Top 10 high engagement LinkedIn content ideas to skyrocket your content marketing strategy

Top 10 high engagement LinkedIn content ideas to skyrocket your content marketing strategy

In today’s digital age, LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform for professionals and businesses to connect, engage and grow. With more than 700 million users, LinkedIn has become one of the largest professional social networking platforms in the world. Unlike other social media channels, LinkedIn focuses more on the professional growth aspects of individuals and businesses. It offers a large number of opportunities through which content marketers can reach their target audience and establish thought leadership in their respective industries.

While earlier only a handful of businesses were using LinkedIn, today we can see a huge increase in small, medium and large businesses on the platform. Recently, LinkedIn reported a 50% year-over-year increase in content creation. With this ever-increasing competition for attention, it becomes crucial for businesses to develop content that stands out and generates high engagement. To help you increase your engagement on LinkedIn, below we are sharing 10 content ideas that can help you skyrocket your content marketing strategy.

  1. Generate thought-leadership articles

LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritises content that sparks conversations and generates meaningful engagement. Thought leadership articles can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader. Thought leadership articles go beyond promotional content and focus on educating, inspiring and guiding readers. These articles aim to provide valuable insights, share unique perspectives, boost engagement and offer practical advice to their target audience. For example, if you are a software company then articles on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and their applications can act as thought leadership articles in your field.

  1. Use infographics

Visual content is highly effective in getting the attention of the audience and conveying information quickly. To engage with your audience, you can create visually appealing infographics with the help of data visualisation tools. Posting infographics related to industry statistics, the latest trends or research findings will give data-driven insights to your audience. You can also consider adding images and PDFs to highlight significant events, achievements and new product launches. This will further improve the overall visual appeal of your profile.

  1. Post videos

According to LinkedIn, video content shared on the platform drives five times more engagement than any other form of content. Posting videos on LinkedIn helps businesses increase engagement, enhance storytelling, educate their audience, demonstrate products or services and reflect their brand identity. However, posting videos should not always be time-consuming. Instead of posting longer videos, you can start by posting 10- to 30-seconds video stories to promote your products, their features or your brand on LinkedIn. 

  1. Share industry news

Sharing industry news and updates on LinkedIn allows businesses to demonstrate their industry knowledge, establish thought leadership, network with professionals and generate brand awareness. Many times, professionals are unaware of the latest developments in their fields. Due to the growing circulation of unreliable content on digital platforms, people look up to businesses and experts to get industry updates from authentic sources. By sharing well-researched news, you can provide value to your audience and boost organic reach and engagement. It will also help you to position yourself as an industry leader and foster meaningful connections on LinkedIn.

  1. Create guides and tutorials

Instead of regular promotional content, LinkedIn users prefer valuable content that provides them with practical information about a product or service. Based on your industry and type of target audience, you can cover from beginner- to advanced-level topics in your guides and tutorials within your niche. Adding rich media such as videos, images or slides to your tutorials will make the content more engaging and easily consumable.

  1. Publish case studies

People prefer to read inspiring stories that demonstrate real-world success. You can consider sharing your own case study to tell your audience about the growth of your businesses. Additionally, you can share compelling success stories that highlight how your product or service helped solve a problem or achieve a specific goal. While publishing case studies, remember to include metrics and measurable results. This will add credibility to your posts and inspire your audience.

  1. Highlight company leaders

Every business has one or more leaders that steer the organisation and its people towards a common goal. Many times, these people and their hard work go unnoticed on social media platforms. Highlighting your business leaders, their contributions and achievements can give an instant boost to your content marketing strategy. It will also help you build credibility, trust and recognition for both the leader and the company. To highlight company leaders, you can create interview articles or videos where they share their journey, expertise and perspectives on industry-related information. 

  1. Feature your employees

The audience is more likely to connect with a brand that emphasises human connections and the contributions of its employees. Once in a while, you can create content to introduce your team members, tell about their roles and highlight the value they add to the organisation. You can also run a weekly series of employee spotlights or behind-the-scenes content. This will not only add a personal touch to your content but also showcase your company’s culture and values.

  1. Ask for opinions

Asking for opinions and feedback on LinkedIn can be a valuable way to engage with your audience and start meaningful conversations. The easiest way to ask for opinions is by seeking advice on relevant industry topics. For example, a poll can make it easier for you to get insight about your audience. You can also frame different questions related to your products or services and ask the audience what features they would be most interested in. Responding to comments or engaging in conversations can also help you build relationships and boost engagement.

  1. Create a newsletter

A newsletter is one of the oldest ways to build a community and consistently deliver valuable content to the audience. LinkedIn gives its users the option to create a newsletter directly on the platform and share it with their audiences. With this option, you can write informative articles or share valuable insights with your audience. Once you decide to publish a newsletter, LinkedIn automatically publishes it as an article on your profile and notifies your followers about it.

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