Directories In 2021

5 Best US Business Directories In 2021

Just when you think that the time and appeal for business directories is over, you need to stand corrected by the enormous data that says otherwise. Of course, these directories have been migrated from hard forms to smart, megabits over the internet where they can be accessed by users through the internet.

Business directories help at three distinct levels, still to this date.

They offer a simple, yet effective, portal to the small and local businesses to get exposure and market their companies almost free.

People still rely on finding the right person for the right job by browsing through local business directories.

Digital marketing professionals can earn a piece of digital traffic pie by improving the SEO of their clients, hence getting more engagement in the short run and conversions in the long run.

Now that we have gone through the importance of US business directories, it is time to get to the main idea of this post.

So, here are some of the best US business directories that you will find in 2021.

  1. Yelp

In the world of online local business directories, Yelp reigns as one of the most trusted and superior ones. It has an astounding thirty-five million mobile app users that makes it a must-have business directory for either a user or a digital marketer.

Businesses can list their companies online and take advantage of the formidable 211 million views, as per March 2020 estimates.

In addition to being a local business directory, it offers an interactive section to the users, at both ends of the spectrum, to interact with each other and share thoughts about their experience with the company. The “Yelp Reviews” is a thing in the online world and securing maximum positive ones on your business profile is sure to get your attention.

  1. Google My Business

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, with over 65% share in the browsing engines market. Apart from the main search engine work, Google hosts a suite of applications and platforms to help its users get their work done. Google My Business is just that for businesses.

Companies can make profiles on the portal and add authentic NAP (Name, Address, Phone) which Google will run across the board. This shows the search engine that your business is legitimate.

There are options to add working hours, multimedia, and other sorts of information on the profile that will help the companies connect with prospects.

  1. Bing Places

Next up in the race for the most used trusted engine in the world is Bing. Depending on who you ask, it still has around 20% to 30% share in the search engine market. Bing Places is its suite for businesses to get profiled to grow virtual presence.

Since it is the default browser of Windows’ native Edge and Explorer browsers, you can expect big returns on this one in 2020, because PCs still dominates the market in desktop and laptop computers.

By adding your profile on Bing Places, your business gets a cozy place in Bing Maps and other related platforms. This ensures enhanced visibility of your business across the board.

  1. Yellow Pages

If you are looking for the one listings that got this whole business going, it was Yellow Pages in the printing form. Now, it is online and gets over 60 million visitors in a month, with the majority of them from the US.

Yellow Pages offer a free listing platform, but you can opt for their marketing solutions. This will allow you to get premium services including digital marketing solutions and so on. It also offers coupons for businesses and has a wide range of sections for different industries. It means you can profile your business, whether it is a halal pizza place or a nail salon.

Another benefit of YP in 2021 is the conversion rates. Studies have shown that when people go to Yellow Pages, they mean serious business.

  1. CityLocal Pro

Since its inception, Citylocal Pro has carved out a fitting place for itself in the hearts and minds of both users and professionals. Today, it one of the leading US business directories with a user turnout in millions.

It offers basic profiling that offers simple landing pages or business pages along with top rated pro’s pages. 

There are thousands of businesses in the states that have turned their revenue around with their targeted and precise services offered by Citylocal Pro.

These were the top five US business listings that are still relevant in 2021. They sport a large visitor base and trust among the users to help them make a better decision about which company to hire in times of need.