Industry executives predict what will happen in 2019 and beyond

Industry executives predict what will happen in 2019 and beyond

We asked industry executives to predict the trends that will affect our work, and our lives, in 2019.

“More clients in more places will ask for better work. Our work, and worth to our clients, is not solely dependent on either technology or great ideas; it’s dependent on us delivering the two combined. Now that for many the machine is in place, we’ll see clients demand great creative ideas like they have never demanded them before.”

“There’s going to be a much longer arc around this movement around data transparency and management. I can see … where managing your own personal data is just a part of your life, like managing your finances.”

“Distrust will continue to build among brands and their media agency partners as clients begin voluntarily participating in the federal investigation into media buying practices. This will prompt other clients to heighten scrutiny of their contracts, conduct further auditing and, ultimately, put their media accounts into review. Unfortunately, whether or not any legal wrongdoing is discovered, the process itself will result in the erosion of these critical relationships. Hopefully, the industry can get past this murky period quickly in order to focus once again on more positive discussions.”

“Someone is going to jail. There is too much dirty data out there. Are the IDs being used for digital marketing real? Were they obtained legally? The DOJ is focused on our industry and someone’s going in. Not me.”