4 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Recruit New Employees and Talent

4 Ways to Use Digital Marketing to Recruit New Employees and Talent

The shortage of work professionals in various industries is a concern for many industries. The worker shortage has affected the functioning of businesses and organizations.

Businesses have moved towards using digital marketing strategies to recruit employees. Digital marketing entails the use of online social platforms to advertise. Businesses can advertise their products, services, or work positions to potential leads.

Recruiting new employees and talent using digital marketing is a new concept. However, the principles in use are similar to those used when promoting products or services. Businesses should have good knowledge and prowess in digital marketing to recruit new talent through it.

If a business is not well off in digital marketing, it should hire a recruitment process outsourcing consultant. Outsourcing takes the duty of ensuring talent recruitment is successful and leaves it in the hands of a professional.

In this article, we discuss the use of digital marketing. We highlight various ways that businesses or talent sourcing companies can use it for talent recruitment.

  1. Social Media Ad Campaigns

The use of social media is at its highest currently. A recent study stated that humans spend an average of two and a half hours on social media daily. The high rate of social media usage caused businesses and organizations to adopt the platforms. Businesses use them to interact with probable leads. 

Social media companies that own these platforms have also come up with services that help businesses. The services aim to ensure organizations reap maximum benefits from the platforms.

Social media platforms offer ad services to businesses and organizations. The paid ad services can be targeted at specific groups of people. Ad targeting can be done depending on various factors, e.g., age and country. Businesses can use this feature to get their job posters to reach more potential employees.

As a business looking to recruit new employees, you can design a job poster. The poster can then be posted on social media platforms and booted as an ad so that it reaches more people. It is easier to hire talent acquisition solution services from a professional company. 

The company will work hand in hand with your business to offload the task from you and work on it. Talent acquisition services are perfect for organizations looking for a rare skill set in applicants. They are also perfect for companies looking to carry out global recruitments.

  1. Organic Social Media Presence

As a business looking to succeed in the modern era, social media presence is a contributing factor to your success or failure. It is important for organizations to have well-curated content on their social media pages.

A common mistake done by many businesses is creating social media pages and failing to have consistent organic posts. A dormant business page is often a red flag to many possible clients and job seekers.

Your marketing team should have a content production strategy in place. The strategy should highlight the content to be posted and the scheduling of organic posts. A content production strategy will ensure your social media accounts attract job seekers.

A business with well-established social media pages will attract possible talents. People will see your organizational structure and culture through your pages and gain interest. With this, the well-curated social media pages will have played two significant roles for the business. They will help in talent recruitment and client acquisition.

  1. Professional Social Media Platforms

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With the increased use of social media, companies have come up with platforms for professional work. A good example of such a platform is LinkedIn. The platforms allow companies to post their business progress and significant accomplishments.

Another function of the platforms is to allow people to connect with the companies they seek to work in. Users can also connect with professionals in similar industries, to share ideas and tips for growth in their sectors.

As a business or organization looking for new employees, being active in professional communities is vital. It will help people interested in your business to connect with you and get a glimpse of your work. 

In professional communities, companies or businesses have the ability to post job openings. As an active business on the platforms, posting an open job opportunity will reach more people. It will reach people who have shown interest in your organization or industry.

Potential employees can even apply for the jobs through the platforms. An advantage of hiring from professional communities is that you will not have many unqualified people applying. The professional communities have high integrity in terms of the quality, and skill set of applicants. 

It is crucial that you establish a community for your organization or company on such platforms. 

  1. Partnering with a Digital Recruitment Agency

The use of digital marketing for talent acquisition might seem like an easy task, but it is more complicated than it seems. Digital recruitment agencies have years of experience in talent seeking. They have well-established strategies and methods to ensure they get the best applicants.

An effective recruitment practice used by agencies is the use of aptitude tests. Aptitude tests help test an applicant’s skills for the position they are applying for. 

If you approach a digital recruitment agency looking to hire finance experts, they will use tests specific to the required skills. In finance, the skills required are mostly analytical and mathematical. The agency will use tests to test skills such as:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making.

The use of aptitude tests helps to narrow down applicant pools to the most qualified applicants. Once an applicant passes all the required tests, they can proceed to the work interview stage. 


When planning to recruit new talent through digital marketing, it is easy for applicants to fake academic qualifications. A business has to be keen to ensure all its applicants have the required qualifications. This is why aptitude tests are embraced by digital recruitment agencies. They seek to ascertain the applicant’s capability to work and deliver results for the desired job position.