Positive Impact of Digital Marketing on the Education Sector

Positive Impact of Digital Marketing on the Education Sector

Ever since the digitalization of education began, there’s been a noticeable growth in the education sector and digital marketing has proved itself as very beneficial. It has created a unique platform for online education for students and opened many new doors with a wide range of educational opportunities. The education sector has become a very competitive ground as everyone now strives to be the leader in their field, and digital marketing offers them a platform. Probably the ultimate benefits of digital marketing in the education sector are improved employment chances and access to low-cost education. The following are only the top aspects of the positive impact of digital marketing in the education sector. 

Easy Access to the Target Audience

With nearly the entire target audience of educational institutions being extremely active on the internet, digital marketing provides an excellent channel of approach, so it’s also the most appropriate form of marketing as it best suits the nature of educational institutions. With so many marketing channels out there, it can be quite challenging to achieve and maintain a constant and equal presence across them all. Not only does it prove over time to be ineffective, but it also turns out to be a lot more expensive. Therefore, promotional activities need to be prioritised and cover the most impactful channels in order to reach the right audience, in the right way and at the right time. This means analysing data to assess where the target audience is, and where they are most engaged. For instance, an educational institution may have a large Twitter following, but if there’s more engagement on Instagram or through email marketing, then the focus should be on these. This is also how, through digital marketing, the institutions have a great opportunity to attract students and get them interested to choose pursuing an online MBA that can offer them fantastic chances of advancing in their prospective careers. 


Immediate Feedback

Digital marketing enables gaining instant feedback which, in return, allows institutions to modify their ineffective strategy quickly and opt for a better one. There is a lot of room for experimentation and trial and error as well. Thus, digital marketing channels are the information motorways when it comes to conveying a promotional message to the target audience who are very active on social media. Feedback comes almost instantly and by recording these responses, it’s very easy to implement changes and improve the quality of the offer. 

Improves Ranking

When academic institutions are ranked, one of the major criteria that is considered is its students, faculty, parents, and stakeholders. This is where digital marketing comes in handy as it can influence their opinions, and when all these groups have a positive opinion about an educational institution, and they speak positively about it online, it helps improve the ranking of the academic institution in question.

High Conversions

Digital marketing enables educational institutions to access potential students on a wider range of platforms such as emails, messages, banner ads, social networking sites etc. This is what generates a lot of traffic which impacts conversion rates. A great advantage of digital marketing is that it can encompass all online domains and so it raises the likelihood of lead conversion for educational institutions.

Promotes Reputation and Builds Credibility

Among the major advantages of having a strong online presence for educational institutions is that it builds immense credibility. The internet has undeniably become the primary source of information, so digital marketing can use various websites, pop-up advertisements, and social media platforms to give educational institutions a valuable opportunity for self-promotion through feedback, testimonials, and statistics. Digital marketing can greatly enhance the school’s positive image with the general public and its overall reputation. 

Increase in Profit

Compared to other traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing is very affordable. It's very cost-effective in nature. For instance, using a monetary-based Instagram post to promote an educational institution will have the same, and possibly a greater positive effect on spreading the information about the school as a massive billboard on the side of the motorway. However, it will all be done for a fraction of the cost. It is also much easier to set it all up and takes much less effort and manpower.

For the educational sector, digital marketing offers great benefits as it provides easy access to education for many people, opens up many career options for students, and increases brand awareness among audiences. Both lower and higher education institutions are now using digital marketing because their target audiences get most of their information from social media and other online platforms. 

SEO Tips for Colleges and Universities

SEO Tips for Colleges and Universities

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of the development and escalation of web traffic. The traffic could be paid and unpaid. The unpaid traffic is more preferred by the SEO specialists. It is an internet marketing strategy and is aimed to boost the search engine mechanisms to gain higher web traffic.  

Most of us when we do an Internet search we enter the links that come out on the first page. Very few people go through the following pages of the search results. Here intervenes in SEO marketing to optimize our website and to make it appear on the first page of the search.


