10 Best Wix Influencer Networks

10 Best Wix Influencer Networks

Wix is an excellent tool for building websites and blogs. It’s also perfect for promoting your work to an audience of millions- if you have the know-how. Influencer networks are a way to find influencers who will share your content with their social media followers, resulting in more exposure and traffic. This works whether you are a personal trainer growing a fitness business or an entertainer getting started. Here is the best Wix influencer network list so that you can get started with building your website!

1. OSI Affiliate Software

You can now target a highly engaged and niche audience through the Wix Influencer Network – with all influencers across North America.

OSI Affiliate Software offers the ability to create affiliate networks for your products while earning money from referrals. Individuals who join as affiliates and subsequently promote your products earn a commission on sales made through their site.

At the heart of OSI, the affiliate software helps marketers and publishers engage with their trade to increase conversions. The software ensures that advertisers know which active affiliates are reaching out to potential customers based on their regions or circles of interest. So instead of spamming prospects with email marketing and social media solicitations, they help their clients focus their energy on messages for candidates who want what they offer.

They have closed deals with more than 1 million influencers who use our platform to monetize their online content.

OSI has a global reach with offices in nearly five countries and staff fluent in 15 languages. 

2. AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

Affiliate Marketing Pro is an influencer marketing tool that helps online marketers find and build relationships with influencers in a very organized manner.

The process starts by defining the marketing goals, identifying key audiences, and finding relevant influencers to build relationships. This info is compiled on the platform’s dashboard so that as new ones are found, they can be added to a project, either immediately or when more information becomes available. 

Content creation might need some planning to promote the Drum Set Lab product to followers while also building a relationship with them over time through a series of posts about their interests. Luckily for you, there are already preset templates based on what content has been popular with other similar ideas recently to help you through this process.

3. MuseFind

MuseFind is a tool that enables Influencer Marketing by companies to find, connect with and work with qualified YouTube influencers. MuseFind is trusted as the fastest way to search through hundreds of thousands of Video Bloggers on YouTube.

MuseFind helps businesses looking for influencers in their niche locate the right ones and then do contract negotiations, coordination, video production assistance, or any other task needed for producing high-quality onboarding videos that generate increased customer engagement rates and boost conversion rates significantly. The product has been used across all industries, including beauty, food/beverage, technology/gadgets, etc. 

4. LeadDyno

LeadDyno creates a welcoming environment for creatives, startups, freelancers, and intrapreneurs worldwide. They’re dedicated to helping people like you get things done.

They are an engaged group of passionate individuals with diverse talents who want to make the world a friendlier place through our contributions by building creative opportunities for everyone to share. They would love to meet you and help start your work journey on the right foot at the LeadDyno.   

5. Savyour Affiliate Partner

Savyour Affiliate Partner is a network of Wix influencers that helps Wix website owners create and promote their websites. We’re designed to provide critical takeaways through our blog, email marketing, webinars, and virtual events. Unlock the power of digital marketing with savings from Skooker or apply for free.

Savyour Affiliate Partner provides extensive web development services that cover the spectrum and enhance sites dynamically based on users’ needs. They provide an array of Web Development Services so customers can make repairs to their location while using them as a backup service for the future bug problems they still have time to fix before downtime starts to cost them money!

6. Everflow

Everflow is a marketing platform that helps brands discover and work with influencers in their niche.

Everflow has an analytics dashboard, making it easy to see which networks have been the most successful. Brands can search influencer profiles according to specific criteria like follower count, engagement rates, geographical location, or genre of interest and designate certain kinds of content as “sensitive” for use in campaigns by minors.

The company’s services are free of charge for both users and brands, but premium options are available at an additional cost for more extensive campaign designs and personalized service. 

7. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is the best of the Wix builder’s networks. A top influencer network for entrepreneurs, marketers, and startups to promote themselves, their services/products, and make referrals.

The ReferralCandy Network contains relevant profile pages of talented professionals in various fields such as Marketing gurus, Influencers, Entrepreneurs & Startup experts, etc., who are looking for opportunities. They are all prime targets for your campaign from a marketing perspective because there is trust in referrals from colleagues.

Therefore being active on this robust network will enable you to find your perfect collaborators.

8. Ambassify

Ambassify is a Wix Influencer Network for business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who need help with their marketing. Ambassify is a top-tier platform designed to connect qualified customers with high-quality telemarketers that are experts in B2B lead generation. 

With Ambassify, managing your back office will be more accessible than ever before as we can send leads electronically or via phone call to agents on your behalf. This makes it easy to train new staff members because agents can listen in on conversations and take over when they hear the customer talking about how they want their product – whether it be homes or airlines.

9. Hivefiliate

Influencer marketing is a deliberate strategy to get influential people to endorse your Hunting Bow Lab product or service. Influencers can be bloggers, micro-influencers (people with 10-100 followers), macro-influencers (people with 100K – 1M followers), or mega influencers (BTS, yes, they’re an upcoming example).

Hivefiliate was created as a solution for the chaos that ensued by uncoordinated investments into marketable influencers. Hivefiliate manages and coordinates these relationships to produce long-term sustainable returns on investment. In conjunction with this field of technological expertise, HiveFicate operates through two important philosophies; commitment and support. 

10. Advocately

Advocately is a free marketing tool for social media influencers. In other words, it’s the perfect way for brands to find exciting and relevant opportunities in an influencer’s social channels.

Head to Advocately, enter your email address, and pick the name of an account on which you are interested in receiving updates about your chosen topic of interest. Next, click “search,” as well as at least three hashtags related to that topic. 

After that, you can look through the opportunities you’ve selected by reading short descriptions submitted by agencies or experts in digital marketing about each option. The goal here is to find a fantastic project with innovative ideas tailored towards your specific market demographics with deep analytics, not just appearances.


Do you want to know which Wix influencer networks are the best? I’ve compiled a list of my favorite networks that will help take your marketing strategy from good to great. Comment below and let me know what you think!


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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