5 Best Online Training and Assessment Tools For SEO Managers

5 Best Online Training and Assessment Tools For SEO Managers

Being a manager in the field of SEO means constantly having to adapt to changing company culture and industry pressure. The almighty Google frequently restructures its algorithms, making SEO training and learning a continuously ongoing process – even for the professionals. Manually studying what kind of content is outperforming others can become exhausting. But there is no reason to push yourself to your limits when there are alternative options available right under your nose. 

There are many free and paid digital marketing courses available online that allow anyone to keep up to speed with the latest SEO tools, assets, and techniques for refreshingly informed optimization. By utilizing the SEO training tools that are readily available, you can omit the drudgery of labour-intensive research. At the same time, you’ll free up more time to produce high-quality content that boosts both your own and other’s businesses.  

This is a roundup of the five most up-to-date SEO online training tools that can do the data analysis version of heavy lifting for you. 

1 SEMRush 

This digital programme is at the forefront of SEO marketing. It offers a Swiss-army-knife style package inclusive of support and training for SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content development, reporting, competitive research, data analysis and advertising. Quite the ensemble!  

The SEMRush website boasts employment by over 7 000 000 marketing professionals, staking 14 international awards for Best SEO Content Suite, and a consistent 4.5 star rating from international users. They have also been trusted by big corporations such as Tesla Motors, Nike, Forbes, eBay, and IBM. Their reputation is indisputably glowing. 

In terms of usability, SEMRush is particularly useful when it comes to generating backlink audits, which is something other SEO education programmes tend to lack. They make it easy to both assess rankings and identify fresh ranking opportunities, as well as provide a Domain vs Domain tool which enables users to compare their sites to others with clarity. SEMRush is a highly popular choice for SEO training around the world for both big and small companies, and it’s easy to see why. 

The packages that SEMRush offer are on the pricier end of the spectrum. The most basic package is priced at $99 per month, and the most advanced one stretches to $399. 

2 KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool

Anyone who works in the SEO industry knows the importance of good keyword research. Acting as appetizing digital bait for web users, Google will always shuffle content with the most original and searched-for keywords to the top of the page. Having a tool like KWFinder in your back pocket for days when you are stumped for unique and highly optimized keywords can be a game changer.

KWFinder constantly analyses and runs reports or backlinks on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) to provide you with suggestions for long-tail keywords that your competitors are not likely to hold. They also have a rank-tracking tool. This is extremely helpful for identifying your own ranking as well as tracking your progress every step of the way. 

3 Answer the Public: SEO Topics Generator 

This completely free SEO tool can be particularly valuable for those who are new to the complex world of SEO content production. The function of Answer the Public is to quickly and efficiently provide users with access to hot topics and the keywords that will support them. Plus, it’s a great place for landing featured snippet opportunities. 

Even if you are an experienced SEO content producer, having access to a system like this one can make it easier for you to locate and distribute notable keywords to your team members to gain a broader, more succinct audience reach. 

4 MOZ Pro

This site is renowned for its ability to help users both identify and fix common technical issues with ease. Self-described as an “all-in-one SEO toolkit,” MOZ Pro offers a wide range of impressive features. They aim to find solutions to every problem someone going under SEO online training may encounter. 

Some of these features included in MOZ Pro’s package are site crawls, keyword research, site audits, rank-tracking audits, and backlink analysis. This programme also has its own toolbar add-on for Chrome called MozBar. This is accessible 24/7 to all clients with the MOZ Pro plan. 

Other MOZ Pro benefits are access to tracking keywords on multiple search engines, one-on-one walkthrough, 24-hour customer service and SEO insights. MOZ Pro prides itself on its ability to not only recognise technical weaknesses, but also to show users how and why they may have occurred. 

An extremely competent option for anyone looking at online digital marketing courses, MOZ Pro has a 30-day free trial before paid alternatives become mandatory. 

5 Google as an SEO Tool 

This may come as a surprise to SEO industry newcomers, but Google is one of the most powerful and underutilized tools on the internet – and of course, it’s 100% free. 

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and the lesser-known Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension are all hidden gems. They clearly and simply allow users to analyse data, track impressions, follow keyword trends and generate original, in-demand keywords that your competitors may not be aware of. 

These extensions can prove themselves incredibly worthy of your time. Especially if you are undergoing SEO training and want to learn the basics in a more digestible fashion. Setting up any of these tools takes minutes (and an active Google account, which you probably already have). Despite the value that it provides, it won’t ask for a cent back. 

Tools at Your Fingertips

There is a wealth of opportunity for both personal and professional levels of optimization that can occur through using any of the above recommended SEO tools. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced content developer, you can never go wrong with choosing a tool to hone in on your skillset and amplify your understanding of SEO education and digital online marketing. Some are expensive, others may appear too complicated – but almost all of them can assist you in some way or another – tools are, after all, only what you make of them to build the best website for your client.