Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Campaigns

The level of intelligence in AI writing has dramatically increased overnight. As a content marketer, it was unsettling to realize that ChatGPT could generate total SEO pieces that sound remarkably like human writing.

While artificial intelligence in marketing still has a ways to go before it can fully replace me, it is already rapidly altering the marketing landscape, and I anticipate the most significant changes are still to come. In this article, we will explain what artificial intelligence (AI) marketing is and how you can use it to accomplish tasks at a human level, saving time and giving your campaigns a sense of life (artificial life?). You can hire iphone app developer for this purpose.

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There is widespread agreement among credible organizations and institutes that the AI sector will expand rapidly in the following years. Digital marketing and social commerce have grown astoundingly during the past decade. Many businesses and government agencies are adopting AI to increase efficiency. Communication experts in fields like advertising, marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, and digital marketing need to get used to using AI in their work right now. 

Digital marketing has used chatbots, predictive and targeted content, content generation, and picture recognition technology for a while. Artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT to overcome language hurdles are all the rage. Marketing that makes use of AI is a relatively new market niche. In this decade, knowing the fundamentals of AI marketing is essential for success in the communications field. AI marketing solutions are developed by combining data analysis, NLP, media buying, automated decision-making, content development, and real-time personalization via machine learning, big data, and analytics. Companies throughout the globe are increasing AI integration spending. 

What role may AI play in marketing, exactly?

You, the marketer, have access to the information you need to make an impact. The first step in implementing new solutions is to specify those steps in detail. In digital marketing, you may employ AI in three different ways by hiring iphone app developer:

  1. Determining Who You’re Talking To With AI And Smart Segmentation

Segmenting your target audience is a crucial step in every marketing campaign. Convincing the consumer can be challenging if you don’t have a clear target audience in mind. Previous marketing strategies typically involved establishing a broad objective by asking questions like, “Do we want a higher level of awareness, commitment, retention, profits, or something else?” The best demographic for the campaign was then estimated manually.

Today, businesses can pinpoint their ideal clientele using AI and Predictive Analytics. The procedure is quicker and more precise, but it can also aid in discovering further subsets of this group sharing similar characteristics. It’s harder to form a genuine connection with a customer than if AI weren’t involved, but this strategy makes it possible.

What does this procedure look like? Using AI segmentation, a shop selling travel apparel can zero in on several distinct sorts of clients, such as campers and hikers. He can use AI to determine whether his customers are “lux-campers” who prioritize creature comforts when outdoors or “trail enthusiasts” who spend their money on cutting-edge gear. A portable coffee maker aimed at “lux campers” or a new GPS watch promoted to “trail enthusiasts” would be two examples of the targeted, personalized campaigns that may be implemented once the target audience has been determined. The data provided by AI will become instantly more reliable, and the bonds formed with clients will last longer.

AI can also be used to assist in figuring out what customers of various segments can do next after getting the message. Let’s get started by deciding whether or not to do some basic yes/no questions. 

  • What percentage of your intended audience reads your email after you send it? 
  • Will the customer give it a thorough read? 
  • Will the customer purchase from this company? 
  • Will the subscriber decide to stop paying?

You can make the message more relevant by answering the questions above. If clients typically ignore your emails, consider asking them to adjust their communication choices. Membership in the loyalty program might be the perfect opportunity to bond with customers who actively engage with your communications.

To wrap things up, here are some examples of how to use AI for the task of client segmentation:

  • In a nutshell, describe who and what makes up your primary target demographic.
  • Take your research to the next level and discover novel personality types with the help of AI.
  • As distinct market segments, these personas deserve tailored communications.
  1. Employ AI to connect with clients on their terms.

A marketer’s job is only done once they’ve communicated the correct messages to the right people at the right time via the proper channels. Email, smartphones, tablets, computers, and web-based social networks are all viable options. To keep the appropriate amount of client engagement, AI can assist in preparing excellent communications, determining their number, and selecting channels.

You may see how your target audience prefers to interact with your messages by analyzing the number of messages delivered to customers and comparing it to the number of active clients. For instance, not all client subsets will readily adopt a given communication method. This phenomenon can be predicted with the help of AI. Notifications delivered to a phone or social media account will only sway someone likely to view the email. Material delivery should also be timed optimally to reach the customer when they are most receptive to hearing from you.

To sum up, here is how artificial intelligence can help you meet your clients where they already are:

  • Check who you’re sending messages to, when, and how.
  • Please take advantage of consumer preference centers and AI to learn their messaging frequency, channel, and timing preferences.
  • The success of AI-optimized campaigns can be compared to those of past efforts by conducting A/B and multiple-choice tests.
  1. Program AI such that content is delivered to each subset of your audience based on their specific interests.

Create exciting material when you’ve figured out who you’re writing for and when you can best reach them. Previously, you might use material that featured unique discounts or other creative twists based on your characteristics. Utilizing dynamic content is the term for this strategy. It’s a viable option, but manual labor can add up. This is a possibility thanks to AI.

To meet the needs of their hundreds of thousands of clients, businesses with thousands of goods can use AI to provide suggestions based on their specific preferences. To introduce clients to products they are most likely to purchase, AI-based product recommendations consider the behavior of web browser users and product similarities.

Personalized banner adverts are another tool that may be used in AI-based campaigns to nudge clients to take action. The content of your offerings or campaigns can be dynamically personalized with the rise in information acquired by AI. Creating the necessary dynamic fields on the website, mobile app, or email brochure is required to complete the process. After that, AI will put in the appropriate bids based on the target audience’s demographics.

Finally, here is how to optimally gauge the quantity of tailored material using AI:

  • Make special deals for subsets of your intended customers. 
  • To determine which demographics to target with your promotions, use a combination of tags and other metadata.
  • Integrate dynamic fields tied to tags and metadata into your text.
  • Make use of machine learning and automatic recommendation engines powered by artificial intelligence.


Digital marketing and the tools to power it are both constantly developing. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one such innovation that has the potential to alter our approach to digital marketing radically. Digital marketers are finding more and more uses for AI as time progresses. It may improve efficiency, lessen vulnerability, and boost the impact of advertising initiatives. Businesses may get ahead of the competition and better serve their customers by using AI in their digital marketing efforts. You need to hire iphone app developer in India.

About Author: 

Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading Mobile Application Development Services in India that provides eCommerce development solutions to companies of all sizes.