  • What is SEO?
  • Why is SEO important for College and University Websites?
  • Some Tips for College and University Websites.
  • Perform an SEO Audit.
  • Review Your Keywords.
  • Make it Mobile-Friendly.
  • Create Unique Content.
  • Create SEO Friendly URL structured Website.
  • Build Relevant Links.
  1. What is SEO?

The online experience starts with a search. We distinguish between two different types of it:

  • organic
  • paid

For colleges and universities, an organic search is very attractive. This type of search helps to raise the ranking and prestige of your website in the general unpaid ranking.

Here are some advantages of both organic and paid rankings.


  • It is free
  • Has more credibility
  • Offers actionable data
  • Is alluring for relevant users


  • Offers immediate results
  • Offers keyword data
  • Offers actionable data

The paid ranking can be inconvenient considering that you have to invest money. Nevertheless, you should consider your goals before opting for one or another. There is an opportunity to have the combination. SEO experts can give you better advice once the website is examined thoroughly. 

This term sounds quite complicated for a basic internet user. SEO is a Search Engine Optimizer that helps the web page advance, to have more views through its location in the searching engine. In other words, SEO marketing is a boost of the webpage through the net. It is the ascent of the website in the organic part of the search outcomes.

2. Why is SEO important for College and University Websites?

A high-level College and University receive applications from thousands of students from all over the world. Nowadays, the main source of getting information is the internet. Before applying to any university, students first search to know the institution where they will apply. If the student is undecided, the information that he will find on the university's website will help him. If the universities have not updated their web pages or do not have the marketing up to date this can cause their information to appear on the following pages instead of the first one. 

With an updated SEO and PPC colleges and universities optimize and broaden their website traffic. Nevertheless, it is not easy to decide where to start. Expert College Admissions Consulting companies can be a good start for your website optimization.

3. Some Tips for College and University Websites 

Most of the Universities in the world have their websites, however, the major part of these colleges and universities only update their location, number of available places, and majors. Consider that there are thousands of universities and the applicants will choose the one which facilitates all the information and appears on the first page of the search engine. 

Here are some useful tips for colleges and universities to optimize their websites and make them accessible and easy to use.

  • Pay attention to the content - The content of your site is essential, it should function as a hook in the beginning and as detailed information afterward.
  • Informative pages - The ranking of a website depends a lot on the relevant pages it includes. The length of the page, time spent on it count a lot.
  •  URLs - This is probably one of the essential parts of the website. if the URLs are a combination of just numbers and characters people will not come back to it and your page ranking will not grow. You can include keywords in the URLs to facilitate the further activity of the site. 
  • Student targeted keywords - Make research on who your possible students are. Create your keywords around these possible audiences.
  • Non-text element optimization - The optimization of non-text elements of the website is as important as text elements. Thus do not leave them unattended. 

4. Perform an SEO Audit

SEO audit is the starting point of page optimization. Instead of taking some days to do a detailed audit of your site, you can do a so-called quick audit:

  • Solve small problems with the site performance.
  • Optimize organic search options
  • analyze your content

These 3 steps can boost your page forward and help to get more traffic before you start a detailed SEO audit.

5. Review Your Keywords

Keywords are hooks of your page. A good keyword can be a guarantee of the success of the page traffic. While deciding what keywords to use you should consider two parameters:

  • How often do the users search those keywords?
  • How many web pages appear with those keywords? 

Optimal keywords should be 2-4 words. One-word keywords can lead to mismatches. Before deciding on the keywords you need to set your goals, audience, search volume, and determine keyword opportunities.

Keywords are the bait of your goal. 

6. Make it Mobile Friendly

Millions of people look for information using smartphones instead of computers. Many college and university site visitors are likely to surf through their mobile phones. Thus, make your page mobile-friendly. It is one of the musts in the modern technological world. 

If you have updated our webpage during the last year, you have probably optimized and adapted the page for mobile use. If not, you should hurry and make it mobile-friendly as soon as possible.

7. Create Unique Content

The content of a website is the first impression and a hook. You should be constantly publishing articles and new information. If you want to optimize your website the content you publish should not be less than 800 words. 

There are some things you should not do on your page:

  • Do not publish copied texts from other webs
  • Do not publish superficial content

Unique content means unique ideas, creativity, open-mindedness, deep and examined information, reliable and multiple sources. 

