The Top 3 Ways the Gig Economy Is Changing the Digital Marketing Industry

The gig economy has changed the whole work philosophy. People nowadays are becoming more and more interested in short-term projects that will bring in extra income. There are even some that decide to commit to these types of projects full-time. Additionally, some companies have even decided to make this way of operating a permanent solution. 

The rise of the gig economy could easily be linked to the rise of the internet and technology. That’s because most of the short-term projects are related to digital products or services. Another good reason is that 76% of gig workers are very satisfied with their choice to pursue this type of job.

However, the gig economy has a tremendous impact on digital marketing. If you’re willing to learn more, keep reading!

Freelancers Can Easily Replace Permanent Team Members  

In the past, whenever an employee had to leave the company temporarily due to personal reasons, it was quite a journey to find a person willing to replace them until they return. Nowadays, that’s not an issue at all, especially when it comes to digital marketers. 

Many digital marketers nowadays play an active role in the gig economy. Most of them are happy to accept working for a company until the permanent team member returns.  

Additionally, due to their work’s nature, most of them can work remotely. Therefore, finding a digital marketer is super easy. The reason is simple—the choices that companies have nowadays are almost endless! Thanks to the internet and the gig economy, they can now hire any digital marketer regardless of the location. 

Marketing Teams Can Quickly Get a Boost 

Most marketers don’t like doing market research as they would rather focus on the fun and creative part of their job. Freelance marketers who are part of the gig economy can easily help with this. This would be a win-win situation because freelancers could earn extra bucks quickly and easily while the marketing team could spend more time focusing on the marketing strategy. 

Loyalty Has Become an Enormous Challenge

The gig economy has indeed brought some very good things to the table. However, it also made some things more challenging than before. Loyalty is one of them. 

Considering that people nowadays love working independently, digital marketers can quickly leave the agency and work with the clients on their own. They can do this by offering them lower prices as they wouldn’t have as many costs as a digital marketing agency. 

To avoid this, digital marketing agencies should now put more effort into maintaining a good relationship with their employees. Moreover, due to the remote culture that’s becoming increasingly popular, communication among the team members could also be an issue.


The rise of the gig economy has reshaped the digital marketing industry and the majority of the workforce. The gig economy could be considered to be a double-edged sword. It might have made certain things easier and more accessible, such as a wider talent pool, but other things became more challenging, such as company loyalty.