Why your business plan must address the digital marketing strategy

Why your business plan must address the digital marketing strategy

A professional business plan is intended to structure thoughts, layout assumptions, and clarify the revenue streams and costs involved. The customer acquisition strategy and its inherent costs must be articulated with lots of granularity. However, a lot of the poorly-written plans we receive from clients completely dismiss this essential aspect of the process. An experienced team of business plan writers can help you build a thorough digital marketing strategy, fully integrated into the broader business plan.

When a business plan introduces the proposed revenue model, it is addressing exactly what the company’s monetization process looks like. Details of the product and/or service, along with its features, attributes, and price points, will be explored in great detail. This section speaks to the customer consumption phase. Many business plans forget to elaborate on the customer acquisition phase, an equally important aspect of any professional business plan. 

As part of the formal business plan writing process, a robust digital marketing strategy will speak to the mechanisms and vehicles the company will use to actually acquire customers. Very few, if any, businesses attract customers with little effort or zero market expenditure. Rather, detailed explanations should be provided to discuss the composition of the company’s website, its keyword optimization strategy, social media outreach plans, backlinking efforts to boost domain authority, and details of any pay-per-click advertising campaign. Further, search engine optimization strategies and topics will be covered, including technical on-page, schema markup, core web vitals compliance, usability, site speed, bounce rate, etc. 

While not an exhaustive list, the topics above begin to address some of the ways a new business can start reaching prospects. Whether done via social media posting, organic search engine rankings, or a PPC campaign, companies that give thought to these critical, and often expensive, aspects of the business development process tend to outperform the competition. In short, a new business should know whether it expects to be on page one of search engines; if so, there is substantial SEO work to be done; if not, then a well designed PPC program and tons of social media effort will have to be put forth. 

Writing a business plan is such an important part of the process for any new business. Equipped with the proper tools, resources, and insights, a business owner can leverage the document to make informed decisions. Working with experienced business plan writers is a considerable investment but is an optimal method for minimizing wasted time and costs. 

Kyle Proctor
Founder & CEO