8. Create SEO Friendly URL structured Website

To optimize the traffic of your website and to make it accessible for the target audience you should create SEO-friendly URL structures. What does this mean?

You should follow some protocols. For instance, follow the HTTPS protocol, choose a domain name and the path.

URL structure can vary depending on the needs of the website. You could ask why you need to focus on an URL structure. It is because the URL is the link, the connection between your site and your audience. If your audience has a positive experience visiting your page your probability to succeed. A proper URL also affects the website ranking.

9. Build Relevant Links

Link building is one of the SEO marketing majors. To be clear, link building is when you make your website accessible through other pages. There are some strategies to be followed. The topic should have coherent content. Google’s algorithm is ranking your page and if the link-building strategies are not coherently respected it would be complicated to climb up in the ranking. The content you publish should be authentic and unique. Thus deep research can make a difference. 

Many web pages offer the opportunity to put your website on their page. If a page with high traffic includes your link in it, this can raise your ranking and make the visits to your page increase day after day. An effective SEO offers to do network outreach to have more link-building possibilities. 

Giving access to college or university site information links means promoting these institutions. The webpage is sometimes the only source to get information, thus its coherent content, unique design, high quality, and reliable information are the pledge of success. 

Benefits of Social Media in the Educational Industry

Top 5 Benefits of Social Media in the Educational Industry

There is no need to speak about the importance and role of social media in our daily life as it is an inseparable part of our experience. If we go for statistics, nearly 3,6 billion people use different social media platforms all over the world. Yet, it’s expected that the number of users is going to increase to almost 4,5 billion by 2025. More than half of the population has access to social media. This is amazing; isn’t this?

The role of social media is significant in the educational industry as well. But how should we use online networking to make it useful for students? Are there any ways to use social media platforms that can affect education and have advantages for them? Of course, there are. So, read carefully in order not to miss any detail about this topic.

Below you may find some points about how to use social media for education and benefit.

#1 Find the information you need

So, why there are various websites and social media platforms if not for getting useful information? The use of social networks allows us to find the info we need, which makes education and our study more convenient. 

Students can benefit from online tutorials and any kind of educational material. For example, biographies of famous people, dictionaries of many languages, etc. You can also study grammar, ask questions, do translations, and so on. There are:

  • Educational Video Websites
  • How-to Websites
  • Language-Learning Website
  • Science Websites
  • Web Documentaries
  • Digital Libraries, etc.

Besides, there are many educational groups, for example, on Facebook. This is one of the greatest advantages of social media channels. They help to create community and it means you have an opportunity to get help from experts on the topics you are interested in.

#2 Best place to practice your skills, gain new knowledge

It is the 21st century, man! Universities, colleges, schools... everything goes digital. Even social media can make you become an educated person, and as I've already mentioned, there are several platforms you may rely on. If you are free to accept every challenge in this field, it means you can get numerous benefits from here.

Here you get an opportunity to join free webinars on different social media platforms, courses you may pass, etc. Usually, a lot of people advertise their educational websites on social media. You get an opportunity to learn a lot. So, regardless of your location and educational background, you can educate yourself without paying for it or even paying less.

If you want to improve your target language, there are many sites that can help you exchange your language with native speakers. For example, if you want to learn English or Russian, you can find native speakers, and it will help you to talk fluently. You can watch many videos or blogs in your target language and practice your English by yourself.

Social media platforms are a part of our lives, especially during this covid 19 period when we cannot go to the universities or schools, so we do our classes online.

I will not make the mistake of saying that this is the most convenient way to get a higher education without paying much money and wasting years. People study programming by spending thousands of dollars and more than 4 years in the universities. But educational websites allow you to spend less and without wasting your time studying at the same time a few professions, get certificates and find jobs easily. If you need it you can always reach out to a essay write ing service such as https://essaywritingservice.com/

Also, I would like to add that social media allows us to be a part of different institutions, even from a distance. Living in your hometown for instance in India, you can take classes in world-famous universities. Also, if you check your Facebook, you can see that, for example, universities like Oxford, Cambridge organize different webinars for free and allow everyone to participate.

