3 Ways Microsoft 365 Can Transform Your Digital Marketing Campaign

3 Ways Microsoft 365 Can Transform Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Microsoft 365 is starting to get recognition as a powerful digital asset. Companies get help with value-added services. Such includes consulting support and implementation of different business processes. 

What makes the platform so attractive is it is ideal for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, individual, or professional. There is content available for all levels.

You can find excellent deals on Microsoft Office 365 packages. You get some fantastic software that will make your work so much easier. Creating slideshows is easy. You can also do basic accounting such as tracking income and expenses. Further, the packages come with technical support and extra online storage.

The range of functionalities also extends to digital marketing. Companies get access to different tools and options. Proper implementation of such can lead to greater visibility on online platforms. 

Let us look at how Microsoft 365 can transform digital marketing campaigns. 

  1. Take Advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for customer engagement. The business can build more meaningful relationships resulting in higher conversions. Companies can automate the marketing processes, which results in higher productivity and efficiency.

Dynamics 365 also allows for easy collaboration amongst the team members. The marketing team can:-

  • Have real-time engagement with customers
  • Target customers based on interactions on various platforms. Such include mobile, social media, email, and in-person
  • Create customer loyalty with campaigns that directly target them
  • Personalized customer interaction through the use of AI

All the benefits above will result in lead generation. They can then qualify leads with the automated scoring system. It uses different metrics to determine scores. Such include engagement with email, events, or website visits. 

The digital marketing team can then pass the leads to the sales team for further engagement. Further, you can sync your LinkedIn Lead generation forms to Dynamics 365. It makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to access the leads. 

But that’s not all Dynamics 365 has to offer digital marketers. Here are other benefits you can get. 

  • Create multichannel campaigns on different platforms. Such include email, webinars, LinkedIn, chat, and SMS. You get templates and tools that you can use to design professional-looking communication.
  • Manage events by centralizing all your information in one place. It allows for easy collaboration and coordination amongst team members. You also get access to features that can make event planning and management easier. The tools help with budgeting, promotions, and registration. 
  • You also get access to analytics that will allow you to measure ROI.
  • Take advantage of the email marketing templates to create powerful, engaging messages.
  • Use the content designer to create powerful website pages.

Dynamic 365 has a lot to offer digital marketers. Best of all, you have 30 days of free access to try out their application. There is no downloading of software, neither do you need to part with any payment information. 

  1. Explore Tons of Possibilities Offered by the Partnership Between Dynamics and Adobe 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 entered a partnership with Adobe marketing cloud in 2017. As standalones, both offer excellent solutions for digital marketers. 

And now combining the two brings out higher levels of innovation. It becomes a win for users who get access to a broad range of integrated solutions. 

We have already highlighted the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 above. Adobe digital marketing suite allows for automation of marketing processes. A company can manage complex campaigns on the web, mobile, and even social media platforms. 

The partnership allows for the integration of systems that support sales, marketing, and service. It allows for a more cohesive view of customers resulting in greater personalization. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are critical components of the process. 

The use of data is central in creating customer profiles. The marketers use the profile for better targeting of campaigns and messaging. The sales and marketing teams can also share data in real-time. It increases efficiency in the workflow processes. 

  1. Scale Your Campaigns by Joining the Microsoft Partner Networks 

Microsoft Partner Network provides resources that can help digital marketers. You get access to programs and content that can result in more visibility for your company. The result is greater demand for your services and a chance to scale. 

Some of the resources that can benefit digital marketers include:- 

  • Digital marketing content onDemand that works like a personal virtual assistant. You get access to digital marketing campaigns that you can customize as you wish. The company releases new free campaigns every week. 
  • Learning never stops for digital marketers. The modern customer is more demanding, and it helps to keep up. Smart partner marketing Sales on-demand avails such training resources. It has content for beginners and advanced-level users. You learn things like market differentiation and marketing with a purpose. It also helps in creating a unique proposition. All these will make you stand above the competition.
  • Do you struggle to come up with emails, pitches, and other marketing campaign material? Struggle no more; you have customizable material in the Partner marketing center. 

There is a lot more available in the Microsoft partner network. You will need to enroll on their website and register. You do not pay anything to become a network member. But, you may have to sign up for the subscription plan if you want to enjoy extra benefits.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Office 365 has a lot to offer the modern digital marketer. Its most powerful tool is the Dynamics 365. It allows you to run your entire marketing processes from one platform. You can run multichannel campaigns, lead nurturing, event management, and so much more. The CRM-based platform allows for better collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

It helps improve efficiency in the workflow. Customer targeting and interaction are also more personalized. The result is a happy, loyal, buying customer.

Marketers can also take advantage of the Microsoft partner networks. You have access to tons of resources that you can use for your digital marketing. Companies need to save time and money. 

Think about it this way, why reinvent the wheel when it already exists. What you can do instead is to improve upon it. You can, for example, save yourself a lot of headaches by using the templates available on the platform.