Why is UI/UX design important for mobile App?

Why is UI/UX design important for mobile Apps?

Most people access digital content through desktops or mobile phones. There can hardly be any doubt that both dominate the digital solutions with a high number of regular users. While the desktop is mostly recommended to allow quick access to web pages, mobile devices are particularly known for superior User Experience(UX).

For the past several years mobile apps have become the carrier of advanced technologies to make life easier. Mobile technologies are gaining global popularity. People’s expectations to achieve more while spending little effort and time are increasing. This makes the importance of UI/UX design for mobile apps even more crucial.

Mobile apps and their personalised and sophisticated user experience are the main reasons for most people to choose mobile over desktop. The number of apps across the platforms has already crossed 7 million and we have apps for almost everything in life. No wonder that the desktop has swiftly become the secondary interface for the vast majority of digital audiences. Most people find mobile apps useful because of their ease of use and capability to get things completed quickly.

In our era of extreme digitization, every mobile app has to go through strong competition just to stay relevant in the market. This is why it’s important for your app to offer a visually appealing and pleasant design as well as an easy user experience. Only a sophisticated user experience can have a great impact on the customers and app users.

App UI/UX design boosts user engagement and so plays a crucial role in the success of any mobile app. Before you try to figure out how to design an app for a great user experience, it is important to understand the key role it plays in in-app projects. Here we are going to explain what UI/UX design is and how they play a key role in the app’s success.

What is User Interface (UI)?

The user interface or UI refers to the immediate connecting point allowing users to interact with a mobile app. A user interface comes loaded with all the visual and interactive elements such as scrolling gestures, controls, buttons, content layout and blocks, etc.

The principal objective of the user interface is to allow easy, smooth, pleasant, and effective user interaction with the app. The UI development process involves adhering to design principles, creating corporate identity through logo design, choosing appropriate colour schemes and fonts, etc.

What is user experience (UX)?

The user experience or UX covers a broader area of design and focuses on delivering a satisfactory experience for the user by ensuring ease of use and the creation of value for the users. The UX design actually looks after the way an app works and meets user requirements.

Significance of UI/UX design for mobile apps 

Suppose you are an app developer or publisher, you need to have a comprehensive idea of the important role played by the UI/UX design for an app. One can always create an app with awesome features and functionalities but if it fails to deliver on the design part, it can lose its chances to be successful. This is why it is a must to ensure the right balance between the features and functionalities and the UI/UX design of the app.

Let’s now explain some of the key important areas to understand the significance of UI/UX design in the context of app development.

Attracting users visually 

As soon as users open an app, there are only a few seconds you have to create an impression that either keeps them engaged or drives them away. The users will only take a call to continue if the app is visually compelling. The second crucial factor is engagement. When users find the app instantly engaging, they are likely to navigate further, or otherwise, they will leave.

Enhancing business return 

If your app comes with an impressive look and feels and if it offers your customers engaging content and smooth navigation, the customers are more likely to feel content and happy. There can be no doubt that this pleasant experience will lead to increased business conversion. Moreover, a customer pleased with the app user experience will also recommend the app to many others.

Saves time and cost

When you offer a quality UI/UX design in the first app version itself, there are fewer chances for the users to complain about the app design and any other issue. The flawless app design thus requires fewer updates and enhancements. This in the long run helps the app publishers to save considerable development time and cost.

Easily getting featured in the Stores

Irrespective of how unique a concept an app offers, what matters most is the number of users who like it. A sophisticated and engaging UI/UX design always comes with higher ratings and better reviews from satisfied users. This helps push the app higher in the ranking of Google Play or App Store. On the other hand, getting featured on the top ranks will help your app gain more downloads and traction from the users.

Brand promotion through UI/UX design 

A great UI/UX design also helps your brand gain more visibility and user engagement. The UI/UX design elements showcasing the brand-specific attributes in an attractive and visually engaging manner ensure better branding. On top of that, a satisfactory user experience helps create a positive impact on the users and shows the brand in a good light.


UI/UX design comes as an important aspect of mobile app development. To ensure the success of an app, the app project has to deliver a visually appealing user interface and engaging user experience. A flawless UI/UX design makes the ultimate chemistry for the success of an app.