#3 Communication

However, the best thing about social media is that you can talk to different people around the world, exchange your cultures, language, the way you live. Also, you can use social media to be connected with your friends and relatives and just be in touch. 

I mention this because online communication provides information to people that previously could not be reached. If you want any help, just post it on social media, and tons of comments may be offered by different members.

#4 New medicine for the ones who do not like reading

Everyone knows how important reading is in the process of education. Sometimes because of the lack of time, we do not manage to read books or study materials. Sometimes, there is a solution such as audiobooks that you can listen to while driving, walking, eating, or before sleeping. 

There are various videos available on YouTube where you may come across eye-catching animations, which improves and facilitates the learning process. This is also a huge benefit for people who are eager about studying something new.

#5 Marketing tool

Awww... the most important one. You can't imagine how beneficial social media can be. It's also a good platform for fundraising. Yeah, you are not mistaken, but how can it be beneficial for the educational industry? Checking, for example, your Facebook account, you can see how different communities gather to create educational institutes, labs for their community which thrive due to the enthusiasm of their citizens. It's absolutely not about releasing the government from responsibility, but doing charity, making your country flourish and prosper. Yes, there are a lot of people who are endowed with kindness and heartedness.

Besides, you are able to advertise your art or other artworks on this platform and make people know about it.

Let me also mention that social media has a lot more benefits for businessmen, students, and teachers. It is very easy to be educated by others who are experts and professionals via social media. You can follow anyone to learn from them and enhance your knowledge about any field. Social media is the key to boost your business, whether it’s a small business or a new starter. Just because we are living in a digital world, social media platforms advertise your products. In this time, businesses rely on social media to enhance brand awareness as well as to promote and sell their products.

To sum up

Everything in this life has both advantages and disadvantages. And the human mission is to take even disadvantages and make them beneficial. While others say that social media distracts attention and disturbs the studies, we are here to prove to them how social media allows everyone all over the world to study equally and gives institutions several chances to improve the way and quality of learning.

Study Diploma Of Social Media Marketing

7 Reasons to Study a Diploma of Social Media Marketing

The demand for digital marketing is not hidden from anyone, and it is going to expand over the coming years. Everyone uses at least one platform, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., in today’s time. Considering that, companies are eagerly investing in social media marketing and giving more preferences to aspirants with a 10118nat diploma of social media marketing. It shows why students should consider it as one of the best career opportunities. If you are still in a dilemma about whether to go ahead in this field, here are some reasons. 

1. Learning to engage digitally 

Social media marketing serves as the backbone of a company nowadays. It helps in creating a firm foundation in the digital world. Thus, it shows that companies look for professionals with in-depth knowledge in this field. For that, you must enroll in a social media marketing diploma course. It teaches how to master mainstream social platforms, and you will have a grip on every aspect readily on the rise. Once you have learned the technicalities, you can soon implement and start managing blogs, prepare social media strategies, marketing content, etc. Also, you can draft, design, and automate email marketing to steer the internet profitably. When a company sees that an aspirant has so much knowledge about the subject, they will hire you. 

2. Uncover your personal and unique brand 

The importance of branding is the most important thing you have to understand. Being a CEO, and to do business in the market, you have to become a head marketer for the brand. It is possible when you have some social media marketing training. The personal brand has now become an important part of online marketing practices. Heavy emphasis is paid on digital presence, as it helps in building engagement and social followings before entering the business sector. Thus, if you have completed the diploma course, you can easily do all these things. 

3. The world is going social completely.

If a company does not have a social media existence, it is impossible to do business in the world today. Around 7.6 billion people on the planet, and out of them, 4.2 billion users are using the internet. Approximately 3.03 billion people are all active social media users, indicating to what extent it has grown. With that, if you do not know about social media marketing, it would be quite difficult for you to sustain. Additionally, the population using social media marketing will grow. That’s why it is of utmost importance for you to study in Perth. With that, you will get enough opportunities to move ahead in your career. 

