Things to Know About the New Google Ads Creative Studio

Things to Know About the New Google Ads Creative Studio

The New Google Ads Creative Studio looks to change the PPC game completely. It is among the most effective platforms brands use to increase reach by providing more approaches to creating custom ads for less. Advertisers also get to enjoy highly targeted advertising, depending on their budget. Here is everything about the New Google Ads Creative Studio.

How Does Google Ads Creative Studio Work?

Google Studio creates the most straightforward approach for agencies to develop rich media creatives. Unlike earlier ads on Google, today’s ads have more elements to enhance the user experience. Companies use firms like Digital Spotlight Australia to try to strengthen their campaigns on Google.

Rich media contains images or videos, encourages user interaction, and has several reporting features for more accessible analysis. Creating it is a complex function and is why you need Google Studio. The tool allows you to create rich media ads and publish and get reports using a comprehensive system.

It consists of two parts;

  • Studio SDK to compile rich media quickly and effortlessly
  • Workflow Tool to help with uploading the created ads

Things to Know About the New Google Ads Creative Studio

It Is a Combination of Creative Tools from Google

The new Google Ads Creative Studio provides you access to the best production tools from Google. These tools include Audio Mixer, Dynamic display ad, and Director Mix for YouTube. Future models of Google Studio guarantee to provide more tools to make your work easier.

It Provides the Easiest Approach to Creating Multiple Compelling Ads

Another exciting thing about Google Studio is that it allows multiple users and logins. It enables you to handle most tasks as a team while each party gets remote access: the platform shares real-time visual, dynamic, and audio assets with all your team members.

It is Open for Agencies Only

Only agencies will get to enjoy the exciting features of the new Google Ads Creative Studio. Although the tool is helpful for advertisers, Google limited it to agencies.

It Has Training Resources

It is common for first-time users of the Google Ads Creative Studio to find using the tool challenge. Google provides free training resources to help users familiarize themselves with the various features available.

You Can Use Other Creative Tools

Using Google Ads Creative Studio does not limit you to using other creative tools. Although Studio combines most of these tools, you can still access them separately. You can implement the new Google Ads Creative Studio into your already-established solutions for improved efficiency.

Application is Necessary for Access

There is a mandatory request process before you can get to use Studio Access. You should fill in Google’s Contact Us form requesting an Ads Creative Studio Account.

Why You Need the New Google Ads Creative Studio

Access to More Tools

Agencies got access to numerous limited tools after Google decided to combine them into one platform. A good example is Director Mix. Not all advertisers could access the Director Mix tool as they can now with Google Studio. Increased access to tools means advertising companies can create better campaigns for satisfactory conversions.

Increased Efficiency

Only some advertising companies had access to all the tools. But they also faced an efficiency challenge since they were in separate places. The new Google Ads Creative Studio allows access to all necessary tools in an easy-to-use suite.

Your company also improves teamwork as Google Studio allows different individuals on one project. This configuration makes information sharing smooth, increasing overall efficiency.

Creating Different Versions of Your Ads

Sometimes you must create more than one ad for your campaign and settle for the most appealing. You can use Google Studio to create multiple versions of your ad effortlessly.

The current advertising landscape demands frequent refreshing of ads to avoid ad fatigue. The more customers see your ads, the more likely they’ll stop engaging. Creating various versions of your ads will allow easier refreshing of content.

Simplified Asset Management

You need the new Google Ads Creative Studio to manage the different campaign types managed by your team. The platform ensures consistency by providing access to all your assets in one place. This feature might be beneficial if you enforce strict brand guidelines for using approved assets only.

How Can I Create a Google Ads Creative Studio?

Google Ads Creative Studio is available to agencies only currently. The advertising agency will have to request an account by applying through a Google Account.

Here are the steps to follow;

  1. Open the Google Contact Form
  2. Click on “Contact Us” and select Sign in to Studio
  3. Click on Mail Support after selecting request/manage a studio account with Google Ad Manager
  4. Fill out the form and submit

You should receive a response from the Google Marketing Platform Support team. If accepted, paste the invitation link into your browser and sign in to Studio.


Brands and businesses can advertise using the new Google Ads Creative Studio. You will reach your targeted audiences on a budget using the collaborative suite of tools provided and custom creative features. This course is the key to mastering display advertising, PPC, and conversion optimization using Google Studio.