SEO and Digital Marketing: Unveiling the Secret to Online Dominance

SEO and Digital Marketing: Unveiling the Secret to Online Dominance

Being a digital marketer, the importance of SEO can’t be overlooked. However, if you have been working on websites, you should understand the importance of SEO. Several factors search engines consider when displaying the results. SEO will identify the keywords important to the website and help the website rank.

Marketers make the job easier for search engines by improving the content, technical SEO, target audience experience, and backlinks. The higher the website rank on search engines, the greater will be the clicks. No wonder, about 91% of digital marketers use content marketing strategies that include SEO as well. 

The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

Without a proper SEO in Perth strategy, a website can have a hard time getting traffic. That way, businesses couldn’t survive for long. When customers won’t find the website, the sales might have an impact. In short, the website will go to waste. Hence, working on SEO strategies is important above all. 

In a study, it was found that about 51% of users on average that land at a website got there through organic means. Therefore, organic traffic that was backed by SEO was considered important compared to paid search which tends to drive traffic of about 10%. Besides, social media platforms commanded only 5% of users.

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However, it will depend on the industry where the SEO strategy should be utilized. Some marketers will give much importance to SEO when they offer services to businesses. That’s because businesses will rely on SEO to get more than 70% of traffic through organic sources. 

SEO is your only digital channel

Regardless of the sector or industry you want to drive traffic for your client’s website, it should be organic. SEO has a special place among digital channels because it has a major impact on the overall marketing strategy. 

As said earlier, research shows that around 51% of users on average come to websites through organic search results. Normally, users will avoid clicking on advertisements and skipping right on the organic search results. 

This is why it is crucial to work on a robust SEO strategy. It’s an excellent way to increase the number of organic users coming to a website. Without the right SEO strategy, your client’s website could take a beating. The website could miss out on potential customers. Keep in mind that Google is still the most popular place to locate a website. 

Why is building a reputation important?

Remember, not every customer will buy items or services from businesses they don’t trust. This is why they resort to Google to help them find the best that they are looking for. It means that if your website doesn’t appear on Google’s search pages, at least the first page, your company may look untrustworthy. 

It will give the customers a false impression that the website lacks proper digital marketing strategies. Customers will believe that there is something wrong with the website. When websites face these issues, their credibility loses. 

Moreover, several reputable businesses in the past have been severely hit by it. Businesses that will be visible in the organic search results are considered trustworthy. They will have a higher chance of convincing customers to buy their products or services.

Boosting Local Searches

No denying, local businesses can suffer a lot from their competitors. Because there is plenty of competition online, some businesses could find it hard to reach out to potential users. But you can use tools like Google My Business to take your client’s business to new heights. Alongside signing up for the profile, you need to evaluate how to build the website.

The website should mention the location of the business. The embedded maps will compel search engines to figure out the type of business and everything related to it. A strong SEO strategy in place can optimize your client’s Google My Business profile. The account will rank on maps and will be visible in search results as well. 

How do you make SEO improvements?

Making SEO improvements is a challenge that many marketers struggle to overcome. Structuring the websites the right way can make a great difference. Search Console is a great tool that keeps track of website traffic and many other things. A small part of it gives you information about issues with SEO as well.

Google Search Console will help websites improve their SEO strategies thanks to the data it provides. Search Console allows you to see how websites are performing. Even after improving SEO and receiving good results is only halfway through. 

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Checking out how the websites are performing every month is necessary to keep improving. Keep a tab on new categories added to the website, look for alterations in search patterns, how new content is responding, and so on.

Having an SEO campaign for the websites will make sure that they don’t become stagnant. If so, competitors will overtake your client’s website in terms of ranking. Search engines are becoming sophisticated. Hence, you have to make related changes to the websites, too. 

Stay updated on the latest tutorials, tools, and other things that surface now and then. These will provide the support you are looking for. While SEO strategies could be challenging, they are possible to master.

A good SEO expert will have technical skills and make websites better when it comes to user experience. Also, the conversion rate increases. The purpose of SEO is to go beyond the scope of delivering traffic. Rather, SEO makes the traffic efficient after it lands on the websites.

A part of strong SEO strategies is to make new content. It should be a part of social media and email marketing as well. Building quality links is a large part of SEO strategy. Make good use of keywords that have a proven track record of converting through SEO strategies. 


SEO builds the major part of website traffic. A perfect SEO strategy can be a handy weapon compared to other digital marketing strategies. Therefore, SEO shouldn’t be a part of your digital marketing strategy. But it should be at the center of everything you do to rank a website. The only thing that you should do is get SEO the right way.