4. An increase in the job 

According to a report, there is a substantial increase in the growth of social media jobs. It revealed that more than 500,000 jobs were created in the third quarter of 2018. By that, social media has earned the top job categories with digital creative skills and web development. The job-demand and growth are true to the entire world, and Australia is one of them. Eight out of ten people are using social media platforms in Australia, showing you must go for vocational training courses. 

5. High-paying jobs 

As per stats, a social media strategist will receive an average salary of AU$66,000. Students getting jobs in higher positions as Digital Marketing Manager and Digital Strategist, the salary can be AU$78,000 and AU77,000 respectively. It shows how demanded the field is, and you must opt for vocational education.

6. Proof of expertise

Suppose two candidates have gone for an interview, and both have proved themselves. Now the employer will ask for proof of evidence, and the person who does not have might get rejected. To study in Perth for international students, you can get enrolled in the best college. With that, it can give you the much-needed edge that you will require to be in the competitive world. 

7. A faster changing landscape 

Did you ever take note of how many times Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform upgrades their features? Well, they are quite fast as the entire social media sector runs at a higher pace. To discover the features of social media, you have to be up-to-date and for that, studying in Australia is a must. A professional course will train you with all the necessary details. As a result, it would not be difficult for you to navigate across various platforms. 

Final thoughts 

A diploma in social media marketing can shape your career in the best possible way. It will open various job opportunities for you, and you may end up getting a high-paid job. It enhances your knowledge and skills and prepares you for the professional world. Well, look for a well-known college in Australia offering a social media marketing course and get enrolled in it. You will also have a good future ahead in this field. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

The Benefits of Digital Marketing in the Education Sector

Digital marketing has become the nerve center for businesses across various industries. The education sector is no exception. 

Today, students are tech-savvy. They expect educational institutions to have websites, be available on social networks, and provide exceptional, omnichannel customer service. 

Given that, it is not surprising that digital marketing maximizes brand awareness. It helps you reach global audiences, which is vital to organizations offering remote learning programs. 

Moreover, you can also boost communication transparency. With digital marketing, you can gain future students’ trust and increase the reputation of your institution.

Here are a few essential benefits of digital marketing in the education industry.

Increasing the School’s Reach

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, digital marketing increases your educational institution’s brand awareness. 

When looking for educational institutions in their vicinity, most users turn to search engines. Precisely because of that, having a well-designed and optimized website is your solid starting point. If you are not sure how to start ranking for relevant local keywords and attracting the right people to your site, consider hiring an SEO professional to help you.

Claiming and optimizing your school’s Google My Business listings can also help. That is how you will put your business right in front of local audiences. Make sure you add relevant business information, such as its accurate name, location, address, phone number, number of students, and so forth.

Do not neglect the power of social networks, either. Namely, those channels have powerful search functionalities. Many searchers use them to find relevant businesses and services. By building your educational institution’s presence on social, you will grab the attention of potential students.

Finally, keep in mind that organic digital marketing practices take time. To boost brand awareness and attract new students faster, you will need to have a strategic PPC campaign. With Google Ads and social media ads, you can increase your educational organization’s visibility as soon as your campaigns are live. 

Building Trust with Prospective Students

Another benefit of digital marketing lies in the fact that it builds trust with your prospective audiences.

For starters, most students expect your educational institution to be online. Schools that do not have a website and social networks may seem unreliable and untrustworthy. 

Let’s take the example of Lexington Life Academy Mesa that is synonymous with online transparency. They have a well-designed website, where they describe their services and background. Visitors can learn more about their team members, as well as find the contact information. The school is also available on social networks and sends out email newsletters.

When building a brand presence across multiple channels, focus on consistency. Ensure your school’s most relevant information, such as its name, address, phone number, and email address, is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent.

To build trust with your target audience, you can also leverage content marketing. Create high-quality content on your school’s website, social networks, and newsletters. No matter if it is articles, helpful tutorials, industry insights, lists for future students, produce content that engages your audiences. 

You can also ask satisfied students to rate your school and write testimonials.  Publish them along with students’ names, locations, and photos.

Improving the Communication with Prospective Students

In today’s hyperconnected era, the communication between educators and students is not limited to emails anymore.

Educational institutions can build trust with prospective students by leveraging multichannel communication with them.

