Why Hiring Full-Stack Developers Proves to Be Beneficial for Startups?

As a startup owner, you often find yourself in a conundrum regarding the kind of developers that you need to hire. There are front-end developers, back-end developers, and then full-stack developers.

While, in some cases, it might prove to be a good idea to go for front-end or back-end developers, the startups should always prefer to hire full-stack developers. Why? We have discussed a few reasons why as a startup owner, you should prefer full-stack developers over others.

What are Full Stack Developers?

The front-end in web or app development refers to the user side of the application. This is the part of the application that the user sees and interacts with. The front-end developers are the ones that are responsible for developing this part. The back-end of the application is concerned with the server-side of the application. This is the part of the application that works under the hood to deliver the necessary information to the users.

A full-stack developer is one who can code both the back-end or server-side and front-end or client-side of a web and mobile application. This way, instead of hiring two separate front-end and back-end developers, you can hire a single dedicated full-stack developer.

Why should Startups Hire Full Stack Developers?

Full-stack developers can prove to be beneficial for a startup. We have mentioned below a few reasons why entrepreneurs should prefer full-stack developers over other kinds of developers.

T-shaped Professionals

T-shaped professionals are the kind of people that are experts in one area, and this expertise refers to the vertical bar of the T. The horizontal bar of the T showcases the ability of these experts to work with experts in other areas.

A skilled full-stack developer can be an expert in the front-end or back-end and can collaborate with other developers to finish a project as the full-stack developer also has knowledge of the other area.

The t-shaped professionals can prove to be great team leaders as they have experience of working with multiple technologies. This experience lends the talented full-stack developers an upper hand in dealing with almost any kind of issue that crops up during the development phase of an application.

Limit the Team Size

Unlike an established business, a startup needs to think about every penny that it spends. A startup does not have the luxury of spending lavishly on hiring a lot of staff. Most startups have to do with a limited number of employees.

By choosing to hire full stack developers, the startups will be able to limit their team size. This is because an experienced full-stack developer can replace a front-end and a back-end developer. Hence you can hire one full-stack developer instead of two developers.

As a startup, the fewer people you have, the better it is for decision making, and it also helps you to put a lid on the hiring cost.

Speed up the Process

The full stack developers have knowledge of almost all technologies, tools, and techniques required to finish a project. Here are a few traits of an expert full-stack developer.

  • Has good knowledge of front-end development
  • Has a good grasp on back-end development
  • Has expertise in database management
  • Can deploy the project on the server
  • Can get approval from the app marketplaces
  • Can easily deal with marketing tasks effectively

The experienced full-stack developers can easily handle the development and project management part, even for large-scale projects. With dedicated full-stack engineers, your front-end developers need not wait for the back-end ones and vice versa.

Project execution becomes smooth as instead of different teams of front-end and back-end developers, a single team of full-stack developers is working in this case.

Full-Stack Developers Prove to be Economical and Versatile

Top full-stack engineers can manage the front-end, the back-end, database, and marketing-related tasks single-handedly. By hiring dedicated full-stack developers, you as a startup enterprise can eliminate the need for niche experts and save costs of hiring a big team.

Startups need versatile developers, and full-stack developers can fulfill this need as these developers have the ability to handle a wide range of development frameworks and technologies.

As they are proficient in both front-end as well as back-end development technologies, the full-stack developers can look at the project from a broad perspective. This ability to look at the big picture helps the full-stack experts provide invaluable insights into the development and optimization of the project.

As the full-stack coders work on both the back-end and front-end, they can identify the issues earlier and recommend effective solutions for resolving these issues.

Full Stack Developers Can Prove to Be Great Leaders

Every startup requires good leaders to progress. Your full stack developers can easily fill in the leadership positions like team leaders and project managers.

This is because a full stack developer will have the experience of working with the front-end, the back-end and all the architecture that connects the front-end and the back-end.

While other developers only get a chance to learn one part of the application’s architecture, a full stack developer not only learns the entire architecture, but also understands how all things fit together. An experienced full stack developer will have a wide range of experience of working on different projects.

As a startup you will need to take up new projects in diverse industries and hire new developers resulting in formation of new technology teams. Having a full stack developer in a leadership position will help you smoothen the process of development as the developer will have all the necessary skills required to take your startup ahead.

Full-Stack Developers will Grow with the Startup

Every technology startup’s dream is to have dedicated and growth-oriented employees at the initial stage of their startup journey. Offshore full-stack developers can easily understand your vision as they look from the perspective of the front-end as well as the back-end developers.

The full-stack developers can also act as team leaders who can guide new developers. The experienced full stack developers can act as an inspiration for the freshers who join the startup.

A full-stack programmer can understand the technical requirements of the client and communicate the same to the development team. It is not easy to be well versed in front-end and back-end technologies.

It takes a growth-oriented mindset, and that’s precisely what a startup needs, especially at the initial stage. Hence it is better to hire full-stack developers as they will grow their careers with the startup and will contribute meaningfully to the growth of the startup.

Hire Full Stack Developers to Succeed as a Startup

Best Full-stack developers pave the way for startups to get efficient development solutions at a lower cost. They help the startups to build highly effective solutions that are at par with established firms.

Whether you choose to go for in-house developers or remote developers, full-stack developers are the way to go for you as a startup. If you think hiring full-stack developers will be costly, then try offshore full-stack developers.

If you want to hire efficient full-stack developers, then get in touch with a top company that has a team of full-stack developers.

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