Understanding AbMob Account Suspension Due to Invalid Traffic

Understanding AbMob Account Suspension Due to Invalid Traffic

These days, everyone knows that Google is becoming the best source to earn money online. Its algorithms and different features provide enormous opportunities through which you can be a master of online business. To make your online business successful, you don’t need to look for anything else but Google features.

In this article, we will discuss one such Google feature. It is known as AdMob and the various reasons for AdMob account suspension. Let us discuss everything from scratch here.

What Are AdMob Accounts?

Advertising on Mobile (AdMob) is a platform that runs targeted ads on your app content. It is the best way to earn money through your apps. AdMob runs the ads that are suitable for your audience. These ads are run on the platform by understanding the algorithms and the niche of your app.

AdMob provides you with the best features and world-class technology all in one place. You don’t have to rely on lots of different tools to get the best for yourself.

With the help of AdMob, you can easily integrate  ad units, run house ads for cross-promoting, and run direct deals for clients through the same feature. 

You don’t need to choose what ads to run on your platform as the algorithms of google AdMob select the best for you and your audience.

Moreover, if you don’t want some ads to show on the platform you can easily do it by blocking various advertisers.

Common Reasons for AdMob Account Suspension

We have discussed all the features of AdMob Google in the above section. Having an AdMob account is the best way to monetize your app yourself, but you need to take some precautions while using this platform and make sure you adhere to its policies and compliances.

In this section, we will discuss the three reasons why the AdMob account could be suspended.

  1. Invalid traffic or activity

Any activity that is illegal for the AdMob account to gain more traffic and clicks on ads is considered invalid. It is an unethical way of getting more clicks on ads by any non-human means or fraud. AdMob algorithms can easily detect invalid traffic and fraud activities.

You need to ensure that the traffic your app is receiving is 100% authentic or else the AdMob account gets suspended. The ways through which people generate invalid traffic for their apps are bots, clicking their ads, repeated clicks, automated tools for clicks, paying for the clicks, click baits, etc.

The account, once suspended, won’t be active for 30 days. It means that the account won’t play any ads for at least 30 days.

At the given time, you need to search for the invalid source and force stop it asap. Although the account will start the ads only after the suspension period is over, i.e., 30 days.

  1. The Policy Violation of The AdMob Account

A policy violation is another reason that can lead you to the suspension of the AdMob account. If you are not following the program policy, your AdMob account will likely be suspended. You will get to know about the violation and the further suspension procedures by an official email from Google.

You are given a second chance to correct your approach and stick to the rules and policy of the account. The activities for which the account can be easily suspended are showing sexual or explicit content, content related to gambling, content prompting clicks, derogatory content, etc.

  1. Duplicate Account

If you are publishing an account with content that is common to another platform on Google, your AdMob account will be suspended. The policy of Google AdMob accounts doesn’t allow duplicate content at all.

If you have two accounts working on the same content, both of your accounts will be suspended.

If your account is suspended, don’t try to create another account on the same subject. Instead, try to find out the reason the account has been suspended. Make corrections as necessary. If the changes are made according to the policy, Google will eventually release your account.

If your account has been disabled for any reason, you must not try to create a new one, as it will also be disabled. Instead, try to solve the issue related to the old account.

How To Prevent Invalid Traffic on The AdMob Account?

  1. Do not ever click on your ad, even if you feel it is correct to do so. If you click the advertisements that are running on your application, it is considered illegal and your account will be suspended.
  2. Always use the test ads on your AdMob account. Clicking the live ads on the account is not considered legal. If you are using the test ads on the account, it will simply avoid invalid clicks.
  3. Always try to understand your users and audience clearly. It will help you manage the changes to the traffic sources and their implementation. To do the same, you can use Google Analytics to get all the information regarding your traffic. It will also help you to check for suspicious activity on the account.
  4. Do not partner with any untrusted source or low-quality party. This can affect your traffic and eventually lead to account suspension.
  5. Always understand the proper format of your app. Never try to have clickbait or anything else that can lead to policy violations and invalid clicks.

Wrapping it up

We have discussed all the details about the invalid traffic and account suspension in the above sections. All the activity done on the account to increase the clicks or to generate invalid traffic will lead to the suspension of the account. Try to avoid them at any cost.

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