For example, provide live chat on your website and social channels. That way, you can humanize communications with prospects and provide faster feedback.

Chatbots are also a powerful digital marketing asset. They can respond to potential students’ questions in real-time, irrespective of their location. Most importantly, they will collect their contact data, which helps you nurture leads and inspire them to choose your school.

With social networks, you can monitor your leads’ interactions. For example, with social media monitoring tools, you can track your school’s mentions. Apart from measuring audience sentiment, you can also use these tools to deliver immediate feedback.

Reducing Costs and Boosting Marketing Effectiveness

While you will still need to hire web developers, UX designers, SEO professionals, social media marketing specialists, and PPC analysts, digital marketing still costs less than traditional advertising. 

Digital marketing also delivers a higher ROI since it helps you build more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns. Instead of casting your net wide, you can narrow your reach to learners interested in your programs. That way, you can generate more qualified leads and transform them into students faster. 

Over to You

Digital marketing is the backbone of your educational institution. It helps you increase brand awareness and reach. Above all, you will build trust with users, generate more qualified leads, and maximize conversion rates. 

Do you use digital marketing for your educational institution? How does it benefit your business? Please, share your thoughts and experiences with us?

Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.

The future of digital marketing in India

Over the last few years digital marketing in India has witnessed exponential growth and by the end of the year, 2020 it is expected to generate over 20 lakh jobs per year. According to a business insider India report, digital marketing as a career is an emerging job sector here.

2021 looks set to be a bumper year. Projections put the value of the Indian advertising industry in 2021 at $223 billion INR.

Is it any wonder that this is such a massive growth sector? Even before COVID-19 hit, we saw strong growth in the digital sector. If anything, the virus is hastening the end of traditional marketing mediums.

We will still see print media and television adverts, of course, but I believe that these will start to take second place to digital marketing, particularly in India. Traditional media may be effective, but the return on investment is comparatively low and so is the reach.

According to a report by economic times Indian has around 451 million active internet users. This will create a fascinating business opportunity to sell services and products to a growing population of tech-savvy internet users. a mobile phone has become a basic need for everyone. Even if you want to try out a new recipe, you would use youtube to know how it is to be done. and when it comes down to business, every business wants to make an online presence. So there’s no doubt that the future of digital marketing in India looks promising.

Before trying to know about the future of digital marketing in India it is important to understand how the trend of digital marketing emerged, digital marketing started to get visible around 2010. With the entry of e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart, the digital marketing arena started to boost. the industry growth in the last decade has been tremendous. various figures on the internet about digital marketing in India peg the growth at 25% to 50% on an annual basis.

Further, to discuss in detail as to why I think digital marketing is poised for healthy growth in the coming years:

  1. Traditional marketing is dying…
  2. The future is in going digital
  3. The future of digital marketing backed by government’s digital India initiative
  4. Digital marketing in India is going to help reach global markets easier
  5. Digital marketing is the next bright career!
  6. The future of digital marketing is going to make marketing affordable
  7. Even the smallest towns are now going digital!
  8. Higher engagement rate and time spent on social media
  9. Increase in the number of internet users
  10. Revenues from digital classifieds to rise

1. Traditional marketing is dying...

Print? billboards? television?  how much should you spend on these traditional marketing services? 

The answer to these questions cannot be answered in one simple response. the problem is that we have become a society that is in transition. some people still enjoy reading the newspaper, while more people solely get their news and entertainment from their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

There is really only one platform that is seeing true growth. digital. The truth is, people are watching less and less live television. traditional marketing just isn’t reaching the younger generations. In India at present about one-fourth of customers spend two hours online every day.  Just think of it this way, Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any traditional media company because they control more eyeballs. That’s why digital marketing matters, it is where the attention is.

2. The future is in going digital

As the internet reaches more people, online customers will also increase. 80% of users make use of google so as to seek out specific products and services. The young generation today is fed-up with old-fashioned advertisements, and digital platforms offer options to make changes or edit the campaign or advertisement on a continuous basis. Almost every company has raised its budget to be spent on digital marketing and will increase further.

