4 Hot Internet Marketing Trends to Invest in 2019

Chief Executive Officer of Owner Media Group, Chris Brogan popularly said: “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” 

A 2018 report by Status Labs revealed approx 9O% of the Internet-savvy people haven’t made up their minds about the brand when initiating their online search. This is a massive opportunity for you to snatch. All you have to do is to establish your brand’s online credible image to influence your prospective customers. This further has created so many digital marketing job possibilities globally. 

Whether you are a product-based startup seeking out ways to find your feet in today’s neck-throat battling business world or an eCommerce retailer that is having a troublesome time reaching its sales goals, Internet marketing is an indispensable means to survive & thrive. 

But, the thing about Internet marketing is that-, particularly B2C marketing- there is a trend popping out every now & then. Yes, these are classified as trends, but if you don’t stay on top of the game you’ll end up missing out on the serious potential for customer acquisition & increasing the revenue numbers. 

So, what’s hot in 2019? What you need to know and the trends that will stay forever in the digital marketing landscape. Scroll down to check out the powerful Internet marketing buzzes to give your business that much-needed competitive-edge over its market rivals. 

The Voice Search 

The voice search is a trend today; it is not limited to smartphones having voice-enabled Google search feature as they are devices such as the Alexa Google’s Voice Assistant those work on smart assistant functionality Not just the tech giants who are putting their weight behind this technology, the tech-savvy people too are adapting the voice-search as the next level of comfort in their lives. With voice commands gaining popularity, the Search Engine Optimization keywords research will also have to be tweaked a bit. The voice queries are slightly informal, simply a lot causal. So, a keyword researcher is required to use his human side when finding all the appropriate keywords for a website. 

As a piece of advice, do you know Google draws 99% of the results from the featured snippet? Taking from this, one needs to focus more on the content part to get recognized by Google. 

Omnichannel Marketing

Organizations must employ omni-channel marketing methods and strategies in order to meet customers where they are. Consumers expect more personalized communication with companies through the various channels and devices they use, and companies that do not keep up with the shift are losing ground to their competitors that do.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a trend no more, instead, a serious technology that has all the credentials to change the way people surf the Internet.  With Artificial Intelligence finding its worth in just about every industry and that time is no far when AI will as prevalent as the smartphones. The Artificial Intelligence will do a world of good to the Internet marketing landscape in many ways, right from by predicting the behaviour of customers, cutting down on the loading time with the use of Accelerated Mobile Pages, and most importantly to deliver a personified experience to the Internet users. 

So, in a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence is one technology that will help marketers unlock endless possibilities.


The Chatbots are nowadays present just about everywhere, be it an eCommerce web portal or the smartphone Apps, they act as a bridge between the business & its potential clients. The Chatbots answers a range of fundamental questionnaire to help the users with any difficulty browsing the website or any task they want to accomplish there. 

The advanced, enterprise-grade Chatbots nowadays are acting as virtual assistants for businesses across the globe. 

Video Marketing 

Videos on YouTube are not merely just for entertainment, they mean business, that’s why companies are putting in great efforts to market their company videos. Did you know by the year 2020, 85% of the Internet traffic will be steered by the Videos, in this United States?

 The best thing about video marketing, anyone, even a young startup can harness the power of video promotion just with a few basic tools, your videos only have to look professional, not like something produced by the Hollywood directors. The video content must be entertaining, informative & story-driven curated by a reliable digital marketing agency NYC.

To Sum Up

Whether your sales falling by the wayside or in pursuit of expanding your business horizon, as a business you just can’t afford to take things for granted, adapt newer technologies & trends to explore greater capabilities for marketing. For strategic Internet marketing solutions always reach out for a trustworthy Digital Agency now and be one step ahead of your market rivals. 

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