3 Do’s and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

The power of direct mail marketing can be understood by the fact that 28% of the recipients show positive interest and convert into leads, as compared to those who don’t receive such mailers. 

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Source: https://bit.ly/2XSiqcY 

However, a majority of entrepreneurs consider it an outdated marketing technique, but at the same time, business owners under 35 years still use mails above other marketing strategies. 

And, in case you are thinking to join this league, here are the most essential do’s and don’ts to consider: 

The Do’s

40/40/20 Rule 

The 40/40/20 rule says segregate the different elements of priorities for a spectacular direct mail campaign. Herein, the first 40% refers to how relevant is your mailing list, another 40% is about how exciting your offer is, and the remaining 20% speaks about the advertisement design or execution. 


Advertisements have to be quick and frequent. So, try not to spend much time on the design part. Just make sure you are adding value to the ad for your target audience. 

Target Problems 

When you relate with your target audiences’ issues, the chances of expecting positive revert increases automatically. So, try working on the pain points. 

Use Right Call to Action 

It may interest you to know that emails with a single CTA increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617% (on an average). And according to Hubspot, around 47% to 93% of leads come through an impactful CTA. 

Try not to go with ordinary ‘call now,’ ‘contact now’ CTAs. Come up with something relevant to your services or products to make it more compelling for the viewers to read and respond. 

Analyze the Market 

Detailed research over your target audience proves beneficial to plan an accurate marketing strategy that actually shows positive results. This research may include- target audience behavior, interests, past purchases are done, search history, and much more. 

It not just expands your vision for marketing but somewhere gives you ample advertising ideas to experiment with. 

The Don’ts 

Follow-Ups are Unnecessary

Break the misconception that sending programmatic direct mails means you are done with your job. The process does not end here. You need to follow up on the targeted prospects to get feedback or a reaction to your previously sent mailers. 

The best kind of follow-ups may include- adding random prospects to a VIP list and while you do this, make sure to send a pleasant ‘thank you’ note to each one on your mailing list.  

Forgot to Perform Quality Control/Check 

Even a minor flaw in the formatting, design, or typo will make your direct mails end up in the trash. To avoid such circumstances, make sure to pass the marketing mail through rigid quality check processes. Before you hop on to your target audience for their feedback, request genuine feedback from your staff or team to prevent later embarrassment.  

Never Made Attempts to Get Online Traffic 

However, the concept we are discussing revolves around digital marketing mailers but to make the advertising campaign effective, it is essential to drive relevant traffic to your website. 

Why? Because the mailer may work as a representative of the business for a while, but in the end, it is your website where you want your prospect to land and converts into leads. 

Hire experienced website designers and developers to create user-friendly, responsive and engaging websites for businesses. 

Apart from keeping a check on your website (either for traffic or required design and content changes), maintaining your corporate social media accounts is another necessity. 

Hopefully, these parameters are going to help you frame a targeted direct mail campaign for your business. We request you to implement these measures and don’t forget to share the results with us. 


Direct response marketing is expanding its wings rapidly as it is getting more and more positive results. Right from the mail drafting techniques to the approach methodologies, everything has changed and improved to a great extent. 

So far, the most successful direct mail marketing companies are following the aforementioned parameters to bring maximum results effortlessly. Be it the 40/40/20 Rule or right CTA formation strategy; this marketing method is fruitful only when you can understand your target audience.

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