3. The future of digital marketing backed by government’s digital India initiative

The idea of transforming the entire system of public services through it, the government launched a project called the digital India programme.

The central vision behind making such a programme was to transform India into a digitally empowered society, aware of facts and figures and spread of knowledge.

The opportunities are not only available in metro cities but also in small towns. the government has also come up with the application for employment programs. everything is going digital these days. thus, the government has invested in the future, in the future of digital marketing, to make India go digital. so if we talk about, digital marketing career in India, then you are in the right place. 

4. Digital marketing in India is going to help reach global markets easier

Our increasingly digital world has removed borders and has made companies focus on adopting a more unified marketing strategy. For marketers looking to expand their reach to new audiences, this makes a great case for looking at a unified global marketing strategy to ensure your message is identified within countries outside of your headquarters.

5. Digital marketing the next bright career!

There are a number of institutions that are bringing up digital marketing courses and in a very practical approach, and the classes are available in both online and offline preferences.

There are a lot of top institutions that are incorporating digital marketing in their syllabus and making a proper curriculum.

6. The future of digital marketing is going to make marketing affordable

Digital marketing helps businesses of all sizes make themselves more visible. However, considering how expensive it is to run a business, your company may be hesitant to spend extra funds without assurances.

There are cost-effective strategies to use online to further legitimize and attract people to your business and its products or services. Whether it’s through social media, a website, or other means, subtle digital marketing tactics can make a significant difference in your organization’s marketability and profitability.

7. Even the smallest towns are now going digital!

Against popular beliefs, mobile internet has made reaching the rural public through digital ways easier. Sometimes easier than the traditional ways depending on the region. there is the added benefit of the massive reach small and rural towns provide and by using digital, this benefit can be reaped at a reduced cost.

A lot of planning goes into the utilization of companies’ resources to cater to their promotional needs. The time, energy and money saved by shifting a few gears towards digitalization can be allocated elsewhere.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as the age of digitalization has just begun in the rural parts of the country. policymakers need to start now to get the early bird’s special.

8. Higher engagement rate and time spent on social media

Since people are heavily using social media for everything, the engagement rate ought to be higher. People need quality content for updating themselves and getting entertained. so it is the responsibility of the digital marketers to generate content that engages the audience. 

Indian’s are one of the leading nations when it comes to the time spent on social media, says a research report from techinasia.com

9. Increase in the number of internet users

People using the internet in 2017 were 337.77 million which has gone up to 407.11 million in 2019 and it will only be doubled in the future.  Indians spend around 4.4 hours a day on the internet through their laptop/desktops and 3.1 hours through their mobile devices. with such a large amount of time being spent on the internet, it becomes a massive platform for using digital marketing. More and more brands are shifting their marketing budgets towards digital marketing.

10. Revenues from digital classifieds to rise

It has been predicted that by the year 2020 the revenue generated from digital classifieds is going to shoot up to 23 billion.

Almost every business is expected to get doubled resulted in revenues by 2020. and it is really important for every business to understand the importance of this.

Not only business but also candidates who, are looking for a fruitful career should start marching towards digital marketing.

The scope of digital marketing is going to get more extensive and influential in the near future. Digital marketing will remain the most powerful way of marketing in the future. But as the dynamics of digital marketing are changing every day, so one has to keep a track of the changing dynamics on a daily basis. If today as a digital marketer you’ll sense a change maybe tomorrow, you can make it change. You can actually implement it in a way that actually makes the change happen. So, indeed it’s the right time to go digital!

Importance of Digital Marketing For Educational Institutes

In the past, businesses were depending on TV commercials and other costly strategies to convey their promotional messages. But now everything has changed as digital marketing continues to grow. The result of a traditional marketing strategy and digital marketing speaks for itself. The latter seems to offer better results regarding conversion rate and is more cost effective. People can spend almost half of their day on social media. And according to a college research paper writer, this makes digital marketing more attractive and beneficial for business growth, irrespective of the sector. Check out the importance of digital marketing to education institutes.

  1. Budget-friendly

TV commercials are far more costly than digital marketing. Plus the results of traditional marketing strategies are nothing compared to using online marketing platforms.

