Why You Should Add Translation in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Add Translation in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Can a company do without adding the translation to their digital marketing strategy? The short answer is yes, but you don’t have to. The question arises: why do we need such a digital strategy? Why should you spend time developing it? The peculiarity of any digital strategy is that it is not just a beautiful document that can be effectively presented to the management. Adding a translation and using it regularly in practice provides the following business benefits:

Reputation management

Today, reputation must be managed and protected. By adding the translation to your digital marketing strategy, it’s much easier to keep track of what’s being written about you online and it’s easier for you to respond to feedback on behalf of the company: Thank customers for the positive feedback; to negative ones – to respond as carefully and delicately as possible, trying to restore the client’s loyalty. Thus, feedback is promptly provided: you answer all the questions that potential customers have on the website, on social networks, or by mail. Otherwise, the potential client will find another company that follows this strategy.

Increasing the level of trust

Adding translation to your digital marketing strategy allows you to befriend and get to know your audience. Thanks to cooperation with a professional translation company, which can guarantee the correctness of the translation of the material, we can determine the interests and needs of the target audience. In addition, find out where and when consumers spend their time, what resources they visit, what information they are looking for, and what content they are interested in. Help them solve their pressing problems. Use various channels for delivering useful content and convenient forms for presenting the information. Such a strategy creates an idea of ​​professionalism and inspires confidence.

Get long-term results

Targeting and context drive traffic and leads only as long as the translation is added to them. If the translation is stopped, then the flow of consumers will drop sharply. As a rule, even previously published articles bring views. With a competent approach to publications with translations, you can increase SEO traffic to the site, improve its indexing and increase its position in search results. That is why companies translate articles as a booster – regular publications can improve the indexing of the site.

Close more online sales

Thanks to the translation, it is very clear to the potential client what you offer. The visitor read the information about your company or product, and then he has clear instructions on the following active actions: call/write to you or order a product or service. You won’t need any prevarication. But it’s not enough to just introduce translation into your strategy. It must be appropriate. A potential client needs to see a solution to their problem. Also, a digital strategy without translation is not able to directly interact with international customers, while a well-structured translation allows advertisers and marketers to communicate with customers in real-time. It is a powerful mechanism for attracting new customers.

Reach New Markets

Entering a new market without translation is like a journey. You can go to it at random, buy the first ticket that comes across, and look for an overnight stay on the spot. At the same time, there is a risk of getting lost, renting bad accommodation, and getting a negative impression from the trip. It is much safer to read about the country and book tickets and hotels in advance. By adding a translation, you can start a business in another region or country. To bring an application to a new market, it must be localized. This is not just a translation, but also an adaptation of the text and interface to local features. Thus, your business expands its presence by entering new regions and refining the product following the norms and mentality of customers.

Perhaps for the first time in the practice of digital marketing, translation made companies think of promotion in the market as an integrated system. Such a strategy, in the aggregate of the solutions used, pushes the client and gradually leads him to purchase. For the online impact on customers to bring results, it is necessary to develop a good digital strategy for the company with the addition of translation.