10 Indispensable Tools for Content Marketing

Content marketing is now the way forward for any company or brand that wants to grow. It is a great opportunity and a risk if the right tools are not used to achieve the set goals. That is why we have decided to save you time and money by providing you with a list of the ten best tools divided by area. We recommend these tools to you because, of course, we have tested and used them. 

Content marketing: the list of 10 “must-have” tools

The content marketing within it is divided into different areas. It starts with visual marketing, passing through activities related to the management of data, and newsletters, finally arriving at social networks and monitoring results.

Visual & digital marketing

But let’s start with the sector that brings remarkable results given its explosion on a global level in this particular historical moment. We are talking about visuals, which are experiencing a real golden age thanks to Instagram. 

Here is Fotojet, a tool that allows you to edit photos, add filters, and other customized effects to get photos perfectly edited and in line with the brand strategy. 

Canva is another tool that every digital marketer should know as it allows you to use numerous photographic filters, edit texts, design graphic from scratch to use on social networks. 

As far as videos and presentation recording are concerned, RecordCast is very useful, capable of inserting musical effects and text portions within these contents.

Management & transfer of data

MultCloud is a web-based cloud manager that allows you to transfer data through the cloud or online storage services (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, Mega, etc.) and access all files online with a single login. You can find more details on how the tool works here.

Social media

Influencers now find more and more space within digital marketing strategies. Traackr is the ideal platform to find them and make careful profiling of their interactions on social media. 

For the daily management of the various social media accounts, an excellent tool is AgoraPulse, which allows you to plan posts, monitor insights, and create engagement.

Create the Newsletter

The first important tool for creating lists is OptinMonster, used by many bloggers, which, thanks to its ease of use, allows you to create forms in order to increase conversions. 

Mailchimp is a cool emailing list manager, which offering a whole panoply of Email Marketing tools and easy handling! But that’s not all, since it offers marketing automation tools, landing page creation, Facebook Ads campaign management, and many other features.


Every digital marketing activity involves results, whether positive or negative. Google Analytics is the audience measurement tool on the Internet. It is a professional tool that allows, among other things, to quantify the number of visits to a web page but also to determine where the user comes from and on what link he has clicked. 

Finally, Google Search Console is another go-to tool for website developers and managers. It allows you to check the indexing of your site on Google and to analyze the Google searches that brought visitors to your website.

With the right tools to help you, your content marketing can start thriving faster than ever while also allowing you to be more productive with your time. You can leverage these tools for each step of the content marketing process to increase results, save time, and grow your business.