The Basic Guide Of Inbound Marketing For Budding Entrepreneurs

The Basic Guide Of Inbound Marketing For Budding Entrepreneurs

Inbound marketing is quite promising, if you know to plan, strategize and execute it professionally. Converting strangers into readers and then turning readers into customers, converting them into your fans, is the basic strategy of inbound marketing. But as a beginner, this might seem confusing. But not to worry, as we bring you a brief guide that will set out the basic understanding of inbound marketing for all new entrepreneurs. 

Inbound marketing is more of a marketing philosophy. It was one of the very few, budding ideas, when digital marketing stemmed in the world of business. And although many new, advanced and much more stronger ways and mediums have come into existence, over the passage of time; inbound marketing doesn’t fall short of its power and grandeur. If done right, this marketing philosophy is quite promising, in delivering wonderful outcomes. 

What is Inbound Marketing? 

Inbound marketing is all about content creation. You create content for them, which they might need, anytime in the future. This marketing technique works through three simple phases:

  • You magnetize the right people. 
  • You build engagement with them, by proving a solution to their pain, so that they can buy from you. 
  • And once they choose you, you go above and beyond measures to help them and guide them through their trouble. 

Customer service plays a huge role after the engagement. A wonderful and professional customer service acts as a marketing tool in itself. The buyers will turn into your fans and will market you onwards, in their social circle too. And we all know that word of mouth is very powerful. 

Understanding Inbound Marketing; it is not SEO:

As a budding entrepreneur, you might assume that inbound marketing is all about SEO, so it certainly is SEO. but it is not. There are different techniques involved in this marketing philosophy. The main aim is to attract, qualify and win customers with the help of amazing content that promises to help them. But to break it down, to be easier to understand; the aim of inbound marketing is to help rather than just sell. 

With the help of content, you are able to address your customer’s potential problems. You earn their trust. And if you are able to create helpful and engaging content more often, you will be able to even sell them something in the future because they trust largely by that time. 

This method of marketing outstands the conventional or traditional procedure of putting our ads and gaining attention. Inbound marketing is a very raw and organic way of gaining loyal customers or audience. 

Inbound Marketing Tips for Beginners:

The digital marketing industry has become quite overcrowded with the passage of time and thus, choosing the best method for yourself, might seem a bit tough. However, if you have chosen inbound marketing then you might be looking out for some piece of advice or tips and we have summed up the best ones for you, right here. 

As we have clarified what inbound marketing actually is, it is now time to look into some inbound marketing tips that will help you in better execution of this philosophy. Let’s dig in. 

  1. Know your customer:

The basic foundation of successful inbound marketing is to know your audience or your customer. To make it effective, you have to understand the daily challenges your target audience is facing and the goals they wish to attain. When you understand your customer in this way, you are able to anticipate the confusions and queries they might have in their head on a daily basis. Your aim here is to provide them with a solution to their pain points and have an answer to their queries before they can even ask them out loud.

To do so, you need to define your target market and see which sector of the audience would be in dire need of the services or products that you are selling. Identifying buyer persona is going to require some time and it won’t happen without proper research and evaluation. You need to dig deeper into the daily challenges your audience is facing and see where they feel most helpless or in need of help. Dig deeper further and see what challenges they face in attaining the goals they have set for men themselves. What are they aiming for? How do they prefer to communicate and what skill set do they have?

Once you are able to understand your potential customer at a deeper level, you can drive good traffic to your website regularly and build some very loyal customers.

  1. Build a website

Inbound marketing cannot be placed into action without a proper website. So if you don’t have one; you need to invest in one right away. Your product or service might be the magic wand that a lot of people would be waiting for. But if you don’t have a user-friendly website; it is all in vain. A hard to navigate website is nothing but a pain for the audience and they wouldn’t bother waiting for it to load or explore it by wasting a chunk of their time. What will they do then? They will simply move on to the next best website! You will miss out on a bundle of potential customers, leads and sales.

Thus to make inbound marketing effective, you need to invest in building an effective and user friendly website. Think like a user and then work on it. Make it compatible for all devices and make sure that it is minimal, eye catching and user friendly.

  1. Value Driven and High Quality Content

Now, content is the heart of inbound marketing and if you aren’t planning it thoughtfully, this marketing will never work for you. Your content must drive value, should be attractive, useful and engaging. It can be a blog post, an infographic, video or whatsoever. The main aim is quality and the value you are offering.

If you are writing blogs, you need to make sure that they are high in quality and do not have grammatical or spelling errors. You can take help from Globex writing services to create meaningful and professional content for you as well.

Content is the basic driving force behind successful inbound marketing and if you don’t invest your effort and energy into it, it won’t ever be fruitful for you. To create meaningful content, you need to know your audience so that you can solve their problems or answer their queries through your content. And thus, that is the very first tip that we have lined up for you above. You can create content in any form, for example:

  • Ebooks
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • Paid advertisements 
  • Landing pages 
  • White papers
  • Infographics 

The main aim must remain your customer, behind all the content creation. 


Inbound marketing puts the customer at the center of the entire strategy and gains their trust by offering them exactly what they are looking for. It doesn’t sell directly. It aims to build long-lasting, trustworthy relationships and customers. And thus, if executed in the right way, it is certainly more fruitful and flourishing than other marketing prospects and methods.