Manual Vs. AI paraphrasing | Should we prioritize paraphrasing tools?

Manual Vs. AI paraphrasing | Should we prioritize paraphrasing tools?

Everyone wants to improve their writing skills and give their best but sometimes, it is not that easy!

Sometimes, we need to write on the same topic repeatedly then what we can do to make our content unique?

We can say that the simplest approach is to paraphrase a content and there are majorly two ways of paraphrasing:

  • Manual paraphrasing 
  • Ai-based paraphrasing

These two terms are somehow similar but in manual paraphrasing, we need human effort and focus.


Ai-based paraphrasing refers to rephrasing content using online tool named paraphrasing tool.

So, let’s have a deep look at both of these terms.

Is manual paraphrasing worthy? 

As we have mentioned above manual paraphrasing is done with the help of human effort and there is no need of using any tool.

You can simply replace some words with their synonyms and as result, you’ll get plagiarism-free content.

But there are some pros and cons of manual paraphrasing and all of these are listed down.


  • There is no need for any online tool.
  • An active internet connection is not required.
  • No cost is needed.


  • Much effort is needed.
  • Chances of irrelevancy.
  • May use some inappropriate synonyms.

Rephrasing a content using Ai-based paraphrasers

First of all, Ai stands for artificial intelligence and this term is used to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of a tool.

And when it comes to rephrasing content, we need both of these factors (accuracy, and efficiency) very badly so, it can be a good option to go for Ai-based paraphrasing tools.

An Ai-paraphrasing tool replaces some words with their synonyms in order to make them unique and more attractive.

Undoubtedly, these paraphrasers focus on making a text more engaging. Same as manual paraphrasing, there are some pros & cons of paraphrasing tools.

Let’s have a look at them.


  • The content will be 100% unique.
  • It makes a text more engaging by using attractive synonyms.
  • Relevancy guaranteed.
  • Hundreds of paraphrasing tools are available on the internet.


  • Need an active internet connection.
  • You may need to pay for premium paraphrasing.

Should we prioritize paraphrasing tools?

As we have mentioned all the pros and cons of both the paraphrasing techniques, it is pretty clear that using an online tool for paraphrasing is a good option.

But keep it in your mind that using paraphrasers doesn’t mean no human effort is needed.

There are hundreds of tools available on the internet but we have to pick the best one because all of them are not that efficient.

That’s why we have concluded some of the accurate and efficient rephrasing tools, you can go for any of them.

Top 4 paraphrasing tools to consider

We picked all these four by focusing on the following factors:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficient
  • Pricing plan

1. Paraphrasing tool –  

If your preference is to rephrase your content while focusing on all the three factors mentioned above then you must go for this tool.

Luckily, this tool is completely free and there is no paid version.

But being free doesn’t mean it is not authentic or accurate, removes all the plagiarism for free in no time.

Why to choose this tool?

There are some features that encourage us to mention this tool in this guide, have a look at them.

  • No word limit.
  • Multiple uploading options.
  • Offers multilanguage support.

2. Rephrasing tool – 

We can say that this tool offers many advanced features but we will start from the basics.

This paraphrasing tool comes along with an easy interface so that anyone can use this tool without having any technical knowledge.

Every command and function is clearly visible as you don’t need to find any function or feature.

Secondly, there are three modes of paraphrasing and all of these are enlisted.

  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Creative

Why to choose this tool?

Here are some features of this paraphraser.

  • Human-level paraphrasing.
  • State of the art Ai paraphrasing.
  • Maintain original meaning.

3. Paraphraser –

Same as the previously discussed paraphrasing tool, this paraphraser also has three paraphrasing modes:

  • Fluency 
  • Standard
  • Creative 

All of these three modes are very efficient, you can use them according to your requirements like if your requirements are basic, you can use fluency mode otherwise the standard and creative mode.

You can enter the text from two sources, one is to copy-paste the text in the input box and secondly, you can upload a file directly from your device.

This can save your time and effort.

Why to choose this tool?

You can decide whether to go for this tool or not after having a look at the features of this tool.

  • Boost writing career.
  • Engage audience.
  • Maintain the original theme.

4. Paraphrasing tool – Ref n write

Some people prefer a simple tool with no advanced features, all they need is the results and that’s it.

So, if you are willing the same, you can go for this paraphraser as it is very simple and straightforward. 

The interface of this tool is very easy and the most important thing is, that it provides accurate results which means you’ll end up getting plagiarism-free content.

Why to choose this tool?

  • Safety and security.
  • Preserve the original meaning.
  • Free of cost.


In the world of today, we have to do multiple tasks at the same time, it can be nearly impossible without taking the help from computers and the internet.

That’s why we did a comparison between manual paraphrasing and paraphrasing using online tools.

And we’ve concluded that using online tools is a better option as it is more accurate, efficient, and time saving.

So, have a look at the tools we have mentioned above and pick any of them according to your requirements.