12 Tips For Creating An Effective Whiteboard Animation Video

12 Tips For Creating An Effective Whiteboard Animation Video

Among several motion graphic styles, whiteboard animated videos have a legacy in engaging the viewers. Whiteboard videos ensure to deliver information and grab more attention from the viewers. 

This video style is mainly preferred to sell the products or explain the process to increase the viewer’s knowledge about the products or organization. Whiteboard videos usually opt for fulfilling specific objectives.

Did you know that 23% of people agreed that video content helps them to recall the information more than the content users read or hear? It is one of the most popular styles of Animated Explainer videos because it ensures customer retention and attention.

This article will describe 12 tips to create an efficient whiteboard video and help you to achieve your goals and objectives. 

The Intent should be Clear.

Having specific intent at the beginning of the work ensures effectiveness till the end of the project. Clear goals and objectives lead them to move in the right direction. So keep in mind the intent and purpose behind the whiteboard video creation.

Clear intent leads you to move in the right direction. Without an intent the efforts are can not be direct in a way to get better results. 

Tell an Amusing Story

Always ensure to deliver the content in the way of storytelling. Storytelling ensures user engagement and entertainment both at a time. An amusing story engages the user and enables the organization to deliver the information that fulfills the objectives. The storytelling helps in increasing the watching time of your videos.

Did you know?

A whiteboard video is efficient to build your brand, connect the organization to the potential audience, reflect the enhancement in customer engagement, and improving the sales and profitability of the organization.

Use Interesting Characters

Characters are the key factors that ensure user engagement. The use of dull and less encouraging characters indicates higher customer distraction because the lack of entertainment creates complexities in understanding the core messages of the videos. Interesting characters increase watch time and user entertainment as well.

The voiceover should be Clear.

Voiceover is also an essential part of the videos because the voiceover leads the users to convey the messages. Clear voiceover helps to create knowledge of the products, and a level of fluency ensures customer engagement. The proper match of video and audio content increases the video’s effectiveness. 

Always use a drawing Hand.

Drawing hand works to guide the viewers while watching a video. It directs from the start to the end. Otherwise, viewers are unable to relate to the story and characters. Drawing hand ensures connecting the viewers in an orderly linking the videos from one phase to another.

Did you know?

As per Pop Video, the human brain processed visual content 60,000 times faster than audio or text content only.

Stick to the Traditional Approach

The traditional approach connects the users better than the video includes a mixture of traditional and modern. The simplicity of the traditional approach attracts customers more than any kind of change. Users do not accept the change in whiteboard videos because the change impacts the video’s attractiveness.

Do not use many characters.

The organizations use the minimum number of characters to depict their story because more characters in the video can create complexities in watching and understanding the videos. Complexities in the videos can distract the viewers and impact the results of using the videos. 

Make the Viewers Curious

The effectiveness of the content impacts the way of presenting a story using whiteboard animation. Storytelling makes the users curious to know the end of the video and helps them to remember the products or story.

Did you know

Video content on social media is 12 times more effective than any other kind of content. The engagement rate using the videos is higher than the engagement rate using text and images.

Use colours but not much.

The organizations can use the colours in their whiteboard videos. The use of suitable colours increases the effectiveness of the videos. Although the colours are effective at a certain limit, on the other hand, the excessive use of colours impacts the attractiveness of the videos. 

The Video should be Conclusive.

Conclusive means delivering specific messages while watching the videos which are easy to understand by the viewers. The viewers can get the message of the organization after watching the videos. The conclusiveness of the videos is more effective and reduces the chances of complexities in understanding. 

Educate your Viewers

The purpose of the whiteboard videos is to educate the viewers whether about the product or process. Educating the customers helps the organization promote the brand. The knowledge of products or services helps the users to make decisions to buy the products.

Interesting Facts

Educational videos are more trusted by viewers as compared to blogs. The response rate on the videos educating or explaining products or processes generates more trust and easily influence the viewers. 

Give Emotional Touch

The organization has to provide information that the viewers can relate to their needs. Emotional touch influences the users and engages them with the organization. The emotional connection helps in building the reputation of the brands. It ensures proper communication between the users and the organization. 

Whiteboard videos consider a necessary tool for promoting a brand to ensure the betterment of the organization. Whiteboard video Company ensures establish proper communication between the brand and potential customers. Ensure the proper connection with the target audience, which help in developing relationship for improving brand value. 

What experts say:

The results using the video content are exceptional because it not only grabs the attention of the people but also converts them into the customers of the organization. Any organization can improve its marketing practices using videos and ensure future growth. 

These are the factors that help the organization create an effective whiteboard video and ensure the growth of the organization. Effective whiteboard videos ensure a better outcome by grabbing the attention of the customers. These are the components that ensure the effectiveness of the whiteboard videos. 

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