On the other hand, digital marketing which involves the use of email, social media, and other online forms of marketing require little investment that any educational institution can handle. The outcome is also very impressive if the right strategy is employed.

  1. Ability to track performance

Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing strategies offer an excellent opportunity to monitor performance. There are also myriads of digital marketing tools one can use to carry out proper tracking and have adequate results for proper analysis when needed. And irrespective of the digital marketing channel used, monitoring is still very possible.

The output of digital marketing efforts is also encouraging. There is nothing like investing in a particular process and seeing the results physically not just on paper.

  1. Impressive conversion rates

The conversion rate determines a successful digital marketing strategy. In other words, a high conversion rate implies that the result from that marketing effort is commendable.

However, educational institutions can benefit from the high conversion rates that digital marketing offer. And using marketing strategies like email newsletter and SMS and other forms that usually receive better responses from the targeted audience, educational institutions can achieve massive results for little investment made.

  1. Easy to use

Apart from the incredible results that digital marketing platforms offer, they also are very easy to operate. And platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+ have a sizeable amount of users that educational institutions can target.

Another digital marketing process that is not only easy to implement but offers incredible result is SMS marketing. Considering that the numbers of mobile device users are increasing by the day, the strategy can help educational institutes to achieve impressive results. And like other forms of digital marketing, sending text messages also guarantees to reach a sizeable focused audience.

  1. Improve profits

Digital marketing strategies are not only cost-effective. They also help businesses to increase their customer base within a short period. Facebook, for example, has over a billion users. And today, almost half of the world’s population makes use of the internet for different purposes.

Educational institutions usually have deadlines for admissions and would benefit significantly from a marketing strategy that can provide impressive results within a short time. The various online marketing platforms such as social media, RSS feeds and email marketing, usually offer massive traffic which could mean more profit for businesses.

  1. Prompt Feedback

Unlike other traditional methods of marketing, digital marketing makes it possible for businesses to receive timely feedback from prospective clients. Educational institutes would also receive the same from students interested in their services.

Prospective students can give feedback on the promotional message or services offered, which the institute can use to make necessary adjustments. Another point is that the institute in question can have access to all the feedbacks, which is a big plus regarding data gathering.

  1. Quick transmission of promotional messages

Digital marketing strategies make transmitting promotional information fast and straight to the targeted audience. And these messages also get to a broader audience within a short space of time.

Digital marketing will also allow the educational institution to provide all the necessary details when contacting prospective students. Unlike video clips or abrupt write-ups used in traditional marketing strategies, with sometimes limited information, institutes can choose to provide more details so the targeted audience would have better knowledge of whatever they are offering without asking too many questions.

  1. Boost brand Reputation

Building a brand reputation takes a little bit of time, patience and consistency to achieve in today’s highly competitive business environment. But digital marketing can help educational institutes to create a solid brand reputation in the digital world in no time. Seeing posts or even promotional messages of an institute on the various social media channels can make prospects to take the message more seriously.

  1. Results are easy to ascertain

In digital marketing, you will not only find it easier to track performance. You can also measure the results midway into the process. The thing is there are myriads of tracking tools you can use in digital marketing. Google Analytic is one of the tools used by almost all the businesses that are making use of this marketing strategy.

With Google Analytics, you can track the KPIs in the tool. The outcome will also enable you to decide whether to tweak the strategy to boost traffic and profits for your institution or business, or not. There is also nothing like having a different approach in place when running a marketing campaign. It makes you better prepared to take advantage of any available opportunity to grow your business.

  1. Increase brand awareness

An easy way educational institute can increase followership and brand awareness is through digital marketing. Prospects will also find it much easier to locate the business or institute in question. For instance, a link to the official site of the institute can be impeded in the email newsletter sent to prospects. And according to thesis rush, one click would land them on the main page of the institute in question, which is not achievable with other strategies.


Educational institutes can benefit significantly from digital marketing, and there is no doubt about that. Using this strategy, they can increase customer base and profit in a short time. The performance and results of digital marketing strategies are measurable. Institutes can also take advantage of feedbacks provided by targeted audiences to make their promotional messages and services better.

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