The “Not-To-Do” List For Building Great Product

The “Not-To-Do” List For Building Great Product

I first learned about the concept of a “Not-To-Do” list from Tim Ferriss, who said

“what you don’t do determines what you can do”

Understanding how certain habits can negatively impact our ability as entrepreneurs to deliver value to our customers and users on a daily basis allows us to limit ourselves only to behaviors which allow us to thrive and succeed.

Don’t let someone else dictate your day’s priorities

Product people wear a thousand hats. That’s awesome, because it means that we never have to be bored. Myself personally having an intensely short attention span, I am constantly reminded how thankful I am for the constant freshness of the day-to-day of building great products. The flipside of those many hats is that it’s not always obvious what we should be working on at any particular point in time. Urgent requests are not always important Understand what it is your product needs to do for your users, and make decisions on priorities for any given day based on how you think you can achieve that success. Take other peoples’ opinions into account, yes, but don’t let them grab the wheel, or they’ll drive you off a cliff.  […]