On-Page SEO for Real Estate: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Content and Metadata

On-Page SEO for Real Estate: Best Practices for Optimizing Your Content and Metadata

SEO is vital for every business in today’s tech-driven digital world. It is divided into 3 equally essential categories: on-page, off-page and technical SEO. This article will deal with on-page SEO for real estate businesses. We will share tips and tricks on optimising your content and metadata. Keep reading to learn more.

When optimising your content as part of a valid on-page SEO strategy, you should know that your content should be relevant, quality and consistent. Only when you have such content can you optimise it and expect the best results. Sharing your expertise in the form of blogs builds trust and authority. When it comes to metadata, there are specific rules you need to follow. Every page on your website needs to have a compelling meta description. Also, besides employing the on-page SEO optimisation strategies, you need to track your progress to know what you are doing well and what you need to change. 

  1. Create relevant and quality content consistently

Content marketing is crucial to on-page SEO practices for all kinds of businesses, including real estate. You should resort to it as it is a tool that helps you rank higher on SERP. For you, it means that people searching for real estate services online will get your website as one of the first results on Google. To achieve that, one of the first things you must do is optimise your website. And one of the ways to do that is by writing compelling content. The content you write should be informative, relevant, engaging and consistent. When searching, you can find out more about hot topics using Google’s frequently asked questions. 

  1. Share your expertise to build trust and authority

By writing different types of blogs, you show people your expertise. And when people consider you knowledgeable or expert, your brand and website build trust and authority. It is essential to be considered trustworthy, as you become the number one choice when people want to sell their home or buy a new one. Content includes blogs, articles and property listings. It is also vital to include relevant keywords in your content. You can learn the relevant keywords through the keyword research you need to conduct as part of your on-page SEO strategy. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget to include relevant keywords for local searches such as hire Point Cook real estate agents – they involve including a location.

  1. Optimise your content

Now that you clearly know what relevant and quality content means, we can move to the optimisation part. We already mentioned including relevant keywords as they increase your online visibility, thus attracting more people to your website. Another thing is that you need to have an H1 heading, followed by proper H2, H3 and other headings. You also need to include the keywords in the headings. Paragraphs should have fewer than 150 words, and the page shouldn’t have fewer than 300 words. You should include visuals as well. They should also be optimised in terms of their formats, sizes, captions and alt text. 

  1. Write compelling meta descriptions

When it comes to meta descriptions, we will start by defining them first. A meta description simply summarises what people will read about on a specific page. It is short, has fewer than 150 characters, and appears in search engine page results below the page title. It plays a crucial factor in the click-through rate, which means whether people decide to click on your page. A compelling meta description can do wonders for your website optimisation. Besides the meta description, a title tag should also accurately represent the page. Meta descriptions should be informative, engaging and contain relevant keywords. 

  1. Track your progress

Lastly, besides working on optimising your website in every aspect, you should also remember to track progress. That will indicate what you are doing well and what you need to work on. Tracking your success is vital for ensuring that you drive the results you hoped for. You can use various tools, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SemRush. 

Investing your time, effort and money into developing a valid SEO strategy is an investment that pays off. Once you establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable real estate business, you will see an increase in traffic as well as sales.